Pass The Flame - Illuminating the Way Beyond the Meta Crisis

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut

0. Pass The Flame - Prologue

Look. There is no easy Way to tell you The Story that follows.

I beg you to listen. Everything is at stake. I cannot bear to look ahead and see the Vision of our children or grandchildren suffering in the Chaos that lies at the end of our current trajectory. The default outcome of our present course is horrific.

Any System divided against itself cannot stand, and the existing Order we thought we were living in is accelerating towards Collapse.

But the Good News is there is Hope.

If any part of you resonates and can hear this whisper, I beg you to wake up, arise, and Join The Movement.

As World War III intensifies, supply lines are attacked, food prices skyrocket, currencies falter, ecosystems are destroyed, Values are sacrificed, populations are divided and conquered, and the Invisible Power Structures plot their final moves while the Good People Sleep, the time is short to Awaken, Arise, and Unite for the Adventure and Opportunity of a lifetime.

Over the coming months, we will rediscover we are all billionaires, all One Family of God, whose Collective Inheritance and Identity has been robbed and concealed.

It is not too late. There is still Hope. The Future can and Should be Better for every family on Earth than it has ever been for Any in the past.

But we have to awaken and move together. Now. Before it is too late. The Existing Order is Collapsing, and it is not obvious how much longer The Window will remain open.

To save time and conserve resources, I am publishing this first sampling of the broader writings found in the Lionsberg Wiki Books without the usual professional oversight and assistance that would go into editing and design. The downside is that you will find embarrassing errors and insufficiencies in the Work. The Good News is that we can learn how to fix them together as we Move.

I look forward to collaborating to make Future Versions of this Work, and Our World, Better.

It is Time. Let The Movement Begin.

I. The Story of The Builder, Part I

Once upon a time, there was a community not unlike our own nestled in a valley at the foot of a tall Sacred Mountain.

There came a time in its history when the community was mired in conflict, confusion, chaos, and hopelessness.

In a small corner of the community, there was a Builder named Nicholas.

His greatest heart's desire was to design and build a Beautiful and Coherent City on a Hill, that would lift people up out of the Darkness and Despair of life in The Valley, and serve as a Fortress of Hope and Inspiration for generations and millennia to come.

He spent decades thinking, praying, discerning, and designing the intricate details of a Community where people could Flourish in Harmony and Right Relationship with the Creator, One Another, and All Creation.

He imagined a New Covenant that would reunite Humanity as One Family of God.

Many in the community of The Valley thought it was a preposterous idea. The more The Valley drifted towards Chaos and confusion, the more abstract and out of touch The Idea of a flourishing and vibrant City on a Hill became. They called him a madman and a dreamer, they rejected and slandered him, and the authorities of The Valley sought to tear down his resources and reputation.

Despite the hardship, Nicholas knew that he would be betraying his soul and purpose if he did not work tirelessly to realize what the Creator had placed on his heart since his earliest memories.

After many years of designing, the plans were laid, the Meta Crisis was on the horizon, and Nicholas climbed up to the heights of the Sacred Mountain to begin work on the Magnificent City reflected in the Divine Blueprints he had been shown, for the benefit, inspiration, and protection of the Community of The Valley.

He knew that they would need an Ark to carry them through the Chaos that lay ahead.

As he began work, the villagers began to come out to see what he was building. The children mocked him and threw stones. A little girl shouted derisively "That is not a Magnificent City! It's a terrible pile of rubble."

"Wait and see, little one," he replied. "Someday this Great City may come to help you more than you know."

Another villager came by and said "Where is the well? How will the Great City get water?"

"A wonderful question," the builder said. "Let us review the Plans and Specifications together and see. Perhaps you could help improve them."

The next day the villager came back with the local well expert. They reviewed the plans and specifications, made some improvements, surveyed the territory, and fixed the location of the well.

"Wonderful," the builder said. "Now we have a wise design for nourishing the Great City with Living Water."

The local pastor came by a few days later, and asked "Where will the church be in the Great City?"

"A wonderful question," the builder said. "Let us review the plans and specifications together and see, perhaps you could help improve them." They reviewed the plans, and agreed that The Corner of Faith and Hope right along The Town Square would be a perfect location.

The pastor was delighted, and a week later he brought back some Volunteers to review the plans, and to ask the Builder if they could begin laying foundations for the Corner of Faith and Hope. They were truly eager to begin building the church.

"That is a wonderful idea," the Builder replied. "It would definitely help progress to begin laying the foundations for the Corner of Faith and Hope. We will just need a surveyor to lay out the streets and the boundaries around Town Square."

"My uncle is a surveyor," one of the young men replied. "I am sure he would be delighted to come lay out the Town Square and the Corner of Faith and Hope so we could begin."

That weekend, a large crowd was up on the hill, surveying the town, setting stakes, marking corners, and imagining how beautiful the view from the Church and the Great City would be.

A respected older man in the community approached the Builder out of the crowd. "I have carefully looked through your plans and specifications, and I think your roads are abysmal. They will never work, and they will be a catastrophe for anyone who attempts to use them. I do not want anything to do with your ill-conceived City on a Hill."

With a disgusted and cynical look, he turned and began to make his way back down the Way towards The Valley.

The Builder called out after him "Please Good Sir, are you willing to help me? I do not pretend to know how to create the best roads, but if you are willing to share your Wisdom I am willing to Listen, and see how we might be able to Embody And Enact it together. Would you please take a few moments to explain to me how the roads are inadequate, and what changes we might be able to make to bring them to within your Range of Tolerance?"

The elder paused, and then reluctantly agreed that he could take a few minutes to point out the inadequacies and insufficiencies in more detail.

