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As told in The Story of the Builder, everything about Lionsberg is a Work In Progress.

As we face into the Meta Crisis, Jordan Nicholas Sukut and Lionsberg are putting forward the Lionsberg Manifesto, a New Vision and Plan for humanity, and a Lionsberg System purpose-built to bring the Vision Into Reality.

Our mission is to connect, inspire, and empower a diverse global community to vanquish corruption and injustice, and design and build the brighter future we all desire.

To Get Started

To get started with the Lionsberg Wiki, we would recommend that you visit the Above The Chaos series, or choose a Lionsberg Wiki Book to explore.

Exploring one of the books will give you a sense for both the work we are engaged in, and the way the Lionsberg Wiki operates.

Jordan's Guide to Lionsberg is another starting point, and feel free to also explore Ideas and Inspiration to Become More Involved.

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When you are ready to connect, visit Jordan's Website and click Join The Movement.