Above The Chaos, Request For Resources - Tranche 2

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.05.30 (updated 2024.06.03)

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This 3-4 page working document outlines the transition from the self-funded aggregation of tens of millions of dollars of Value into the Lionsberg Commons during The 7 Year Window of Preparatory Work and Learning (2017-2024 Q1), towards raising a $10 Million Resource Tranche 2 as we commence the 10 Year Grand Strategy to avert world war, overcome the Meta Crisis, connect and empower the leading 3% of the population, and collaborate to land humanity and our planet on a safe trajectory towards the Best Possible Future for All.

Introduction and Context

Hello friends, allies, and co-creators,

On its quest towards Destiny, humanity is at a pivotal point. The path we are collectively on isn't working. As we face into the Meta Crisis, it is apparent that the systems, institutions, and ways of being that led us here will not carry us forward to The Future we dream of—a world filled with peace, love, justice, abundance, opportunity and freedom for our children, grandchildren and future generations.

Adding urgency to the situation, a growing array of prophetic voices are warning of a significant Non-Zero Probability of Systems Collapse and World War. Both indigenous voices and modern analysts are warning that the death of 2/3 of the life on Earth is a likely outcome of the existing trajectory towards ecological, social, and geopolitical collapse coupled with the chaos, conflict, and tyranny that inevitably follows. Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming and the other Lionsberg Wiki Books examine this in more detail.

To make matters worse, it has become increasingly apparent the last several years that the Visible Power Structures we have looked to for leadership and guidance in the past have been co-opted and are being collusively puppeted by parasitical, corrupt, and willfully blind Invisible Power Structures.

As generations gaze together into the Meta Crisis and across The Chasm that separates us from The Future We Seek, a New Vision and Plan is urgently required.

The Dawn of a Movement

Anticipating this moment, in 2017 we opened The 7 Year Window of Preparatory Work and Learning and began laying the foundations for an omniconsiderate planetary joint venture to shift human consciousness, unite an Optimally Decentralized Force For Good, and land humanity and our planet on a safe trajectory towards the Best Possible Future for All.

This process led us through over a thousand dialogues, thousands of pages of distillation, the curation and co-creation of tens of millions of dollars of Value in a purpose-built Commons, and testing of core infrastructure and technology with hundreds of groups in 50+ countries.

On March 1st 2024, we transitioned from Seven Years of Preparation to a 10 Year Grand Strategy to rebuild the foundations of our society and catalyze a movement towards The Goal. This movement aims to reunite citizens in transforming our society and regenerating our planet by inviting individuals to awaken, arise, take back up the responsibility and authority we have abdicated, and become Co-Creators of the Better World we know is possible and intended to be.

Our aim is to connect, equip, and empower The First Three Percent of the population by 2026 (~250 Million Individuals), creating a powerful and optimally decentralized Force For Good capable of working together to meet the needs, solve the problems, and accomplish the goals at hand throughout The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity. Following this significant milestone, we will progressively invite all humanity to take up an equal New Citizenship in the New Era we are co-creating.

The First Eight Cycles of Growth

After 7 years of co-creating the conditions to facilitate an emergent process, we are monitoring the organic growth of the movement using the metaphor of a Sacred Tree emerging from The Golden Seed. After testing the foundational infrastructure to our satisfaction with hundreds of groups in ~50+ countries, over the first ~90 days, we completed the first eight Lionsberg Cycles of Growth, connecting the first 60+ carefully selected Lionsberg Co-Creators while surfacing a list of hundreds of the Wise Right People to invite in next. These first 100 to 200 co-creators are network nodes that bring every requisite resource and relationship within one relational degree.

120 Day Plan

The bold and transformative plan below requires requires completion of Cycles 9 through 12 at no more than 4 week intervals, as well as sufficient resourcing via Resource Tranche 2.

