7.6 The Conditions That Precipitate The Emergence Of Flourishing And Abundant Life

This creates the moral imperative for us to partner with One and All to Co-Create the Conditions most suitable for fostering the Emergence of That Which Is Trying to Emerge.

It means nurturing and fostering Emergence.

It means celebrating and embracing the unique contribution of each emergent form to the Whole.

It means curiosity and not knowing.

It means discovering what unique gift each is bringing forth to enrich the Whole.

It means grappling with Why something is emerging when it is.

Why that? Why now?

What is it in the Logos that caused that to arise here Now?

In the Living System, all things Conspire to continuously improve and regenerate the environment and co-create the conditions that allow the Life and Consciousness that is trying to emerge from the Mind of the One to emerge and flourish in harmony.

As Conscious Agents who are one with the the Living System, our role is clear.

We should do what One would do, we should do what Love would do, to cultivate flourishing and abundant Life for All.

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