The Lionsberg Constitution - a New Covenant

Draft Under Review and Provisional Enaction - Version 03.13.2024


We The People, in Order to forge An Ever More Perfect Union, hereby ordain and establish this Lionsberg Constitution.

We are Co-Creating Lionsberg in order to Become, out of our Many Diverse Parts, One Body actually capable of Meeting The Needs, Solving The Problems, and Accomplishing The Goals inherent in The Story.

Without dishonoring, laying down or revoking any of Our lower order memberships, affiliations, or citizenships, We hereby recognize the Reality that All Creation is One Body, and that it is Our Duty and Responsibility to Embody And Enact this Understanding for the Greatest Good of All Current and Future Generations of Life.

As a human species, we Reacknowledge that All Creation is One Living and Interexistent System, and that What We Do Or Do Not Do To Any, We Do Or Do Not Do Unto One, Our Selves, And All.

We therefore recognize that it is our Purpose, Role and Responsibility, as a human species endowed with Creative Consciousness, to continually refresh the foundations of our Society and Co-Operate Competently, Continuously and Courageously in service of One and All.

We hereby do ordain this New Covenant of eternal and universal Right Relationship between the Creator, Humanity, and All Creation.

Our Purpose, Aim, and Goal

Our Purpose, Aim, and Goal is to Progress towards universal and eternal Right Relationship between One and All; Creator and All Creation.

It has now been variously revealed to all tribes and peoples that this Covenantal Relationship is One of Love, Harmony, Coherence, and Ultimately, Unity.

Desiring for none to suffer and for All to develop towards the fullness of their unique Potential and Flourish in Harmony, we establish as our Goal the total integrated wellbeing, development, and right relationship of All Generations of Life and Consciousness.

The Spirit and The Letter of The Law

Whereas our former existence in the Old World was governed by The Letter Of The Law, We hereby commit to a New Covenant governed by The Spirit, Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause people, societies, and the Living System We are a part of to Flourish in Harmony and Coherence.

Whereas The Letter Of The Law became burdensome and degenerated into a mere restraint on the worst tendencies of humankind, we hereby voluntary commit Our Selves, of our own Free Will, to Do Our Best to enact and embody The Spirit that not only fulfills the Word of The Law, but actively creates, sustains, and regenerates Life and Society, and is even willing to lay down its own Life out of Love in service to One and All.

While we intend to comply with the aspects of the body of accumulated Law that Order Our Civilization and are Wise, Right, and Good, we also recognize that many existing laws have been surreptitiously instituted by corrupt actors and special interests in various Domains to intentionally subvert the cause of Justice, and that it is Our Moral Obligation to Break The Rules In Order To Do What Is Right before the Highest Authority and Universal Law, and to proactively transform or abolish accumulated laws that are antithetical to The Goal in an intentional and responsible manner.

We hereby reassert the Self-Evident Realization that the Locus of Sovereignty, Authority, and Responsibility lies with Individuals, Who are Responsible before God and All these witnesses to do the Wise Right Thing, at the Wise Right Time, for the Wise Right Reasons in their own Time and Space, which only they can fully Know.

This understanding inherently cannot be legislated or compelled. It can only be voluntarily adopted and Embodied by Individuals, In Spirit, of their own Free Will.

In this Spirit, We hereby voluntarily adopt this Responsibility, and proclaim a New Covenant of Universal, Eternal, and Omni-Considerate Right Relationship between the Creator, Humanity, and All Creation, mediated by The Spirit and the Unwritten and Ultimately Ineffable Universal Law of Love.

Transforming The Living Word

In this New Millennium and the thousands of Millennia To Come, humanity will gain New Light as its Consciousness is Progressively Enlightened.

The words in this New Covenant and throughout Lionsberg therefore should be continually revivified, refreshed, and transformed by The Spirit of the One beckoning All Creation to Progressively Realize a An Ever More Perfect Union through Love.

The words to express the Central Animating Spirit of this New Covenant vary across a thousand different localities and cultural contexts. It is the Spirit of the One that Creates and Sustains the Universe that Reigns Supreme, to Whom We are All Ultimately Accountable, and to Whom we Reunite Our Selves in this New Covenant Relationship.

The Lionsberg System

To enable Our Co-Operation as One Body, we hereby commit to Embody, Steward, and Continuously Improve the Lionsberg System we are Co-Creating for this Purpose, and to progressively discover and eliminate its Residual Error and Insufficiencies as we discover them in Practice.

We acknowledge that every revealed defect and insufficiency is a Gift of great worth, to be celebrated as the primary means of Progress and Improvement. We therefore commit to Practicing this Way of Being in such a Way that We, and our Operating System, will be continuously improved for the Good of One and All, like Gold continually refined through the trials of Life and Liberty.

The System shall be eternally Co-Operated to produce throughput of The Goal with a continuously improving degree of Wisdom, Competence, and Effectiveness.

