Above The Chaos, Introducing Lionsberg

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.11.01 (updated 2022.11.01)

A post in Above The Chaos.

This week marks a turning point.

We have been thinking about this moment since waking consciousness.

It is the moment where, in response to the impending collapse of an Old World, the Spirit of Absolute and Unconditional Love and its Antithesis battle for the future of the world.

We already know the outcome. Love wins. Love rises up and hovers over the chaos, confronts and overcomes the totalitarian, oppressive, and deceitful spirit that attempts to place itself above One and All, and establishes a New Era and a New Order that is Good.

At present, it appears bleak. The Four Horsemen are already on the run, and Hades is following them. Even greater Darkness and suffering will manifest before the New Dawn.

But what comes next in the story is incredible.

From around the world, out of seemingly nowhere, a universal Force For Good hears the call, awakens, arises, and unites to turn the tide of the battle and secure victory for One and All.

This ushers in an entirely New World that is not only perfect, but is continuing to Become A Little Better Every Day because we are all Working Together To Make It So.

This is no longer a Story of any one tribe, people, or nation.

It is a story of All tribes, All peoples, and All nations, rising up into Right Relationship with One, One Another, and All.

Each and every human being alive on earth at this moment in the Story is here for a reason. Out the billions of potentials that could have manifested, you did. We did. We All did.

As Conscious Agents in a universal Meta Story, each of us has a unique and critically important role to play.

In preparation for this moment, we have been preparing.

That preparation included co-creating an incarnation of the Meta Idea called Lionsberg.

Lionsberg is a mythical Word Tool we use to point at three deeper realities:

  1. The New World we are co-creating and "pulling" into Reality.
  2. The Platform and System that connects, elevates, and empowers Conscious Agents in the Story.
  3. The Community working together to co-create the Best Possible Future in service of One and All.

Right now, each of these three elements is merely a Starting Point.

However an entire forest of mighty trees is already present in the DNA.

These trees will soon cover the earth, providing food, water, shelter, community and abundance for All.

These seeds of a System that connects empowers a Community to co-create a New World are all present, and have been planted in a Total Nested Hierarchy of Conditions that is sufficient for the Life already present in their DNA to manifest itself.

This week is significant because after an absolutely excruciating effort to give birth to the New, the first green shoots in all three areas manifest themselves, and it is finally time to shift from the conception of the New World into working together to nurture and cultivate its development.

There is only one possible outcome that constitutes Success for this very unusual New form of Life, and that is to progressively Realize the Meta Goal within this generation.

We will know the Meta Goal has been accomplished and can continue to be accomplished throughout the New Millennium when each of 8 billion individuals has been invited, 7 times if necessary, by someone they love and trust, to take up their citizenship in the New World Lionsberg is co-creating and becoming, and 97% acceptance has been achieved.

Why 97%? While we hope it is not true and All will voluntarily take up their citizenship in the New World, because the Lionsberg System of Governance is entirely based on Consent and Voluntary Participation, our Current Best Understanding is that there are some who are so corrupted by the Old World that they will decline the offer and die while bitterly and resentfully clinging to the Old.

This is ok, and must be tolerated, as the Lionsberg System of Governance does not allow any Conscious Agent to violate the Sovereignty and Free Will of another Conscious Agent in their respective Domain Of Responsibility And Authority.

No matter what other Responsibility and Authority is withdrawn from a Conscious Agent by other Conscious Agents, the Responsibility, Authority and Freedom to Govern ones Self is inalienable.

Those who wish to reap the benefits, abundance, and joy that come from the New Way of Being within the boundaries of Lionsberg are welcome.

Those who do not want to honor and uphold the Lionsberg Code are welcome to remain outside the Lionsberg Boundary.

Invitations and voluntary consent from the bottom up.

No Old / existing organization, institution, or system of governance can impose the Lionsberg System on its constituent beings from above, as this would violate the Sovereignty and Self Governance of those Individuals.

However any existing organizations, institution, or system of governance can invite its constituents to, in addition to their citizenship(s) in whatever existing forms, also take up their universal citizenship in Lionsberg.

The degree to which any Old system or domain is participating in Lionsberg can be judged by evaluating where its population is at along the Lionsberg Adoption Curve.

The short term objective between Q4 2022 and Q4 2029 is to continuously improve the Quality of Lionsberg as a 1. Community 2. Platform and 3. Experience that connects and empowers the universal "group of groups" / Force For Good as we advance together towards our overarching and uniting Meta Goal within the boundaries of our overarching and uniting Universal Values.