  1. June:
    1. Continue to monitor the Lionsberg Cycles of Growth and Lionsberg Cycle Time, paving the way towards a first Quarterly Summit in July.
    2. Respond to the first nations with the preliminary strategy and plan to heal and generate society and the earth.
    3. Raise Resource Tranche 2 ($10M)
  2. Early July:
    1. 10 to 30 person Quarterly Summit to refine the 10 year grand strategy, initiate System Wide Master Planning Process, and pull-plan aligned Q3 objectives
  3. July – September:
    1. Identify and orient representatives from each bioregion and critical domain, and forge a functioning cabinet / executive function
    2. Autonomous teams tackle their puzzle pieces within a shared network of commitments required to advance
    3. Begin ecosystemic / federated resource flows
  4. Early September: Several network convenings (Gathering of the Tribes, Transformative Impact Summit, Independent Convention, etc.)
  5. Late September: First General Assembly, ~ 140 to 400 representatives from bioregions / tribes around the world. Ratify the Grand Strategy and Governance System for The Grand Collaboration
    1. Backbone infrastructure ready for large scale gamified on-boarding process
  6. October: Massive scale global outreach / planetary awareness (Rick Lukens et al)
    1. Begin raise for Resource Tranche 3 ($100M)
    2. For comparison, Live Aid in the 80s raised $100M+, and the phone operators estimated they only were able to field 10% of the calls.
  7. November: Target of Opportunity: Sweep an independent candidate, cabinet, and aligned governors into office in the US. Likely a write in candidate with front and back end citizen-led auditing / quality assurance process. The next 10 years will be considerably easier if the American Experiment does not collapse, and the US President is one of us.
    1. Jordan is registering as a write-in candidate, and seeking 3 to 5 other qualified citizens to do the same.
  8. 2025 and beyond:
    1. Accelerate efforts to connect, equip and empower the first 3% (~250 million co-creators) by 2026 - bioregional plans, hubs, federating, etc.
    2. Continue 10 Year Grand Strategy to heal and regenerate society and the planet.

The Greatest Show

Following ratification of The Grand Strategy in September, we intend to launch publicly in October, advancing towards a series of shows and events that draw inspiration from Live Aid and other historic cultural moments that have touched the hearts and minds of billions.

The First 3%

The widespread planetary awareness campaign(s), coupled to the invitational strategy to Pass The Flame to the Wise Right next co-creators, is intended to surface The First Three Percent of most capable and enlightened leaders, who we aim to connect, equip, and empower by 2026.= (~250 million individuals). This milestone is accomplished with the successful completion of the 40th Cycle of Growth. As of June 2024, there are 31 cycles remaining to this milestone and 31 months to achieve it, requiring a minimum Lionsberg Cycle Time of ~4 weeks.

Self-Governing, Self-Sustaining, and Self-Replicating Teams

Leaders will be encouraged to forge Self-Governing, Self-Sustaining, and Self-Replicating teams, while learning to co-operate as an Optimally Decentralized Team of Teams.

Bioregional / Watershed / Community Based Implementation

The First Three Percent will lead their local neighborhoods, watersheds, and bioregions through a poly-centric implementation process to clarify local vision, values, opportunities, and needs.

90 Day Quests

Autonomous leaders and teams will be invited to engage in a series of continually more challenging and meaningful Quarterly Quests, Stacking Up And Aligning co-creative efforts via the Network of Commitments to produce Throughput of the Critical Path discerned through the System Wide Master Planning Process.

Implementation Hubs

Instantiation Hubs will be progressively rolled out bioregionally around the planet to physically connect, equip, and empower teams and localities.

Ecosystememic Resource Flows and Supply Chain Management

The Lionsberg Platform and Networked Instantiation Hubs will enable ecosystemic resource flows and Optimally Decentralized planetary supply chain management, connecting and empowering localities, for the first time in history, to transparently visualize and allocate excesses and shortages, stocks and flows, information and solutions.

