7.7 Perception From Our Vantage Point

In the Quest to Perceive, we discussed our unique and limited vantage point as humans.

We discussed our Spacetime User Interface.

We discussed the illusion of SpaceTime.

We discussed Reality beyond our Perception.

As we begin conceptually exploring the Living System, it is critical that we attempt to liberate ourselves from the illusion of SpaceTime and our very limited Perception in order to see beyond into what actually is.

If we are to Co-Create how the Creator creates, then we must learn to Perceive the Way the Creator Perceives.

We must zoom in to see things far smaller than we can see, we must zoom out to see things far larger than we can see, we must exit spacetime to perceive things in times and places that are not here and now, so that we can understand how to be and do how One would be and do Here and Now.

It is this deepest fundamental fabrics that we must work with if we are to Co-Create the New World.

To Co-Create the conditions that allow the New World to Emerge, we are going to have to work on the smallest and largest levels that for nearly all our history have been invisible to nearly all of us.

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