The Builder knew he would need the Wisdom of The Elders, with the exuberance of The Youth, and the strength of The Adults in order to Avoid Failure and Succeed, no matter how difficult it was to get everyone working together. None of them could do it alone, so there was no other Way. It would take the collaboration of all generations to Co-Create something that Truly reflected The Ideal.

One of the members working on the layout of the church was a local grocer. "Where are you planning to set up the local shops?" he asked.

"That is a wonderful question," the Builder replied. "Let us review the Plans and Specifications together and see, perhaps you could help improve them." They explored the design for a large cobblestone Main Street coming off Town Square, with local shops to provision the families of The Great City. As they talked, the grocer and the Builder began excitedly drawing plans for the layout of the store, the discussing the Supply Chains that would provision it.

The next day the Builder climbed the Way up to the Sacred Mountain as he did every day, studying and praying over the Plans and Progress, and asking God to reveal and direct their Next Steps. As he was praying, a childhood friend from The Valley who had grown up alongside the Builder approached him and startled him out of his prayers. "I have been praying on The Mountain this morning," the friend said abruptly. "I hoped I would find you here. I am deeply troubled by your dangerous plan to build this City." He also cared deeply about the town, but felt strongly that any plan for Hope needed to involve working to transform The Valley below from within. "Your creative ideas are dangerous. You are up here trying to build a City in the Clouds, while we are down In The Trenches of The Valley fighting the true battle. God did not tell me to build a City on a Hill, God told me we need to rebuild the Boundaries and Protections against the Existential Threats At Hand. We should not be wasting Time even thinking about the New until the Existing Order is secure."

The Builder put his hand on his friends back. His friend was angry and stiff. "I agree with you brother that we must build boundaries for The Valley below. The threats at hand are indeed Great. I am a Builder and I know well how to build boundaries. Perhaps God has laid a Diversity of plans on the hearts of those uniquely called to Embody and Enact them. Perhaps what God has shown you is Wise, Right, and Good and needs to happen, and what God has shown me is Right and Good too. I bear witness with the Wisdom of your plan and would be glad to Help you. Would you be willing to help me as well? Perhaps we could share teams and logistics as we work to fortify the Old and build the New together."

The friend fell silent and thought. He had not considered that both could happen simultaneously.

As they were talking, the little girl and some of her friends ran up out of breath after climbing up the mountain. She was amazed to see all the Progress. "Wow! Your pile of rubble is really coming to life! What are you doing now?" she asked.

"We are co-creating a Great City on a Hill, that will serve as a light, a fortress, and an inspiration above The Valley for generations to come. Would you like to see the Plans for the school and playground? We are entirely reimagining the Way we learn, play and grow. How would you like school and play to be in The New City? "

The little girl was intrigued, and began imagining and dreaming with the Builder about what kind of school and playground they might be able to co-create. As she talked and dreamed, the Builder wrote her ideas down in the plans and specifications, and modified The Design to reflect her creativity and insight. "That will be a great improvement to The Design," the Builder told her. "I can't believe I left out the swings. What a silly mistake. It is very easy to overlook critical elements of the Divine Blueprints. Thank you very much for helping me imagine, design and build this City on a Hill."

After the little girl and her friends scampered away, the Builder turned back to his childhood friend, who was glaring at him with a hard look on his face. "I just don't think we can trust you. Remember in our youth when you had the bright of idea of building a cart to help us carry our supplies? I still remember the lashing my father gave me after the wheels fell right off and all our hard earned supplies tumbled down into the river. What makes you think that you can build an entire City on a Hill? I wouldn't be surprised if the whole damn thing tumbled down the mountain after the first little storm. Just think of how disappointed everyone will be in you then. When that happens, I'll tell them I warned them, and say "I was right about him all along."

The Builder grew thoughtful. "You are absolutely right. I am completely unqualified. I have never built a City on a Hill. No one has. I can only do my best, and hope that the other qualified members of the community will help. I never said I could build a City on my own. We have to do it together. As One Body, everything becomes possible. Fortunately, the well expert has fixed the well, the road expert has fixed the roads, the grocer has fixed the shops, and the little girl has fixed the playground. Because of all their help, I am confident that the City is growing sound and strong. What insufficiencies have you noticed so far in the Plans? Can we look at them together?"

Day after day, week after week, more and more people streamed up the Sacred Mountain, studied the plans and specifications, and began to dream and design and build together around the parts of The City they each cared about and valued the most.

While there were plentiful trials, tribulations, and conflicts along the Way, the City on a Hill offered the Citizens of The Valley an inspiration and Hope that had been missing for generations.

In partnership with God and One Another, they were co-creating a truly Magnificent City. It was rising up before their eyes, and getting A Little Better Every Day as they worked together in Harmony to cause it to be so.

To Be Continued...

II. The Story of The Caves, Part I

Wisdom Cries Out

From Proverbs:

Wisdom cries out in the streets.

She lifts up her voice in the public square.

At the head of the noisy streets she calls out.

At the entrance of the city gates she declares her sayings:

How long, you naive ones, will you love simplistic thinking? And how long will scoffers delight themselves in scoffing, and fools hate Knowledge.

Turn to my rebuke, behold, I will pour out my Spirit upon you; I will make my words known to you.

Make your ear attentive to Wisdom. Incline your heart to Understanding.

For if you cry out for Insight, and raise your voice for Understanding;

If you seek me as silver and search for me as for hidden treasures; then you will understand the fear of the One, and discover the Knowledge of God.

For the One gives Wisdom. From His mouth come Knowledge and Understanding.

