Above The Chaos, Rediscovering God Beyond Religion

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.01.25 (updated 2024.01.25)

A post in Above The Chaos

As I discuss the realignment of Society as One Under God, a strange question that strikes me every time it is asked is Which God? Like the playground question Do you believe in God?, these questions are so fundamentally broken, in such a broken social and religious Context, it renders them virtually unanswerable.

The reason for this is that both questions assume and assert within themselves, in violation of the definition of God, a multiplicity of concretized human creations or representations that can or should be grasped and chosen between.

Each of the billions of us alive on Earth today was born into a fundamentally broken religious paradigm. For some of us, that meant being born into one of the hundreds of religious denominations or institutionalized religions who teach that they are the only way towards salvation, often on the pain of eternal damnation. For others of us, that meant being born into the rejection of some or all of those broken denominations, and a deep and also broken agnosticism.

When I use the Word Tool "God", I am pointing by definition to the One. The Ultimate Reality. The Absolute. The Transcendent Ultimacy that definitionally is the Deepest and Highest. My use of the word God is not a matter of religion. It is matter of definition.

Rediscovering the One that is by definition beyond human propositional understanding, and therefore beyond religious dogma, is essential to Progressive Realization of a New Covenant mediated not by the Word, but by the Spirit.

This involves an evolution of human conscious beyond the Categories and Propositional Knowledge we idolized and institutionalized in our collective adolescence, to re-embrace the Mystery of the Whole as One Divine Creation, the All as the manifest Body of the One, permeated and animated by the Spirit of God, the Central Animating Spirit of Creation.

As long as we Worship our Propositional Understanding of God, rather than the transcendent and ineffable Ultimate Reality of God as such, we remain imprisoned in the devastating grasp of an idolatry that dooms us collectively towards religious, ideological, and social fragmentation and Hell.

Conversely, when we rediscover that We Do Not Know and humbly commit to eternally learn, transform and Navigate Towards Truth together, we rediscover God as an Ultimacy not to be grasped or attained, but to be eternally Reverenced, Wrestled With, and Progressed Towards through Love by the power of Its Spirit, living within Us and All Generations of Life.

It has been said that the most important step on ones spiritual journey is the liberation from their childhood religion. The transcendence from narrow and often fear-based conformance to a disciplinary structure, into genuine, personal, and Love-based Right Relationship with the Divine. Religions are like elementary disciplinary structures that are simultaneously necessary for education and inadequate for life.

This dynamic plays out not only at the individual level, but also at the collective. The most important next step on our collective journey will occur when we stop bowing down to Propositional Idols and demanding that others do the same, and humbly and loving return towards Right Relationship with One and All, which is a relationship that progresses towards Ultimate Unity through Love.

The Mission and Ideal of Christ is not religion; it is to fully embody and enact the manifest Spirit, Will, and Intention of God, transcendent, universal, eternal, and ineffable, right here On Earth As it Is In Heaven.

This is the Mystery of Transcendence, Spirit, and Incarnation; the triune expression of the Ultimate Unity we are progressing back towards.