Founding Leader Phase At Federal Level

Jordan Nicholas Sukut is holding space for the emergence and pattern integrity of the Whole during the Founding Leader Phase at the federal level.

Like all other Founding Leaders, Jordan will be held to the same transparency and accountability requirements by a Wisdom Board, while the System / Federation / Community advances towards fully legally-activated Self-Governance.

Early advisors have discerned that it would be unwise to establish a legal board during the Founding Leaders period, and that a Wisdom Board should be established instead to "Act Out" the new governance paradigm as Self-Governance emerges across the Federation and members get nominated to the Domain Assemblies and Lionsberg General Assembly, which in turn will elect the Lionsberg Executive Council.

The tentative target is to have a full-functioning Lionsberg General Assembly that appoints a Lionsberg Executive Council by September 2024.

It is anticipated that Jordan will serve the first two four year terms as President of the Core Enterprise as it expands out towards the Aim of 1 billion small groups in 7 years.

Jordan is also serving as a placeholder Board member of the Provisional Structure until such a time as the Lionsberg General Assembly can appoint a sub-committee to govern the entity.

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