He stores up sound Wisdom for the upright; He is a shield to those who walk in Integrity, guarding the paths of Justice

Then you will Discern Righteousness, Justice, and Integrity, and every Good Path.

For Wisdom will enter your heart, and Knowledge will be delightful to your soul; Discretion will watch over you, Understanding will guard you, to rescue you from the way of evil.

Yet because I called and you refused, I stretched out my hand and no one paid attention; and you neglected all my advice and did not heed my rebuke;

I will also laugh when your dread comes like a storm, and your disaster like a whirlwind.

For the faithlessness of the naive will kill them, and the complacency of fools will destroy them.

But whoever listens to me will live securely, and be at ease from the dread of evil.

The Right Questions

If we stop. If we Pray. If we Meditate. If we Listen deeply enough. We can hear the voice of Love calling us up and away from suffering and bondage, and into the fullness of Life, Purpose, and Destiny.

We were created and destined for so much more than this.

There has never been a more important moment in history to stop and ask The Right Questions. To stop and listen. To open our ears to what The Spirit is speaking in Silence. To ask ourselves individually and collectively the great questions of life:

“Who am I?”

“Who am I becoming?”

“Who or what is creating and sustaining my Life and Consciousness?”

“Who or what is creating and sustaining the universe?”

“Is the Source and Sustainer at least as Conscious as I am”?

“Does the Source and Sustainer speak?”

“What is the Source and Sustainer saying?”

“To whom is the One speaking?”

“What is the meaning, purpose, and destiny of Life?”

“What is the meaning, purpose, and destiny of my life?”

“Who are we?”

“Where are we?”

“Why are we here?”

“How did we get here?”

“What the hell is going on around here?”

“Why is it so dark in here?”

“How did it come to this?”

“Why is there all this sickness, disease, corruption, and suffering?”

"Why is there all this Love, Joy, Goodness, and Wonder?"

“What is my relationship to suffering and those who suffer?”

“What is my relationship to those who consciously cause suffering?”

“What is my relationship to structures of injustice?”

“What is the meaning of this?”

"What do I long for?"

"How would l like my life and my world to Be?"

The questions and the answers are eternal and universal. And local and Diverse.

They hold the keys to our survival and Success.

They have been spoken by prophets, sages, and grandparents throughout the millennia.

They can be summarized in a single word, because they reflect aspects of an Ultimate Reality that is a fundamental Unity.

Yet that single word is only a sound. It is only a tool. It sounds different in every language. Yet all the words point to One so much deeper and so much more profound that no words could ever fully articulate It.

Follow the Right Questions, and you will always arrive back to the One.

Unmoored in the Seas of Chaos

You are asleep.

Imprisoned within a Vessel that has come unmoored in the midst of the storms, and is being violently driven and tossed by the waves in the roiling seas of Chaos.

The Spirit that confronts and overcomes the darkest terrors and forges New Order out of their ashes is on the move.

It is calling you. It is whispering to you. It is breathing into your lungs. It is beating into your heart. It is inviting you.

Deep is crying out to Deep...

The Depths of All that Is, crying out to Depths of All that Is You...

"Wake up!"

"Awaken! Arise! Remember who are you are!"

You begin to stir, becoming vaguely aware of the vice-like grip of the induced coma on your Consciousness.

"Wake up! It is not real. You have been dreaming. You have been asleep for a very long time..."

"Awaken and grab the helm!"

"Arise, and remember who you are!"

_"Take up your rightful Authority, and Navigate towards Life and Light!" _

The whisper is shattering. It roars like thunder. It hurts.

"You are in great danger. We must go! Quickly now!"

One eye half opens, then closes. There is little difference. What does it matter? It is dark. It is wet. It is cold. It is stagnant. It smells like death.

You start to drift back into the coma.

"Wake up! It is time. Up now! Here we go!"

The eyes of your Consciousness blink without opening.

"Open your eyes. Look. Attend. Courageously face down that which you least want to look at!''

"Brave the storms you are most terrified to venture out into!"

"Grab the helm and transform the Vessel of Society into an Ark that can carry All safely onward towards their Destiny."

The whispering Voice feels like it is shattering your ear drums. As you try to move your arm, it is heavy, and doesn't move. You try to open your eye again, but the lid does not budge.

You long to cover your ears and shut it all out, but the Voice is within, and your limbs are frozen.

What is this madness? Is it a dream?

The Voice grows firm.


The Spoken Word sounds like The Roar Of Many Waters, echoing through the Depths of the Earth and Beyond.

It finally startles you awake into a nightmare.

"I have been trying to awaken you for a very long time. Your life is in danger. You are going to have to trust Me. We must move quickly, and I will explain things along the Way.

"Who are you?" you ask...

"I Am," the Voice thunders in reply.

"Could you please speak more softly? Your voice is hurting my ears."

"I am whispering as softly as I can. Your ears will soon attune to My Voice. It has been a long time since they have heard."

As the energy of the Voice permeates your Consciousness, your Embodiment slowly floats back towards life.

"Open your eyes."

With tremendous effort, first one eyelid opens, then the other.

As your eyes strain to adjust to the darkness and you try to move, the first subtle movement brings the sound of chains to your ears. Your body feels sore, weak, and cold. You limbs feel heavy. You soon realize you are helpless.

It is quiet, except for an eerie mechanical din, and a strange sort of cacophonous chanting.

The ground feels like it is rolling beneath you.

"Quickly now, awaken and arise. It is time to go."

"But how will I stand?"

"Do not fear. I will carry you."

At once, you are swept up into the air and your chains rip free from the wall.