As outlined on the Lionsberg Adoption Curve page,

The Lionsberg Adoption Curve is rooted in our Current Best Understanding of how human beings progressively adopt new ideas and technologies.

Way To Adopt - Small Groups

Our Hypothesis is that adoption should be done in small groups, who can Help One Another learn, localize, and adapt the Lionsberg System in the Wise Right to their own unique Time and Space.

This is critical in that it localizes the Authority and Responsibility for administering individual and local matters in small groups of 3 to 20, who even if they lack access to any technology at all, can use fundamental human processes to govern them selves.

Group Size - 3 to 20, Average ~ 7

Positing a group size range of 3 to 20, and an average group size of 7, and 7.77 billion people adopting the system in 7 years, we have roughly a billion groups as a big target for humanity to Aim at.

Pattern of Adoption - Golden Ratio?

If adoption pattern expands along roughly the Golden Ratio of 1.61803 expansion per reciprocal cycle, we would surpass 1 billion on the 44th cycle assuming zero loss rate.

If we add is loss / attrition rates, the number of cycles changes as follows:

  • 0% Loss Rate - 44 Cycles
  • 10% Loss Rate - 49 Cycles
  • 20% Loss Rate - 54 Cycles
  • 30% Loss Rate - 61 Cycles
  • 40% Loss Rate - 71 Cycles
  • 50% Loss Rate - 84 Cycles
  • 60% Loss Rate - 104 Cycles
  • 70% Loss Rate - 138 Cycles
  • 80% Loss Rate - 205 Cycles
  • 90% Loss Rate - 408 Cycles
  • 100% Loss Rate - The Movement Is Dead

If the Movement dies, begin again with a new group of at least 3, and never give up, no matter how difficult, dangerous, or embarrassing it gets.

Time Function

To the Pattern of Adoption, a time frame must be applied.

The Aim is to hit 1 Billion Groups in 7 Years, or 2,555 days, starting in Q4 2022 and completed by Q4 2029.

To bound the time function, that would require:

  • At 0% Loss Rate, a Cycle Time not exceeding 2,555 / 40 = 63.875 days
  • At 90% Loss Rate, a Cycle Time not exceeding 6.26 days

Hypothesis On Loss Rate

Based on our Current Best Understanding, we have developed a hypothesis on the Lionsberg Loss Rate to experiment with,

  • If we continuously improve the Quality of the 1. Community 2. Platform and 3. Lived Experience of Lionsberg, we can hold Lionsberg Loss Rate to under 20%.

Hypothesis On Expansion Rate

Based on our Current Best Understanding, we have developed a Hypothesis on the Lionsberg Expansion Rate to experiment with:

  • If we continuously improve the Quality of 1. Community 2. Platform and 3. Lived Experience of Lionsberg, we can hold the Lionsberg Expansion Rate to under 42

Hypothesis On Success Rate

  • If we continuously improve the Quality of 1. Community 2. Platform and 3. Lived Experience of Lionsberg...
  • ...we can hold the Lionsberg Expansion Rate to under 42 days
  • ...while holding the Lionsberg Loss Rate to under 20%.
  • This results in 54 or fewer cycles at a Lionsberg Cycle Time of 42 or fewer days, leading to an anticipated Project duration of 54 x 42 = 2,268 or fewer days.
  • 2,268 days / 365 = 6.2 years, leaving 0.8 years, or 9.6 months of float.
  • _This will result in us being able to accomplish our Aim of connecting and empowering 1 billion Sovereign and Autonomous groups, encompassing 97% of humanity, around shared Goals and Values, within 7 years...

These various ratios should be carefully monitored by the Program and Process Management Guild, and made transparent and visible to All.

What are we asking small groups to join?

A Community, Platform, and Experience that will create the ability for a distributed network of sovereign and autonomous small groups to listen deeply to one another and Help One Another in the Wise Right Way, at the Right Time, for the Right Reasons, to progress towards The Goal.

What groups can join Lionsberg?

Any small group is welcome to join the Lionsberg Community / Platform / Experience provided that:

  1. They agree to honor and uphold the Meta Agreement and Universal Values
  2. There is an Agreement between the Group and the Lionsberg Community based on the Voluntary Consent of everyone involved
  3. They advance through the Process For Onboarding

What individuals can join a small group?

