Above The Chaos, The Common Journey

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2024.01.17 (updated 2024.01.21)

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Aboard one planet, sustained by one living system, generated by one creator...

...facing an interexistent set of crises and opportunities...

...the Quest and Destiny of humanity is One.

This has always been true Spiritually, yet for the first time in history it is visible and obvious physically.

This creates the unique opportunity for us All to set our feet, together, on a Path towards towards our Best and Highest Future, and to help One Another Cross The Chasm and progress towards The Goal.

The Quest Towards The Goal of Greatest Worth

If we are going to Progress together, the Question becomes: towards what? What is the object of our shared Quest?

It is obvious that it should be something Good. It is is obvious that it should be somewhere Better. And if we get to choose, it would be foolish to choose anything less than the Best; the Most Good.

By Definition, what stands at the Top of the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goods is the Ultimate Reality we point to when we say God. The One that integrates, coheres and orders all other Goods within Itself. This is not a religious statement; it is a statement of definition.

If the Object of our Quest is God, transcendent, universal, and eternal, then our aligning Prayer here in SpaceTime is something like: Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Down here on Earth, The Goal of Greatest Worth is Heaven On Earth. The Ideal. The Best it can possibly be.

Imagining Heaven on Earth

To Progress towards Heaven On Earth, we must first be able to Imagine it.

To imagine something means to form a mental Image, or Vision, of it.

We could begin to ask our Selves simple questions like: Assuming we could have anything we want that is Good, how would we like our lives and our world to be? What is the most massive, positive, and Good Vision we can dream?

Speaking and Listening

As we begin to Imagine and dream, we begin the process of Progressive Articulation: inklings become faint images, images start to become words, and pretty soon we can start to describe our Vision in sentences and paragraphs. The more we practice, the more we dream, and the more we speak, the more our Vision starts to come into Reality.

Shattering The Silence is crucial. Speaking out Truthfully what we most desire, hope for, and believe. And as the Silence is broken, Deep Listening becomes crucial. We speak in so many different languages, volumes, and tones, it is sometimes difficult to truly hear one another.

Celebrating Consensus

As we Truthfully Speak and Genuinely Listen to One Another, we come to the startling Realization that we All Value and Desire pretty much the same things.

There may be a tremendous amount of Diversity by tribe, culture and expression, but on the Most Important Things, we largely agree.

Believing It Is Possible

Once we dare to dream of a Better World, and discover that we share The Dream with billions of other people, the next step is Believing It Is Possible.

The crucial thing about belief is that it is possible for a Vision to become Reality if enough people believe and Act As If it were possible.

Becoming The Heroes of The Story

Bringing the Better World we have envisioned into Reality requires that we All awaken, arise, unite, and become The Heroes of The Story.

It requires remembering that We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For, and rediscovering the Spirit, Hope, and Faith that impel us to move, together, towards The Goal.

Collaborating and Helping One Another

None of us can do this alone. As soon as we envision the New, we discover that we need a team; a tribe; a fellowship for the adventure.

If you are ready to advance, I can show you a Way. To set your feet on the path, visit www.JordanNicholas.org and Join The Movement.

Conceptualizing the Common Journey of Billions of Heroes

an image with no alt text For a higher resolution image see The Common Journey Sketch.pdf

So we are conceptualizing The Common Journey or The Epic Quest FROM the Old, TO the New.

We want everyone to find their Way to the New.... so how do we move the whole population?

We must make preparations for ~10 billion people, over ~10 to 20 years, traveling by Tribe.

We are designing and building an Environment and the Conditions...

...that is a Process... where a defined Flow of (things) happen.

The Process is Experientially Driven...

...along a program of lifelong learning and development...

...via Intrapreneurial Quests...

...organized around the Grand Challenges and Global Goals...

...undertaken by Teams in the Context of a purpose-built Community, System, and Structure...

..designed to facilitate Emergence and the Adventure into the Unknown.

The experiential Progress through the Process is informed by Primes that nudge behavior Just In Time.

Every Quest is a Story... and Every Story Is A Prophesy of even greater things to come as The Movement grows.

Stories are presented via Story Boards, which act as Manifestos, Budgets, Plans, and Retrospectives, driving the Resourcing and Engagement Flywheel.

The Lionsberg System enables Interoperability and Ecosystemic Flows of Resources and Knowledge across the distributed array.

As we progress, leveraging 1/10th of our Resource Flows to continuously improve the systems and infrastructures of the New Era in stride.

This ultimately will transform how we view Lifelong Learning and Meaningful Work.

The Process moves humanity through a Tipping Point Strategy... led by an Awakening and Shift In Consciousness, that subsequently impels The Movement towards Unity, Harmony, and Coherence through Love.

The System and Platform

This kind of collective journey requires a System and Platform to connect and empower The Movement.

The Lionsberg System was built for this purpose. It is intended to serve as a Starting Point to be Continuously Improved as we Progress.

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