4.1 Rising External Conflict and Competition

As the house crumbles from within plagued by rising injustice, indebtedness, despair, and internal conflict...

...we also see rising competition on the global stage spilling out into open external conflict, and potential challengers gaining strength and competence.

From the fresh land war launched by Russia in Europe, to the military, economic, and technological build up of China, to the corrupt mismanagement of foreign relationships that has pushed Russia and China into each other's arms, it is evident that the power gap between the United States and those who may wish to challenge it is narrowing.

At the same time, America's abject corruption and dysfunction make it more difficult to rally and unite allies to the cause of Liberty and Justice we are failing to embody.

As competing power structures build themselves up, narrow the power gap, and begin to taste small victories that could turn into larger victories, external conflict increases.

Ideological wars, trade wars, technology wars, and political influence wars turn into economic wars, and economic wars turn into military wars.

Those we have turned into enemies begin to probe the defenses of the existing Order, eagerly awaiting and plotting its demise.

The lights on External Conflict flash RED.

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