Emergence describes the phenomenon where the collective behaviors of a system's components lead to outcomes that are greater than the sum of individual actions. It's a foundational concept for understanding complex systems within the Lionsberg framework.

In the Lionsberg System, Emergence is a Word Tool we use to point at creative process through which New things come into Being / Reality.

We sometimes use phrases like That Which Is Trying to Emerge to acknowledge the spirit and Conscious Agency involved in Emergence.

Emergence occurs in us and through us through a process of Progressive Realization and Progressive Articulation.

As Conscious Agents Co-Creating our Reality, we are active participants in Which One, out of the total set of all Potential Futures, actually Manifests itself.

Our Aim is to Co-Create the Total Nested Hierarchy of Conditions that enables the Best Possible Future to Emerge through us All as a result of our Way of Being.