2.23 Hard Default and Soft Default

What should be obvious is that if I borrowed 100 pure gold coins from you, melted down the gold and created 1,000 coins that were 10% gold and 90% other cheap metals, spent 900 of them elsewhere, and then repaid you 100 "gold coins", it would not be a fair deal.

Yet that is exactly what the United States (and most countries, to be fair) is doing to the world.

When you borrow more than you can repay, there are two options:

  1. Hard default - simply fail to repay, or only repay a part
  2. Soft default - pretend to repay in full, with devalued currency, as in the example above

It was for this reason that debts were historically required to be repaid with money "of the same weight and fineness".

Perhaps this would be a good place to state that the concept of money demands "weight and fineness", or "quantity and quality."

What we have today in the US Dollar is not money - it is currency. There is a crucial difference, because money is worth something objectively, and currency is only worth something if people believe it is worth something.

It was for this reason that God exhorts us throughout scripture to use "just weights, scales, and measures", and says that unjust scales are an abomination, and that just scales are His delight.

You can imagine God looking down upon The Game being played by humanity, and being delighted, like any Good Father, when the game is fair, Good, and Just, and being horrified at the abomination when His children being lying, deceiving, and cheating one another.

The reason it is an abomination, is that the end of the logic of deceit and cheating is broken trust, broken relationships, fragmented society, and eventually conflict and collapse. It is the opposite of the sacred upward Pathway towards Perfect Unity through Love.

When congress removed the requirements for repayment with money "of same weight and firmness", and when the US Government broke the Gold Standard it promised the world it would uphold, it defaulted, and has been in a cascading soft default ever since.

That day, and on so many others when Truth, Justice, Goodness, God and Society were betrayed by a corrupt and deceitful few, the American order ended - it is passing away in its deceit, and only a matter of time until it no longer exists.

When the other nations of the world followed along, we collectively sacrificed the integrity and trust that must undergird any system that will stand the test of Time and the trials by Fire.

The entire world is in a state of soft default, the game of musical chairs will eventually come to and end, and when it does, many, many families will be surprised to be left without a seat at the table.

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