3.2 Rising Internal Conflict

The growing realization of the state that our governments have navigated us into, the growing revelation of the corrupt collusion at the highest levels of the institutions we used to trust and look to for leadership, the growing financial struggles of those outside the top percentages of society, the growing sense of hopelessness and despair, the growing difficulties grappling with homelessness, mental health issues, human migration, human and drug trafficking, and social and cultural decay, the growing realization of the younger generations that their countries and futures have been sold out by corrupt and self-interested forces without their consent...

All these factors and so many more rising from the spiritual bankruptcy of our nation and our world lead to rising internal division and conflict.

Open talk of civil war brazenly floats through the streets.

Our corrupted political parties grow more extreme as they pander to the extremists on the left and right.

Political leaders in the failing democracy have to become more and more extreme in order to be elected.

As a consequence, members of the opposing party rightly sense the existential threat if the most extreme ideas of the opposite side of the political spectrum are realized.

So the corrupt parties weaponize the fear to further divide us against one another.

Those in the middle are forced to choose sides, or be lynched by the mobs.

Caught up in the drama, we forget that a house divided against itself cannot stand, and that God hates those who sow division.

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