3.0 Stories

By now, we can see that getting into motion towards an Integrated and Worthy Goal requires that we sort out Our Story.

Conscious Integration, Alignment, and Agency are articulated and cohered in our Minds through a Narrative Framework, or Story.

Thrown into a given Time, Space, and Context, we generally have to answer fundamental Questions in order to orient our Selves.

These questions look forwards and backwards, and revolve around both Being and Doing.

They are something like:

  1. Where Am I?
  2. How Did I Get Here?
  3. Where Am I Going?
  4. Who Am I?
  5. Who Am I Becoming?
  6. Why?

These questions thoughtfully answered form a cohesive Narrative Framework upon which we can hang all the other information in the Story.

At a high level, we end up with Backward Looking Stories and Forward Looking Stories that extend out from Where We Are.

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