Program and Process Management Guild

Given the scope and complexity of the total Program of Action that the Receiver needed to undertake, it was apparent early on that one of the core functions that would need to emerge early was Program and Process Management.

The Core Team of the Program and Process Management Guild would be responsible for acting as an agent and liason of the Receiver to integrate and coordinate the diverse Functions, Processes, and activities of the Whole as it worked together to produce Throughput of the Goal.

Program Management Responsibilities Include

  • Program Management - Overall management of the Receiver's Meta Improvement Program.
  • Management Policies and Procedures - Facilitate development of appropriate standards, policies, and procedures to guide the safe, cost-effective, values-driven, and coordinated design and implementation of the total Program of Action.
  • Project Delivery Methodologies - Assist the Receiver in determining what project delivery models deliver the most value to the Program and to each Project at each fractal level of engagement.
  • Issue Resolution - Working with the Receiver and all statekholders to track and facilitate timely resolution of issues.
  • Coordination - Providing broad coordination of the full range of technical resources, infrastructure, and management processes necessary to 1) identity, 2) design, and 3) implement the planned improvements to Worksite: Earth.
  • Project Technical Liason - Assist in identifying and resolving issues related to relational, operational, financial, contractual, technical, governmental, or other Federation concerns.
  • Information Management - Implement comprehensive information management systems and capabilities for design, implementation, operations, and maintenance.
  • Program Controls - Track critical program and project issues to manage process and progress, and thereby control time and cost. Including but not limited to costs, progress, issues, and opportunities.
  • Program Reporting - Prepare periodic reports to the Receiver for distribution to various stakeholder groups.
  • Claims Prevention and Management - Develop systematic approaches that ensure that the Integrated Delivery System integrates cost, quality, schedule, implementability, and value analysis as design criteria, in order to prevent time and cost overruns and claims.
  • Conferences, Research, and Learning - attend to technical learning opportunities to develop and maintain expertise, share knowledge, and further the global network of program participants.
  • Integrating Design, Implementation, and Operations - Establish policies and procedures for seamlessly llinking together design, implementation, and operations phases, including the use of technology such as BIM to assist in Integrated Project Delivery and technical coordination between phases.

Program Development Responsibilities

The Program Manager will also work with the Receiver to fulfill various remaining and ongoing Program Development responsibilities.

These include:

  • Continuously improving the Meta Project Program Statement.
  • Identify, onboard, and empower Integrated Project Delivery Teams (IPD Teams).
  • Oversee the development and implementation of plans and specifications for a continuously improving prototypical system (The Prototype).
  • Fully integrate BIM technology, blockchain, and all other required technology to manage design, implementation, prototype development, activation and operation of the New World.

Program Development focused on developing a program that could design and operationalize a continuously improving soceity and world that provided every inhabitant the opportunity to discover and realize its Potential, while progressively eliminating all non-voluntary dimensions of poverty.