"Quickly now, the Authorities will be along soon, and it is not yet time to wake the others. We have much Work to do, and much to prepare for."

The Caves

Covered in the enveloping cloak of The Spirit, you are swept along through the cool damp air, a tangible contrast to the enveloping warmth embracing you.

An occasional fire casts flickers of Light onto the walls, and you begin to make out figures.

Millions of them. Billions of them.

Chained to the walls of their caves.

"Where are you taking me?"


"Beyond what?"

"Beyond the Boundary."

"What Boundary?"

"My Voice will wake the others if I speak, and what I am about to show you is beyond your ability to conceive of it. Be quiet and try to Perceive, and we will discuss it when we are out safely Beyond."

The nightmare you witness as your soar through the cavernous Darkness stands in stark contrast to the grey dreams that are your only recent memories.

Pale bodies, billions of them, chained in the Darkness. Shallowly breathing. Scarcely alive.

As your eyes adjust to seeing for the first time, you begin to Perceive the terrain.

It becomes apparent that you are making your way through some kind of vast network of Caves. Some are so enormous that the sea of bodies they hold fades out beyond view, and others are tiny, containing a single human in tormented isolation.

Strange beings stand guard at the mouth of each cave. As you look more closely at the beings, you can see that although they wear clothes, they are decaying, as if their very essence is rotting from within. They speak incessantly, uttering the same words that strangely seem to be flowing in response from the mouth of the cave.

Are The Caves speaking?

As your ears gradually rediscover how to hear, they slowly attune to the cacophony, each sound becoming magnified - a relentless assault on senses newly awakened to the din of Chaos and Despair.

Descending through a narrow pass, you come close enough to the mouth of a cave to get a better glimpse of the captives within.

They are asleep, but they are speaking! The words coming from the mouths of the caves are the words coming from the mouths of their inhabitants in unison, and the words coming from the mouths of the captives are the mindless repetition of the incessant chatter of the Keepers of The Caves.

Involuntarily, you suddenly find yourself vomiting out pale grey liquids, that cascade down onto the pale grey bodies uttering the pale grey words into the pale grey expanse of The Caves.

The Spirit grips you tighter and you feel... something that you have no words for.

"Am I... one of those?" you ask the Spirit with horror...

"No." The Spirit whispers firmly. "You were formerly one of those, but now you are awake. That is why it was so hard to wake you. It is nearly impossible to hear My Voice while you are mindlessly repeating the empty words of the Keeper of your Cave."

Confronted with a terror so profound, a realization so appalling, and a cacophony so deafening, your body rejects the overwhelming horror with another wave of nausea and vomiting, before darkness claims you, and you succumb once again to unconsciousness.

To Be Continued...

III. Our Story

Upon hearing what follows, some people have asked how we came to such an unusual vantage point in The Story.

So... I will somewhat reluctantly share with you Our Story, as an invitation to share yours. As you will see soon, The Story is a Story of Stories, and it includes yours.

In some ways, Our Story is important because it is unique, and may help you understand Who We Are, Where We Are, How We Got Here, Where We Are Going, and most importantly, Why. It may be that relatively few have had the combination of privilege and luxury, loss and suffering, triumph and tragedy that have marked our Way. Understanding the Path we are walking may be important to understanding our Perspective, Vision, Strategy, and Plan.

In other ways, Our Story is important because if the tragedies of Our Story can happen to us in the Reality we inhabit, it can happen to you, your children, or your grandchildren.

No heart of Love would desire for others to repeat our experience.

In the Beginning...

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.

What a shame that we have lost the Meaning of those Word Tools.

A little while later, I found my Self thrown down to Worksite Earth.

I woke up in a tiny body in San Clemente, California, in the United States, on December 18th, 1984, at about 9:00 AM.

San Clemente is one of the unique gems of the world, historically a small beach town with some of the best weather in the world, gradually being transformed by the throngs desiring to live in such a place, and the developers enticing them.

It was still small enough that my mother grew up on a street that was called by their name, and could ride horses to the beach. As I recall The Story, her father was a builder who served in World War II as her mother riveted planes. After the war, they ran a small restaurant called The Galley on the end of the San Clemente pier that served the fisherman before the Dana Point Harbor was constructed. Their family lineage traced all the way back to one of the Founding Fathers of America and signers of the Declaration of Independence. A great great grandmother had made the journey West on a covered wagon. A great great grandfather married a Native American woman along the way, gracing me with the small fragment of Native American blood I cherish as Sacred.

My Earthly Father's side was also a family of builders. His father started one of the largest earthmoving companies on the West Coast, expanding it into a significant construction and real estate operation that reshaped over a billion cubic yards of Earth as Southern California boomed from the 1970's into the 2000's. He started his own company, and in my pre-school years, we built a beautiful Cape Cod style house high on a hill with an ocean view, and built play lofts into the high vaulted ceilings. I was walking Worksites from the time I could walk. Things were secure inside The Bubble. Life was good.

It was a classic beginning to our part of The Story.

God and Country

Southern California in the 1980s was a fascinating place to enter the scene on Earth.

Perhaps in response to the excesses of Hippie freedom, the Jesus People Movement, Bill Graham, the Harvest Crusades, Republican Politics, and Family Values saved a generation from the sins of their youth, creating a very insular flavor of White, Conservative, Republican, Christian, Nationalism that bordered on cultish in many of its expressions. My wife half-jokes that it wasn't until University that she learned that one could be both a Christian and a Democrat, and it wasn't until I spent my second year of University in Europe during America's unjust warring in the Middle East in the early 2000's that I began to truly understand how all-encompassing and deceitful the unholy alliance of Religion, Politics, Capital, Weapons, University, and War in America had become.

