11.49 A Higher Order Paradigm, Community, and System

What has not happened, and what is the harbinger of the in-breaking New Era, is the Emergence of a higher order system and a higher order community properly founded on the Rock that is the Source of being, and the higher order paradigm that the Creator has been been trying to communicate to us for millennia.

This basic paradigm relates to the centrality of our right relationship with the Creator and One Another, and the bringing of the Highest Intention and Greatest Good into reality, actively and pragmatically right here On Earth As it Is In Heaven, for the benefit of All generations of life.

A Meta System and a Meta Community empowering One Another on the Meta Quest to bring the Meta Intention into Reality and thereby accomplish the Meta Goal for the benefit of All.

Simple. Except it can only be Known by the Spirit.

It is so simple that any child can understand, and yet it is not simple because it requires a total transformation of spirit and consciousness and a total liberation of billions of people from the darkness, ignorance, and slavery to false religious, political, and economic identities which separate, divide, and exploit them, so that they can directly and rightly relate to One Another and God, and become co-creators of the New Era and New World that is trying to emerge.

This liberation, enlightenment and elevation of human consciousness into right relationship and right understanding is the heart of the massive, positive, and revolutionary thing that is emerging.

The turning away from every secondary secular and religious Identity, and the rediscovery of our true Primary Identities are free and empowered co-creators with God of the Better World God intends.

All the money of richest capitalists is not a drop in the bucket of the fundamental transformation that must occur. All the power of the largest religious institutions is not a drop in the bucket. All the power of the largest nation-states is not a drop in the bucket.

None of these can move the needle. It is only the free and empowered efforts of a global grassroots Community that is arising and uniting around a Higher Paradigm and the universal Meta Project to transform our lives and our world that naturally follows from it.

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