Above The Chaos, Becoming An Army

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.01.16 (updated 2024.01.16)

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Over the last 39 years, I have walked through heaven and hell, explored the world, trained in a wide variety of disciplines, and connected with an unbelievable array of amazing humans while building teams and infrastructure for society.

Through that time, I have have come to know things I cannot unknow, triangulated from a diverse array of perspectives, and have become convinced that our present society and world order are built upon corrupted and unjust foundations that are rapidly failing.

What is evident is that the new society and order that rises from the ashes of the old has the potential to be far, far worse... approaching Hell on Earth... or far, far better... approaching Heaven on Earth.

Whether we accelerate towards Heaven or Hell depends on entirely on Us, the Citizens of Earth, and whether and how we consciously choose to inter-exist and inter-act at this crucial juncture in The Story. We are the co-creators of our Destiny.

What is also apparent is that our actions exist in a Context, and that context includes the collapsing Order, the forces of Evil consciously working towards that end, and the expanding Suffering that inevitably encompasses these dynamics.

The degree to which we understand that we cannot Depend upon Others or the existing Order determines the degree to which we understand that whatever happens to us, and whatever happens to others, and whatever happens to our society and our world, is Ultimately Our Responsibility.

When We take responsibility for All Life and Society upon Our shoulders, We come to understand that none of us can do it alone, and that We must become large enough, strong enough, and pragmatically capable enough to contend with and overcome whatever Realities presence themselves to us. And we come to understand that we can only do that in partnership with God and One Another.

When the Realities that stand in Our Way include collapsing systems, evil, and suffering at global scale, it becomes evident that We need to become something like a Community, something like an Army, something like One Body.

We need to become a Force For Good that is pragmatically capable of feeding, nourishing, strengthening, liberating, enlightening, protecting, and providing for billions, and Ultimately All.

To do this, we need to become Us. Out of many, One.

If you resonate, let's Arise, Unite, and Become a small army. And let's transform our small army into an unprecedented Force For Good capable of transforming our lives and our world.

Join The Movement.


~ J

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