Value Creation

Quarterly Quests that collectively produce Throughput of The Goal optimally create Value for humanity and the planet.

Our interim target is to have at least 50 million teams engaged in quarterly quests with an average Value of at least $10,000 by 2026, co-creating Flow of at least a half trillion dollars of Value every 90 days within 30 months.

Value Creation will be tracked via both local fiat currency and Lionsberg Units of Value (LUV), paving the way towards the integrated planetary Time-Energy Accounting system.

A Blended Ecosystem

All Teams will Federate their activities, leading to a blended post-Mondragon ecosystem of for-profit and non-profit entities and real properties. Federating will be done fractally, with major federal nodes each serving and supporting ~100,000 co-creators.

10% of the flow will be tithed to The Commons to continuously improve the infrastructure, services, and support empowering all co-creators in the New Confederation.

A New Confederation

This New Confederation would constitute the largest private economic federation in the world and would rank in the top 10 in terms of both population and GDP if treated as a nation.

We plan to monitor the Lionsberg Cycles of Growth against the list of Countries By Population, and begin expanding the exchange of Diplomatic Recognition with various tribes and nations through 2025 and 2026.

Working Capital

The Provisional Structure has been instantiated to deal with a combination of philanthropic, investment, and political capital flows.

Following the example of Mondragon that successfully grew out beyond $10 Billion / year, investment capital in The System will be paid an annual rate of return varying from 0% to 7% based on system performance, as determined by the Lionsberg General Assembly.

Resource Tranches

  • Resource Tranche 1 (2017-Q1 2024): Tens of millions of dollars of Value curated in the Lionsberg Commons, ~$2M in capital self-funded by Jordan, ~$5M+ in time invested by Jordan and the network of co-creators.
  • Resource Tranche 2: $10M - Summer 2024
  • Resource Tranche 3: $100M - 2025
  • Resource Tranche 4: $1 Billion+ - 2026
  • Resource Tranche 5: During the 10 Year Grand Strategy, $15 Trillion to $20 Trillion of the $30 Trillion already budgeted for omnicidal World War, redirected to the largest Citizen Led infrastructure, wellness, and education project in human history, transforming our Weapons Into Tools of Life.
  • Lionsberg Resource Runway provides additional detail on the sources and uses of capital and the Multi-Phase Poly-Centric Ecosystemic Resourcing Approach.

Your Role in This Epic Journey

While this document is specifically intended as a Resource Request to generate the next $10M+ in working capital, the world needs you far more than the resources you steward.

We invite you not only contribute, but to set your feet on the path alongside The First Three Percent, helping to mentor and lead this transformation and forge a movement that will shape our individual and collective destinies.

With $500 Billion of existing annual philanthropic flows, our aim is to redirect the first $10 Million to the New Vision and Plan this summer, an increase that by at least an Order Of Magnitude each year.

Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:

  1. Join The Movement
  2. Forge or Join a Giving Circle with peers you are inspired by
  3. Make a meaningful initial contribution or investment
  4. Commit to monitoring and resourcing the Critical Path as the journey unfolds
  5. Pass The Flame and inspire others to do the same

The Invitation: Join Us in Shaping the Future

Emerging from years of careful preparation, this movement is more than a strategy and plan; it is an Invitation to the Opportunity and Adventure of a Lifetime - a epic journey into the Unknown, fueled by our collective Spirit and Unity. We are Co-Creating a New Story together—one of hope, transformation, and fellowship.

To be part of this historic movement, visit Join The Movement, sign up, and contribute to the mission. If you would like to discuss a direct gift or investment in excess of $10,000 or would like support to set up a giving circle, please reach out directly to Jordan. By joining, you will be stepping into a transformative community dedicated to Co-Creating a world that mirrors our highest aspirations and progressively brings Heaven to Earth.

With hope and unity,

~ J

Welcome to The Movement. Join Us Here.

For updates on The Movement please stay tuned to Above The Chaos.

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