11.50 The Goal and Function of the Higher Order System

What is the core function of the higher order system that is associated with the higher order paradigm that is associated with the Highest Intention and Greatest Good for All life?

The core function of the higher order system is to help all life develop into the fullness of its potential and flourish in harmony.

The core function of any system is to produce Throughput of its Goal.

The core function of the Meta System is to produce Throughput of the Meta Goal.

In order for all life to develop into the fullness of its potential and flourish, we would need to work together as a species towards that end. Consciously, intentionally, competently, and pragmatically.

This would require a massive change in our behaviors and way of being.

And yet we know from coaching, psychology, spirituality, and many other fields that if we want to shift behavior, we cannot focus on a shift of behavior. Thoughts, words, and behaviors follow and flow from something far deeper, which is our deepest conscious and unconscious beliefs and paradigms, organized in narrative form.

The higher order system therefore needs to fundamentally elevate and transform our paradigms, beliefs, narratives, and identities. It then needs to bring Higher Order Functional Unity to all the various elements required to heal life, and help it develop into its potential and flourish.

It is a unified and functional system designed to produce throughput of the Goal, inclusive of the entire nested hierarchy of sub-goals.

it is so damn simple.

When our core paradigm shifts; when we see ourselves clearly in relationship to the Creator and One Another; when we rediscover our True Identity; everything changes. Every decision, in every moment, will naturally be different than it would have been the day before.

It is as if a different Metaphysical DNA is now instructing our being and consciousness how to manifest itself in and through the world.

We are not empty, meaningless, secular beings. We are not purposeless. We are not Employee Consumer Slaves. We are not trying to deceive and rip people off to make money. We are not ripping down sacred trees or polluting sacred water so that the “shareholders” can make more money and we can survive off the pittance they allocate to in exchange for our souls. We are no longer following national or religious institutions into ill-advised wars.

We are free and empowered children of the God, co-creating the Meta System that is continuously improving Throughput of the [Meta Goal] for One and All.

This demands a shift in behavior.

Transforming behavior begins with transforming spirit and consciousness.

So the goal of the Meta System is (something like) to continuously create and improve the environment, structure, and process in and through which consciousness is most likely to become fully enlightened and therefore continuously improve the Meta System.

The system and structure informs and continuously improves the individuals, and the individuals inform and continuously improve the system and structure.

In this Way the Meta System causes all things to continuously accelerate and Spiral Up ever more rapidly towards The Goal, which is an Ideal world that continues to get A Little Better Every Day.

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