In this Way, we Aim to Progressively Realize An Ever More Perfect Union, continuously improving an An Ever More Perfect World, thereby bringing Heaven to Earth.

The Lionsberg Commons

To unleash the Abundance concealed by the competitive lines that formerly divided us, We hereby ordain and establish The Lionsberg Commons as a perennial Environment and Structure to steward Our Collective Inheritance.

We Commit to Stewarding The Commons with Wisdom, Responsibility and Care, and to Continually Cultivating, Nourishing, and Enriching it in service of all Current and Future Generations.

We further declare that all Wisdom, Knowledge, Information and Technology curated and generated through our association shall, to the greatest extent Wise and Practical, be stewarded in perpetuity in The Commons in service of One, for the Good of All.

Such stewardship shall ensure the responsible use, deployment, and alignment of High Knowledge and Technology for the Greatest Good of All, and should not permit the transmission of High Science Technology to any Conscious Agent that lacks the Wisdom to use it wisely in service of One and All. Such permission and controls must be optimally Decentralized to ensure that excessive or disproportionate Power is not exclusively accumulated in any one or several Domains to the disadvantage of others, in this or any Future Generation.

Stewardship of Lionsberg

Recognizing that no individual, organization, or group can Own Our Collective Inheritance, we hereby agree that Lionsberg shall exist perpetually on the basis of Self-Governance and Stewardship by Us, The People, It's Co-Creators, In Service Of One, All, and All Future Generations.

Individual and Collective Rights

We The People are Embodying and Enacting this New Covenant and Forging this Highest Order Functional Unity among Us of Our own voluntary consent, free will, and moral responsibility.

We acknowledge the Self-Evident, Universal, and Eternal Right and Responsibility of Individuals of Good Intent to freely exist, associate, think, speak, and act, individually and collectively, in accordance with the dictates of Our own Spirit, Conscience, and Moral Convictions, in order to secure the Best Possible Future for Our Selves and All.

Organizing Our Selves as Individuals of Goodwill around the world voluntarily in partnership with the Creator and All Creation, we reassert Our Self-Evident and Ultimately Ineffable Rights and Responsibilities as Individuals and members of One Human Family.

Co-Creating in Partnership with One, One Another, and All Creation, no existing institution or authority shall have Power Over, or the right to interfere with, the Co-Operation of this Universal Body of Goodwill.

Additionally, the Lionsberg System is eternally prohibited from making any Agreements that would compromise its Sovereignty, Autonomy, and Responsibility in service to the Creator and All Creation.

Unity and Solidarity With, and Rights Of, The Living System

We recognize All Creation as One Living System We are a part of.

While taking back up Our Sovereignty, Responsibility and Authority Individually and Collectively in service of One and All, we acknowledge our interexistence with the Living System we are a part of, the sacredness of every aspect of The Body of Creation, and Our Spiritual and Moral Duty to Co-Operate as Guardians and Stewards of Creation.

We resolve to Become a fully Regenerative species, to Reintegrate the Human System within the Living System that contains and sustains it, and to ensure that our actions and existence perennially leave every locality and bioregion a better, more flourishing, and more biodiverse place for All Future Generations to enjoy.

We recognize that The Transformation of our Way of Being as a Human Species towards Regenerativity, Harmony, and Coherence requires a fundamental realignment of our systems, structures, values and ways. It requires nothing less than a Great ReFounding of our society.

It is for this reason we are Co-Creating the Lionsberg System and entering into this New Covenant. We commit our Selves to this comprehensive Transformation, within a single generation, in All its requisite dimensions, no matter where this Way of Truth and Love may lead.


All Governance, Authority, and Responsibility shall be Progressively Decentralized to the greatest degree possible.

The Lionsberg System is designed to be implemented Fractally via a Pattern Language that affords Interoperability among an infinite decentralized array of voluntarily co-operating Individuals, Groups, Organizations, Localities, Bioregions, Planets, and other Domains.

All Association is Voluntary and requires ongoing Mutual Consent.

Each Member of The Body, be it an Individual, Family, Organization, Locality, Bioregion, Tribe, Nation, or collective of any other kind, is Sovereign, Autonomous, and responsible for its own Self Governance in a Way that meets the Minimum Standards of Interoperability and works towards the Greatest Good of The Whole.

Every Member of The Body is Free to Consciously Choose its own path of Development and Progressive Realization of its Potential.

If a Member's path of Progressive Realization conflicts with the Minimum Standards of Interoperability that enable The Whole to Co-Operate as One Body, it shall either make a Proposal to improve the Minimum Standards of Interoperability for the Good of All, or exit The System. Any changes to the Minimum Standards of Interoperability affect All, and must therefore be approved by the Highest Order Council.