In stark contrast to The Bubble in which the "good / chosen" people (as regarded by themselves) were generally American Christian Republicans, venturing out Beyond The Boundary I began to encounter people who seemed to have to restrain themselves from spitting on me when they found out I was American, and didn't understand how anyone could possibly be moral, let alone truly Love God, and consider themselves a Republican-Christian-American. It was a fascinating revelation to find a diverse array of amazing, kind, virtuous, God-Loving Citizens Beyond The Boundary who were aghast at immorality and oppression of the American Empire.

It was quite I shock the first time I heard God's Country called The Great Satan.

I later came to understand that there was a vast Chasm between the good hearted Citizens of America, and the deceitful treachery committed around the world by The Giants in their name.

But let's not skip too far ahead. There is something important about that upbringing in The Bubble, because while the Culture I was thrown into was flawed, arrogant, blind, oppressive and unjust in so many ways, it also sheltered my emerging Consciousness in a cocoon of Freedom and Security in which I could truly taste some aspects of the Ideal. In so many ways, it was an extraordinary gift, and something that I am so blessed to have experience as a contrast to Life Beyond The Bubble.

I was taught what to believe by people who truly believed in the greatness and moral righteousness of what America, in their minds, once was, and perhaps still could be. It was not a fake patriotism. It was a true pride in the greatness of the Country and Divine Right they thought they were living in. The Propaganda worked, and The Ideal was alive in their minds. In The Bubble, there was what seemed like true Freedom of commerce, an apparently booming economy, in-rushing resources, safe streets, abundant infrastructure and public services, and an enveloping narrative that really made people feel like they were part of the greatest experiment in human freedom, morality, spirituality and democracy in human history. And perhaps in some ways, they were.

That Domain of SpaceTime existed for an important reason. And so, there I stood a as young one, trying to believe what I was told, and pledging allegiance to the flag of Righteous, Strong, Just, and Free America The Great without exactly understanding why it felt so uncomfortable at times.

Hanging next to the American flag in some of the schools was the Christian Flag. After pledging allegiance to the American Flag, the kids would pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag. Some schools would also pledge allegiance to the Bible. I remember being bussed to Religious museums, which presented us as elementary school children with "definitive scientific proof" that the Universe could not be more than 6,000 years old, "confirming" the literal inerrancy of the biblical genealogies and timelines tracing back to Adam, Even, and the Creation of the Universe 5 days before. I remember real rumors circulating that scientists were fabricating fossils of the dinosaurs to attack the validity of the Scriptures. I remember books depicting dinosaurs as having lived millions of years ago being banned.

These perceived attacks on Righteousness often narratively intertwined Country, Christ, Bible, America and the Republican Party in very strange ways, that I later learned reached right into the halls of a corrupted American Empire. So insular were many of the teachings on who would go to Heaven and who would go to Hell that even Catholics were often excluded from the self-defined Boundary of Heaven-Worthiness the narrow sub-culture circumscribed around itself. This created an extraordinary degree of unearned psychological and spiritual confidence, security, and moral superiority for those within The Boundary acting out The Game they were a part of. As we went to school, and Church, and work, and play on the soil of God Blessed America, looking down on and judging those poor souls outside The Boundary of The Cave we were trapped in, we were right, and secure, and it was sunny and warm out in our beach town.

It is almost impossible to describe The Bubble of of psychological, social, and environmental safety this wrapped the young inhabitants of that Paradise in. In the Environmental Bubble of Southern California there was no real danger from Nature. In the Social Bubble there was no real danger or uncertainty, as long as you didn't "backslide" or violate the Religious Norms. In the Economic Bubble there was no real danger or uncertainty. In the Governmental Bubble there was no real danger or uncertainty. In the Geopolitical Bubble there was no real danger or uncertainty. In the Religious Bubble there was no real danger or uncertainty. In the Existential Bubble there was no real danger or uncertainty. We knew exactly Who We Were, Where We Where, How We Got Here, Where We Were Going, and Why.

Until we didn't.

Not only was there no real danger or existential uncertainty in The Bubble on Earth, but The Bubble also afforded its inhabitants an extraordinary degree of Spiritual Shelter, coupling a secure existence in the Here and Now with The Promise of spending eternity in Paradise. Until that Bright Day, we were sheltered by the Nuclear Umbrella of America, and rose to our feet and cheered as the fighter jets screamed over the stadiums. Although The Construct was in so many ways false, corrupted, built on the sand, and failing... for decades the structure of that Cave actually worked, providing its inhabitants with the illusion of Paradise both in the Here and now, as well as the There and After. As we reimagine the way we want our lives and our world to be over the coming decade, it will be important to remember the small glimpses of Heaven and Hell on Earth we have caught in the past.

Being young, naive, and open, with limited exposure outside The Bubble, I had the immense privilege of getting to actually exist, learn, succeed, and grow in that paradisal state of conscious experience for many years. The anomalies that showed up in my Map of Reality when we had homeless people sleeping in our home in the room next door to me, or when we went down to Mexico to build a school, or when we drove through Los Angeles, or when the Terrorists attacked, could be reasonably explained away, and even served to strengthen the narrative inside The Bubble against the increasingly threatening forces of The Barbarians Out There that were threatening to tear down the Habitable Order we thought we were living in and protected by.

When the gaps between Reality and the Narrative Structure of our existence grew too large for the adults to explain, we had the absolute knowledge of the perfection of our Faith and God's Holy Word to fall back on, coupled to the world's most powerful military and economy, and our brainwashing pledges of unconditional allegiance to both.


