Internal Context
External Context

General Context

Over the last centuries, humanity has made great strides in our attempts to meet needs, solve problems, progress towards our potential, and flourish.

Unfortunately, many of the solutions we created to solve the problems of the last centuries are now creating entirely new classes of issues and threats.

We now face an entirely new complex of interactive problems that must be met in this decade.

This Meta Crisis demands a coherent, integrated and unified solution and approach.

Despite many heroic efforts to create groups, technologies, networks, organizations, and solutions, we are discovering that in isolation and division we lack the total set of resources and relationships necessary to transform the true root causes of our suffering and dysfunction, and accomplish our highest overarching and uniting shared goals and values.


Organizations like the United Nations have taken first steps towards articulating the grand challenges we are facing, and identifying shared global goals.

Yet at this unique moment in history when we need to work together to solve these crises, we find ourselves in a fragmented and dysfunctional social and political environment.

Governments, individuals, foundations, non-profits and impact organizations of all types are spending hundreds of billions of dollars and volunteering billions of hours every year in attempts to solve these problems,

Yet despite the heroic efforts of individuals and organizations around the globe, many of these organizations are running inefficiently in parallel, lacking the coordination and transparency needed for the true systemic transformation that is required.

Additionally, reductionist institutional and ideological structures are creating a persistent culture of division, disparity, and possessiveness that threatens the future of humanity.

The Opportunity

History has shown us that when we work together, we can achieve seemingly impossible things. We have built cities, roadways, spacecraft, and technologies that have influenced every aspect of culture and commerce. We have shifted global consciousness and revolutionized structures of human rights, dignity, and governance.

Whether it’s building infrastructure, sending a rover to Mars, putting a man on the moon, or vanquishing corruption and injustice, success at this scale requires world class networks, coordination, logistics, and training.

The Imperative

Confronting and overcoming the current global complex of crises will require no less.

The Meta Project

This unique moment in history demands that all humanity arise and work together in a universal Meta Project massive enough to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis, and forge the Best Possible Future for All.

The Meta Project is universal, eternal, and Absolute. No one owns, controls, or can contain it. It is simply the sum total of what must be done together by us, the human species, in partnership with One and All, at this critical juncture in the Meta Story.

To accomplish it, we must pragmatically organize ourselves so that we can govern our Selves, make decisions, navigate, allocate resources, transfer funds, and remain in compliance with rule of law around the globe.

Because we could not identify a System and Structure capable of accomplishing this, we are doing our best to co-create one in service of One and All. This is the purpose and intent of the Lionsberg System.

The Meta Game

Since children, families, and adults of all capabilities around the world will need to participate, our hypothesis is that a Story and a Game are the only containers of the logic that can actually scale quickly enough to accomplish The Goal within the amount of Time available.