Core Enterprise

The Core Enterprise was conceived as one team of teams comprised of the best resources from Group Of Groups.

Each of the IPD Teams / Groups contributes various resources to the Core Enterprise. Because the Core Enterprise is essentially "overhead" to the operations of the distributed Group Of Groups, the PM will continually undertake the appropriate series of "right-sizing" resource efforts to bring only necessary resources and disciplines to the Core Enterprise.

The Core Enterprise should also be guided by representatives of all stakeholder groups, as well as wise council and consultants across various domains of insight and expertise.

The Core Enterprise can be thought of as the executive, servant leadership, and coordination element of the Federation.

As such, it should learn from the central coordinating bodies of various federations such as the United States, Mondragon, the European Union, the United Nations, and other similar federal bodies.

It bears repeating, that this organization should remain as small as practical to accomplish its functions, and that the functions assigned to it by the Receiver should remain as few as are practical.

Among other responsibilities, the Core Enterprise will participate in continuously improving and clarifying the Meta Project Program Statement, the wisdom and design of The Prototype, the quality of the Shared Infrastructure, and the quality of the Lionsberg System.

The Structure of the Core Enterprise

The Core Enterprise is not designed to abrogate the Individual And Local responsibilities of the Groups or other members of the Federation, but rather to provide a center of talented resources to serve and empower the decentralized array of autonomous groups, and to consolidate and reflect back out to the Federation its collective progress and learnings.

It also acts as an advisory group that vets and further develops recommendations of the PM from multiple perspectives before they are forwarded to the Receiver.