7.4 The Dark Ages

It is from such occurrences in history that Dark Ages emerge.

As corrupt and dysfunctional as our governments and institutions are today, it is not at all obvious that from their collapse something better would emerge.

It fact it is highly likely that something far worse would emerge from the present spirit and consciousness of humanity.

Often in the chaos of societal resets, it is the most vicious and cruel who rise to the top of the heaps of weapon piles, and who are willing to use them against the innocent to establish their new positions and power.

The outcome is something like hell on earth, enforced by the anti-Christic spirit that seeks to rise up, usurp the Divine Order, and establish its own absolute power and control.

Under absolute tyranny by forces of darkness, it can be hundreds of years in slavery before the burning bush reappears, and the opportunity to be liberated from captivity reemerges.

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