The Body must assemble itself from the Bottom Up in accordance with the Creator's Intent and Designer's Intent, our Current Best Understanding of which is being Progressively Articulated in the Lionsberg Plans and Specifications.

All Individuals are equal members of The Body of Lionsberg. All Individuals and localities have equal Universal Rights under this constitution, with varying Responsibility being delegated by The Body in accordance with the gifts, calling, and capabilities of each Individual and locality.

To accomplish the Work required to Progressively Realize The Goal of The System, Individuals Self-Organize on the basis of Mutual Consent into Autonomous and Self-Governing Groups and Teams of 3 to 16 individuals.

Each Group shall recognize from among themselves an Elder deemed to be Wise and Discerning, to act as a counselor, mediator, and resolver of disputes. There shall be no age limit to eldership, and it shall be practiced practiced in all Groups from Youth.

Groups Self-Organize and Federate into Second Degree through Tenth Degree Groups of Groups / Teams of Teams on the basis of Ongoing Mutual Consent.

Each Higher Order level of Organization should itself be composed of 3 to 16 Teams or Groups. The Elders of each Sub-Group shall Assemble to form a Stewardship Council for each of Group of Groups. Stewardship Councils shall be composed of the Elders of each of the 3 to 16 Sub Groups, and therefore consist of 3 to 16 Elders.

The Goal of The System requires as many high-functioning, decentralized, and co-ordinated Families / Groups / Teams as possible.

As a Group or Team gains strength and approaches 12 to 16 individuals, it should prepare to split into two smaller Groups / Teams, each of which can continue to grow, and then split again and again.

To continually enrich the connections within The Ecosystem, Groups who split should remain connected as long as there is Ongoing Mutual Consent by Self Organizing into a Higher Order Group Of Groups, enabling them to accomplish Higher Order Goals than any one Group can achieve in isolation.

Similarly, as a Group of Groups / Team of Teams approaches 12 to 16 Groups, it should prepare to split into two smaller Groups of Groups / Teams of Teams, each of which can continue to grow, and then split again and again.

To continually enrich the connections within The Ecosystem, Groups of Groups who split should remain connected as long as there is Ongoing Mutual Consent by Self Organizing into a Higher Order Group Of Groups, enabling them to accomplish Higher Order Goals than any one Group of Groups can achieve in isolation.


Proposals affecting any subset of The Body must be ratified by the Stewardship Council at the appropriate level of abstraction.

At all times from its inception, The Body shall maintain a Stewardship Council at the Highest Level of Abstraction. At the start of the 10 Year Grand Strategy, Jordan will appoint 3 Co-Creators recognized for their Wisdom and Eldership to serve as the Initial Stewardship Council for The Whole. The Elders recognized by each of the emerging groups will be added to the Highest Order Council, such that it is continually maintained at 3 to 16 members.

Any Group or Team may change its recognized Elder at any Time in order to more clearly represent its collective Wisdom and Discernment to Higher Order Councils.

Proposals affecting The Whole must be formally Submitted to and Approved by the Highest Order Council, and signed by Jordan prior to implementation.

During the 10 Year Grand Strategy, Jordan will retain the right to require Proposals to be improved which in his judgment violate the Creator's Intent or Designer's Intent for The System, or would inhibit The Whole from successfully progressing towards The Goal. Following successful completion of the 10 Year Grand Strategy and inauguration of the New Era, or upon Jordan's Death or Incapacitation, whichever comes sooner, Jordan's Founding Role shall be retired and never replaced.

Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Functions

Legislative, Executive, and Judicial are hereby Decentralized and Fractally Distributed throughout each Group, and Group of Groups, composing The Body.

Legislative and Judicial Functions at each fractal level are handled by the Stewardship Council at the appropriate Level of Abstraction.

Executive Functions at each fractal level are handled according to designated Roles in each Group, or Group of Groups.

The Core Enterprise

Legislative and Judicial Functions at the Highest Level of Abstraction are handled by the Highest Order Council.

Executive Functions at the Highest Level of Abstraction are handled by the Core Enterprise.

The Core Enterprise shall be Co-Operated as one Team of Teams comprised of the best and most capable resources from the Group Of Groups.

The Core Enterprise is not designed to abrogate the Individual And Local responsibilities of the Groups or other members of the Federation, but rather to provide a center of talented resources to serve and empower the decentralized array of autonomous groups, and to consolidate and reflect back out to the Federation its collective progress and learnings.

The Core Enterprise should be kept as small as possible, and continually Right Sized to push resources, responsibility, and authority back out to the lowest capable level of abstraction and organization.

Rendering Aid

If an Individual is in need of assistance, they shall request it of the Groups / Teams they are a part of.

Any Group / Group of Groups may issue a Request For Assistance to another Group, or The Whole, if they desire or are in need of Aid.