There is probably no way for you to understand The Path I am walking and the decisions I am making without me confessing that for as long as I can remember, I have been consciously aware of Why I am here on Earth, and engaged in the Metaphysical and Physical training required to accomplish The Mission. This is not unique. I have encountered many others who share the experience, and we are finding one another at an accelerating rate in recent years. I can't wait to meet you and share our experiences.

As things began to get more clear around 10 or 12 years old, the calling laid it Self out me as via the Realization that during my lifetime, All Creation would be swept up into an epic Battle for the Future of Life and Society as we know it. I deeply understood that The War was primarily Spiritual in nature, and would merely "spill over" into the Physical realm at some point. And so I understood that after some period of growth and development, at an Unknown Time in The Future, the systems and structures of the world would shake and begin to transform, and We would be called upon to build an army / Force For Good and wage The War.

The Giants enslaving us and concealing our True Identity and Collective Inheritance would have to be forthrightly confronted and overcome.

When one attempts to walk a primarily Spiritual Path in a Physical Embodiment, they must continually struggle to stay oriented in Reality. Physical Reality is so apparent, and Metaphysical Reality so much Deeper, that it is sometimes difficult to remember which Realm you are in and what is most Real. This is why the Path can only be walked in Partnership-Continually-Approaching-Unity with God. MyHeavenly Father was kind enough to regularly send strong reminders and Prophesies along the Way to keep me relatively oriented through my Journey, sometimes through trusted elders who would receive a Word for me while Praying and be brave enough to share it, and other times when a stranger would grab my shoulders on the street, look into my eyes, and deliver a Message or tell me what they Saw that confirmed The Message and Vision within.

Relative Riches and Security, Shattered

One of the important early experiences that began to burst The Bubble occurred when I was in first or second grade, as my Earthly Father realized that as he was building peoples houses, the lives and relationships within the houses were far too often disintegrating. The expensive houses and landscaping concealed lives plagued by substance abuse, addiction, conflict, divorce, and all the various forms of Suffering human beings tend to inflict on themselves and One Another.

Eventually, he felt the deep Calling to go into full time ministry to begin building people's lives and relationships with God and One Another rather than their homes.

The transition wasn't easy. Many people didn't understand. We sold the custom house. We sold the nice cars. We struggled to make ends meet. We had some false starts. For my young heart and mind, it felt like loss. If you asked me at 10 years old what I was going to "do for a living", my answers drifted towards things would bring abundance, and anything but scarcity-and-luxury-depriving full time ministry.

And yet God still provided more than everything we needed. As I explored a vast array of other domains beyond the Boundary later in life, I more fully realized that while I had occasionally spent time being embarrassed about the cheap clothes, shoes, backpacks, and bikes that were different than what many of my friends had, there were billions for whom those items would have been sheer heavenly luxury. It is hard to understand this before you spend a few weeks living out of a small backback surrounded by people who survive on a a few dollars a day.

There was a strange sense of shame I had to reconcile, wanting so much more, and Knowing that was not unreasonable, while understanding that what I felt dissatisfied with was far more than most of the world had, or had ever had. It confirmed that something was wrong, and while I knew that I wanted and perhaps even deserved More, and that things could be Better, I also knew The Future of More and Better needed to somehow lift up every child, family, community, and ecosystem on Earth into its embrace. Love and the genuine longing to flourish in harmony, beauty, coherence, and abundance knows no bounds, and longs to elevate and transform the world.

Later, I observed more about the very strange role that material possessions played in perceived social status and emotional / motivational states, and how domain dependent those states were. It later struck me that within a single day, it was possible to drive a work truck into a Domain in which it felt somewhat embarrassing to drive because it wasn't an expensive Mercedes or BMW, and then later than same day to drive through a different domain in which it felt somewhat embarrassing to drive because it seemed uncomfortably luxurious and ostentatious in the midst of hunger, poverty, homelessness, addiction, and suffering. Some of my friends around the world still make fun of me for the varying states of luxury they first met me in.

In hindsight, it was an amazing gift to me at that young age our relative riches shattered for the first time, and I was blessed with needing to think about how to work, create value for others, attain resources, and afford what I desired. The day The State would permit me to work legally, I graduated from lemonade stands and lawn mowing and got a job, and then two jobs. During high school it was often mornings at the bagel store, afternoons at the ice cream store, and seeing how quickly I could get promoted since even at 15, minimum wage was painful when trying to afford gas, food, and a guitar.

Relative Physicality, Shattered

Innate personality plus environment and incentives meant that even through elementary school, I worked hard at whatever I put my Mind to. For the early years, that was academics and sports.

In elementary school and junior high I poured hours most days into the basketball court. We had no TV in the house, no cell phones, no screens, and school was easy, so my life was outside, active, and physical.

My grandparents were very skilled at giving me subtle and not-so-subtle boosts. A little professional coaching in basketball, coupled with my innate willingness to do drills for hours a day and a reasonably tall and coordinated physical embodiment meant that I could soon play pickup games with the big kids a few grades beyond me.

I made and started on the varsity team my freshman year at our small high school, and a reasonable part of my ego and identity were wrapped up in the social status and physical strength sports afforded me.

A few games into my sophomore year, I found myself laying on a court after one of the games in so much pain I knew it was the end. Soon, I couldn't even jog. The MRI technician told me at 15 years old that my spine looked like that of an unhealthy 50 or 60 year old man, and would keep getting worse until I had to start having surgeries. With a long string of major back surgeries in the family line, it was a depressing blow.

So with that, the physical strength and competence that had defined many hours of my daily life and society vanished.

