5.1 Environmental Destruction

What to say about the ravishing of the environment?

While entirely rejecting the weaponized and politicized narratives about the environment, what seems to be obviously true is that our way of being is ravaging the environment, and the human species has a very short window of time in which to become regenerative if it wants to stave off its own destruction.

Because we are not separate from, but a part of the environment that must sustain all generations of life, what we do to the environment, we do to our selves.

Recent studies have shown that the pure rainwater in even the most remote parts of the world is not polluted to a level many times what the United States allows in its municipal drinking water supply. This means that with every sip of fresh water, we are making all life on earth sick.

We have also depleted and poisoned our soil. Agricultural Giants have pushed poisons across the world, destroying agricultural and bio-diversity, and poisoning the air, water, and soil with chemicals that inhibit the basic biological functions of life.

It is no surprise then that the microbiome is suffering and collapsing.

It is no surprise then that in many areas insect populations have collapsed by 2/3.

It is not surprise then that in many areas animal populations have collapsed by 2/3.

And what of human populations? Do we really think we can pollute the air, water, and soil to a point that 2/3 of insects and animals die, without eventually visiting that suffering on our own population?

Environmental collapse works its way up the web of life, from the most sensitive and vulnerable species, to those of us who destroy them, only to find out too late that in doing so, we have destroyed our Selves.

As you do unto the least of these, you do unto Me...

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