To strengthen the Character and Capabilities of The Body in a Decentralized manner, and to ensure that the Members do not become Dependent on The Whole, the Rendering of Mutual Aid, like the performance of all activities, should be kept as Individual and Local as possible and accomplished at the Lowest Order capable of handling the issue.

More Highly Developed Members should render assistance to Less Developed Members only if requested, or if the Less Developed Member is unaware of a Significant Threat to their Wellbeing and Development.

Rendering Harm, and Use of Force

Love, Non-Violence, and Minimum Necessary Force shall guide our use of Power at all fractal levels of The Body.

All Members are bound by the Universal Law to Love, Help, and Not Harm One Another.

Members shall Do Their Best not to harm any aspect of Creation, unless required for the Greatest Good. Whenever possible, Harm of any kind or the Use Of Force must be approved by the next Higher Order Stewardship Council to the level where the Use Of Force or Harm is contemplated, and only Minimum Necessary Force shall be deployed.

Examples of justifiable Use Of Force that produces Lower Order Harm in service of a Higher Order Good:

  1. Minimally disturbing Nature to co-create a Regenerative Habitable Order
  2. The responsible neutralization of predators or parasites
  3. The exercise of Minimum Necessary Force in Self Defense
  4. The exercise of Minimum Necessary Force to prevent an Actor from causing Major Harm or a Major Disaster

All Members, and The Whole, have a right to Self Defense and the development of Precautionary Measures in regards to the Protection of them Selves, Others, and The Whole.

All Members, and the Whole, shall Help One Another remain vigilant and non-naive on behalf of them Selves and other Members, recognizing the existence of Dark Forces and Actors who have Endarkened their Spiritual and Moral Consciousness, do not obey the Universal Law of Love, and are willing to use Force, Deception, Theft, or any other means necessary to Harm others for their own Individual, Local, or Group Position, Power, or Agenda. The Immune System of The Whole shall vigilantly protect and defend its Self, all Members of The Body, and All aspects of Creation from such Endarkened Actors, while simultaneously regarding them with Absolute And Unconditional Love.

Truth and Deception

Members shall do their best to think and speak The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth as they best understand it, and to never deceive.


Members may not experiment on other members or other aspects of Creation to their possible Harm, without Ongoing Mutual Consent.

In light of the Wisdom of Nature and Organically Developing Entities, the ubiquity of Unintended Consequences, and because the impacts of interventions in Complex Adaptive Systems are often Unknown until decades or generations later, the Duty to prove Non-Harm in advance of Experimentation, and Responsibility for Harm inflicted, lies with the Actor, Intervenor, or Experimenter in or upon a given System.

Justice and Conflict Resolution

Whereas no existing System of Law or Justice has Jurisdiction or Power Over Lionsberg as a Universal Voluntary Association of Sovereign Beings and Groups, Lionsberg Co-Creators shall wisely navigate together, protect one another, and resolve all conflict and establish Peace and Justice internally within The System on the basis of Wisdom, Principles, Values, and Wise Eldership.

We acknowledge that We All share responsibility for upholding our Culture, Values, and Doing Our Best to prevent injustices from happening to Any of Us, and therefore expressly waive the right to resort to existing court systems for remedy.

Conflicts in First Degree Groups shall be mediated and resolved by the recognized Elder of that Group.

If the Elder is unable to resolve the issue, it shall be elevated according to the Escalation Ladder to the Stewardship Council of the next higher degree group.

As a Cultural Norm, if a Stewardship Council arrives at Consensus on an Issue, the parties to that Issue shall consider the Decision binding.

In extreme cases of perceived Injustice, parties may appeal the Decision to a Higher Order Council, who will discern and may decide whether to hear the appeal.

If the Higher Order Council(s) refuse to hear the appeal, the Consensus of the Lower Order Council shall be Binding.

If a Stewardship Council at a given Level of Analysis is unable to arrive at Consensus within the Time allotted on the Escalation Ladder, it shall elevate the Issue to the next Higher Order Stewardship Council for additional Wisdom and Discernment.

If no Lower Order Councils are able to resolve the Issue, the Highest Order Stewardship Council shall decide on the Issue.

When possible and Wise to do so, Issues should not be Resolved until enough Wisdom and Information emerges to reconcile the Diversity of perspectives, and enable a Group or Council to arrive at Consensus. If Time is of the Essence, the lower standard of Consent may be used at the discretion of the Stewardship Council in lieu of exercising the Escalation Ladder.

During the 10 Year Grand Strategy, if the Highest Order Stewardship Council is unable to reach a Consensus within the Time allocated on the Escalation Ladder, they will present the issue to Jordan, who will make a Binding Decision if required, or agree with the Highest Order Council on a specific extension of Time.

Following successful completion of the 10 Year Grand Strategy and inauguration of the New Era, or upon Jordan's Death or Incapacitation, whichever comes sooner, Jordan's Founding Role shall be retired and never replaced.