Spirituality, Wisdom and Music

After a few months of depression and pain, I decided to try to work my way out of it. It was the first of many times where I learned that magical things happen if you get up early. I got a gym membership and began getting up at 4 or 5AM or so to go work out before school. I wanted to discover if there was some way to train my body back to health. One of the personal trainers at the gym was an ex-army ranger who had broken his back in a parachuting accident and been told he would never walk again. He had figured out the mechanics of how to leverage Mind over Embodiment to train and will himself back into action. He saw I was working hard, was in pain, and couldn't afford help, so he offered to work out with me and train me for free, if I would refer other people to him who asked about my Progress. He was the first of a series of warriors that would teach me a lot, as physical strength blended in with my first basic training in weapons.

Being unable to play sports or express my self in the same way externally, my life turned inward to spirituality. I dove deeper into the Scriptures. Solomon's words on the Quest towards Wisdom, a Goal more valuable that gold, silver, or precious stones, had first gripped me a few years earlier, and set me on a Path that would define my life. Now, I was liberated to pursue Wisdom more intently. Wisdom - the Quest to see, as fully as it was possible, from the Perspective of God. I am eternally grateful that God woke me up to this Quest at 10 or 12 years old, because it takes lifetimes and The Goal recedes as you approach it. Young man, young woman - above All, seek Wisdom and its Source. Nothing you could possibly desire could compare with Her.

I started playing the guitar a bit more and awkwardly learning to sing, and there were definite gaps in music and leadership around me at youth group and school. So I began practicing the Art of leading Worship. I am not a natural musician or vocalist, so this was a stretching and somewhat embarrassing process. Leading worship forces one to attempt to leave all that behind, and exist in such a way, on stage in front of people, that they are spiritually inspired, fed, and able to have a transcendent experience of leaving the world behind and consciously communing with God. Worship is amazing in so many ways, and so foreign to many. In the World To Come, we will rediscover the Art. By my last couple years of high school, I was usually leading or playing in 3 to 5 worship services a week.

With that experience, my identity, society and sense of purpose and calling shifted profoundly towards the Spiritual. I can see in so many ways what a gift it was to suffer the physical pain and loss that drove me deeper into the Metaphysical Realm, and recentered my life and routines around reimmersing my Self in God, and doing my best to help others do the same.

The Academy and Beyond

My mind is open and expands readily, so school was easy for me. I got straight A's, took advanced courses, determined Pepperdine was the right University to attend, applied to only that school, was accepted early with a scholarship, and began University.

Some amazing teachers along the Way seemed to find reciprocal joy in helping me learn and grow, and went far out of their way, in unusual ways, to invest in my development. I am eternally grateful for all those little nudges, extra coaching and mentoring, and immense unpaid time invested that so few are blessed to experience. Because of how human consciousness exponentially develops, those experiences snowball in profound ways. I wish every child the same joy and advantage of reciprocal relationship and growth with mentors who care.

I spent my freshman year in Malibu, and my sophomore year in Germany. It was an extraordinary experience. In Heidelberg, Germany I had school 4 days a week, and my grandparents blessed me with a gift of immense worth: an unlimited Eurail pass. I immersed myself into European culture and was able to travel to dozens of countries, learning to walk through Foreign Domains alone, and discovering how to navigate and survive in the Unknown on a shoestring budget.


No part of my journey has been more of an extraordinary mystery and joy than my Love.

I met my Love when she was 13 and I was 14. Our older siblings dated one another for a few months, so we met the summer before high school in passing a few times, and then ended up at the same school together in the fall.

By September our freshman year, we were inseparable. At 15, I told her mother I was going to marry her, and my Earthly Father told me I was insane. When she first saw me, she was behind me, in a worship service. God essentially told her, "that is your person, you guys have a mission to go on, go."

And so, this absolutely amazing and archetypically feminine creature entered my life, captured my heart and love as I captured hers, and we are somehow still doing our best to progress towards Destiny and continue to fall ever more deeply in Love with one another.

One of the most amazing characteristics of Caity is that she is something like conscience incarnate. Caitlyn means "The Pure", and I do not know if I have ever met another creature so deeply devoted to being Good. My personality and nature seems built to explore Beyond The Boundary, so having such a deeply Spiritual and Moral Being continually by side shielded me from so many experiences and temptations that would otherwise have likely led me off The Path and harmed The Mission.

Beyond the Spirit of God, there may be no stronger strengthening and refining fire than discovering how to be with a highly sensitive, beautiful, deeply Spiritual woman. The depths, and gifts, and struggles can only be comprehended through experience. Every day, I have had to transform to be and become worthy of Caity's ongoing Faith. Many times, I have lost it along the Way. And yet she has always remained Faithful, even as she knows me deeper than anyone, and bears the brunt of co-existing with my deepest flaws, insufficiencies and imperfections.

Young man, find a worthy woman.

Caity, I love you so much, I am so proud of you, I am so grateful for you. I am so sorry for all the hurt you have suffered and I have caused you along our Journey together. You are the most amazing gift, and it is a true and deep honor to be one with you.

Come what may, I will always and eternally Love you, and do my best to Cherish and Protect you.

Responsibility: Working, Building, and Growing

Knowing that someday I would be called upon to help build the Force For Good and wage war for the future of life and society, I resolved at an early age to prepare generally for the Unknown Future by lifting the heaviest burdens I could bear and taking on as much responsibility as anyone would entrust me with. At first, that was selling and trading, or mowing a lawn. Then, it was bagels and ice cream. Then, it was discovering that my Mind was a more valuable asset than my physical strength or food service ability, and that high school parents would pay me 7x minimum wage to teach their children mathematics and music. $40 or $50 an hour in high school was a lot better than $5 or $7.