Any individual is welcome to join a small group provided that:

  1. They agree to honor and uphold the Meta Agreement and Universal Values
  2. They agree to honor and uphold the Group Agreement and Group Values
  3. There is an Agreement between the Group and the Individual based on the Voluntary Consent of everyone involved

What benefits can Lionsberg offer to Groups now?

Meaningful Relationship:

  • Meaningful Relationships, Connection, and Belonging
  • To ask sincerely "What do you need to become who you are uniquely called to be at this moment in the Story?"
  • To listen deeply to the answers
  • To Do Our Best to aggregate and organize our available Time, Energy, and Resources to Help One Another meet needs, solve problems, and capture opportunities as we All progress towards The Goal.
  • Access to other amazing people in other amazing groups that might not otherwise come into relationship with

Meaningful Support:

Meaningful Structure:

  • All Value created will be transparently stewarded for the benefit of all through the Provisional Structure and its subsequent transformations across time

Meaningful Participation

Meaningful Alignment

  • A way to align individual energy, with group energy, with Lionsberg Energy, with the energy of the entire Living System and its Source
  • A way to articulate and align individual stories, with group stories, with the Meta Story
  • A way to regularly update our stories as we navigate together towards The Goal
  • A regularly updated synthesis and picture across the group of groups to understand:
    • Where we are
    • How we got here
    • Where we are going
    • Why

Vision, Strategy, and Inspiration

  • Access to whatever levels of Vision, Strategy, and Inspiration Jordan Nicholas Sukut and others provide in the community

What additional benefits is Lionsberg working to develop?

Through the process of deeply listening to the problems, needs, and opportunities faced by individuals, organizations, and communities around the world on their Quest towards The Goal, Lionsberg is working to develop, in prioritized order of importance, a Prototype for Individual, Organizational, and Community Development that can be localized and instantiated in any Time, Space, or Context.

This Prototype will contain General Solutions to the General Problems, General Needs, and General Opportunities faced by every community of Life as they strive to develop into the fullness of their unique potential and flourish.

The Conditions Of Acceptance ensure that the Lionsberg System and Infrastructure reach out and connect to with every individual and group on earth that desires to develop towards the fullness of their potential, by helping all others do the same.

How will Lionsberg prioritize the Time, Energy, and Resources entrusted to it?

Initially through the formative period, Jordan Nicholas Sukut will be responsible and accountable for working with the group of groups and a small Core Team and Core Enterprise to prioritize and allocate resources in response to problems, needs, and opportunities of the Community, and in accordance with the Critical Path / Critical Chain that governs Throughput of The Goal.

This will eventually develop into a far more sophisticated Goal Delivery System, as pointed towards in the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery Guide.

The Core Team and Core Enterprise

A small Core Team and Core Enterprise is being established to work with Jordan Nicholas Sukut to take in and synthesize information and communications from the distributed network of Sovereigns, and send back out to the network communication, vision, and inspiration regarding both Where We Are, and various potential plans / patterns of action into the future.

Each Part Of The Body / Each Tile Of The Mosaic

Beyond this basic flow of Communication and Conscious Awareness, we will begin to work with each of the Group Of Groups to discover their unique fit within the body / mosaic.

"Body" and "Mosaic" are Metaphors we use to help us understand the Higher Order Functional Unity we are All being invited up into.

Since our near term Aim is one billion groups within 7 years, and since there is only ONE Body / Mosaic, composed of 1, 7, 12, or 144 major functions at various levels of analysis, it is clear that each major function or domain will eventually be composed of dozens, hundreds, or millions of groups with similar functions.

Each Function / Domain / Tile will have (something like) a Guild to cross-pollinate learning and Current Best Understanding across groups of similar function.

The Guild will likely be responsible for integrating the aggregate work of its member groups, and representing the synthesis out to the Whole.

There is not any one group or named thing that owns any one function... the explicit aim is to have redundancy and multiple functional groups within Each Part Of The Body / Each Tile Of The Mosaic.

This also prevents any one group from being perceived as having either Favored Nation Status, or being a Single Point of Failure.

Rules of participation - the system is entirely based on self-governance, sovereignty, and autonomy in Community, so no one has to do anything other than the wise right thing to accomplish our shared overarching and uniting goal, within the boundaries of our shared universal values. Do the Right Thing, at the Right Time, for the Right Reasons, to progress the Whole towards the Goal.

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