7.3 Civil War, World War, and a New World Order

The pattern and trajectory we are presently hurtling along leads almost certainly towards civil war, world war, the collapse of economic and food systems, the catastrophic destruction of the environment, and a New World Order forged by the victor, who may be far more corrupt, vicious, and totalitarian than the Order it replaces.

The lines have been drawn such that passionate and brainwashed people on both sides of the conflict will be unwilling to compromise, and willing to sacrifice their lives before accepting defeat to "the other side". And indeed they will.

These lines divide not only the power structures of the earth, but the populations of many of its countries, and the forces of heaven and hell.

This setup welcomes in the prospect of simultaneous civil, world, and spiritual warfare, with profound suffering and destruction.

Such a "deep" war, in the minds of its combatants, justifies any means towards victory, be it environmental destruction, nuclear weapons, or artificial intelligence attacks on defenseless systems and infrastructure that result in widespread civilian suffering and death.

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