The Prototype

The Lionsberg System includes affordance for a continuously improving universal Prototype that learns across all Individual And Local Instantiations.

The Prototype includes a Total Nested Hierarchy of Systems relating to fractal Individual, Group, and Community Development.

The Idea is for Individuals to be and become in a Way, that helps their Small Groups be and become, in a Way that helps the Whole Group Of Groups be and become, in such a Way that helps the entire Living System be and become the fullness of its Potential.

Each time the Lionsberg System is Instantiated in a Individual, Group, or Community Domain, the learnings, improvements, and adaptations are fed back "up" to the Prototype, so that All future Instantiations receive the benefit of the learning from All previous Instantiations.

The Program Manager and IPD Teams will use the information contained in the Meta Project Program Statement to design a prototypical Higher Order System purpose-built to deliver a continuously improving qualify of Life for All.

The Prototype will be developed to meet each of the Conditions Of Acceptance developed by the Meta Project Program Statement for the New World.

Because of the uncertainty as to the size or shape of any given Instantiation of the Prototype, or the number that will ultimately need to be locally adapted and implemented, or the geographic location and local conditions of those implementations, or the ways in which each local instance will need to be improved over time, the Prototype is being developed as an Interoperable Kit of Parts.

The Kit of Parts contains a number of different options that can be combined in a variety of different sequences and configurations to localize and adapt the System to any domain, to assist in remodeling current facilities and systems, and to guide future facility and system development.

The Prototype is also being designed to optimize for long term operational efficiency in the production of Throughput of its Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals. This is critical inasmuch as the largest long term cost associated with the Program will be the cost of operating each Instantiation over time.

"Lessons learned" are crucial in prototype development so that continuous learning and continuous improvement can take advantage of further developed operational efficiencies as they are realized.

Thus, each subsequent instantiation will "learn" from the total aggregated experience and wisdom of all prior instantiations.

The Prototype is also important in terms of understanding and establishing how each of the elements contained in the Meta Project Program Statement can actually be delivered on local sites within the overarching context of an interoperable higher order System of Systems.