Lionsberg Summary

One Sentence:

What if... a global community arose and united as One Body to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis, and forge the Best Possible Future for All?

In response to a request for a summary page, this page is emerging as a Work In Progress.

The Lionsberg Manifesto lays out the basic narrative and call to action.

The Provisional Trust Manifesto traces the idea of Lionsberg back to its origins.

The Lionsberg History and Inception brings the history up to date.

The Lionsberg Introduction lays out the broad framework in ~3 pages.

The Lionsberg Co-Creators page shows who is involved.

The Lionsberg Cycles of Growth page charts the growth of The Movement.

The The Lionsberg System of Values articulates the Spirit and Values that guide us.

The Lionsberg Strategy and Plan lays out the out the rough 10 Year Grand Strategy.

The Lionsberg Constitution lays the foundations for governance.

The Provisional Structure establishes a shared legal and governance framework and commons.

The Lionsberg Resource Runway provides a basic look at the resources required to catalyze and sustain The Movement.

The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg articulates a basic Work Breakdown Structure for the Meta Project.

The Lionsberg Wiki Books provide foundational literature and address The Movement towards The Goal comprehensively from a number of different angles.

The Lionsberg Invitation can be shared to Pass The Flame and invite the wise right next people to Join The Movement.

The The Lionsberg Co-Creator Handbook can help get you up to speed once you join.

The Lionsberg Lexicon is a starting point for redeveloping a shared language.

Lionsberg Metaphors

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