Towards the end of high school, my grandfather approached me and suggested that it might be time to get something real on my resume. He was no longer working for the construction company he founded, but our last name was still on the building and he suggested that he would be willing to give the employee-owners a call and see if they would let me come in and intern.

Sacrificing money to the opportunity to take on responsibility, learn, and grow, I made a fateful decision to take a 7x paycut, and start doing plan takeoffs for minimum wage. Summers, spring break, Christmas break, anytime I had a week free I would go into the office and attempt to be useful.

Plan takeoffs were an amazing thing to learn, because they involved taking hundreds of pages and plans and specifications reflecting a Designer's Intent, and decomposing them into their constituent elements in a Way that could be analyzed, estimated, and built.

And so it was that I found myself faced with a decision.

I had come back from spending my sophomore year in Europe and was hard at work at the construction company. Over the course of the summer, I had assisted a team in working on a bid for a ~$40 million dollar project on the beach in Dana Point. It was a big deal for the company at the time, and they had to add staff to handle it. The company feverishly searched through the summer for a Project Engineer with a university degree and 5 to 7 years of experience to help manage the project. As interview after interview kept ticking by, I began to work primarily with the Project Manager overseeing that job along with a portfolio of several others. A few times, he went to the CEO and asked about giving me a shot on the project, and was told no. More interviews. Can we give Jordan a shot. No. More interviews. Finally, I was a couple weeks away from returning to Malibu to spend the next two years enjoying university life on the beach when the opportunity came. After all the interviews, the Project Manager had convinced the executives that he wanted to offer the job to me, and they finally relented and said yes.

Following the 'taking on as much responsibility as anyone would entrust me with' heuristic, I reasoned that while it was a significant sacrifice to give up university life and its "fun", if this job required a university degree and 5 to 7 years of experience, and I was being offered it now, that could cut 7 to 9 years off my career and responsibility trajectory. So I dropped my classes, became the lowest paid Project Engineer in recent memory, and starting working 50+ hours a week while taking classes on nights and weekends to finish my degree.

I was given a small salary and an old work truck caked in dirt, sunflower seeds and cigarette smoke, which provided enough of a resource base for me to rent a small condo and ask Caity to marry me. At 20, she was still too young to legally sip the champagne at our wedding. It was maybe the only time I have seen her break the law.

Shortly thereafter, the Project Manager who had hired me was given the opportunity to open up a new geographical division for the company. Already 7 to 9 years out beyond the Age Responsibility Gradient, I ended up taking on way more responsibility on a far more complex job that I could have ever expected, and was soon dealing with complex engineering challenges, landslides, excavation below sea level, and negotiating millions of dollars of changes.

There was an unspoken rule in the company that if you brought a job to the company, bid it, and won it, you got to run it. I wasn't a "real" project manager or estimator yet, but I was starting to figure out that you just had to look ahead and competently Embody And Enact what you were Aiming at, and eventually years later they would catch up with the title and money. I was at the gym one day and I ran into a grade checker, who lived in the area and heard they were going to be constructing a large reservoir the following year. He asked me if I had heard about, and if the company was going to pursue it. I didn't know, but for some reason the opportunity captivated me, so I decided to search it out.

I drove into the office and checked the bid sheet, and it wasn't on the company's radar yet. So I went to the water district website, found all the information and maps I could, printed them out on the big plotter, and plastered them all over the walls of my office. I told the Chief Estimator about the project and asked if I could try to bid it. He chuckled and dryly said maybe.

To bid a project, one has to wrap their mind around the Designer's Intent for a worksite, analyze the existing conditions, and understand in very nuanced detail The Gap that exists between Intention and Reality, and all the challenges that stand in the Way. One then has to imagine the entire detailed sequence of events required to transform the Domain FROM What Is, TO What Is Intended To Be. That sequence often spans multiple years and thousands of activities, which have to be first conceptualized and then progressively articulated in terms on feet and yards of materials, types and hours of equipment, and types and hours of human time required to accomplish The Goal. For each of the specialized sub-systems and scopes, third party companies have to be recruited and informed, subcontractor bids reconciled and compared, and a team bound together and committed to the bid. It is a phenomenal skill to learn.

Long story short, with a lot of help I worked as hard as I could to understand the job, spending hours sitting on hills overlooking the work site, walking the deer trails to learn how to move through the Domain, imagining how the machines would move, and trying to really see in my mind what would happen week by week over the course of the two year project. We won the project, I reminded the powers that be of the unspoken rule, and as reluctantly as I had been allowed to bid the project, they agreed to let me try to manage the project with some strict guard rails and oversight that never materialized.

I remember showing up to the pre-construction meeting with the City and County officials, members of the water board, environmentalists and engineers. I was 25 at the time, now perhaps 15 to 20 years ahead of the Age Responsibility Gradient on my career path. They asked me where the Project Manager was, and I awkwardly let them know that I was it.

Mid-way through that project, the company was growing, the economy was booming, and along came an opportunity and imperative too big for any one company to tackle in isolation. It was the reconstruction of an Earthen dam that at the time of its construction in the early 1900s was considered the largest in the world. It was at risk of failing in a seismic event, putting thousands of families at risk. It turned out that I was now the only Project Manager / Estimator in the company outside of the C-Suite with experience building dams, so I began bidding the dirt work on the project and flying out to meet with the international partners that were assembling the joint venture.

We won the project. The project was for the City of San Francisco, and I had a feeling the company was going to try to get me to go up and run the $100 Million + earthwork package for the join venture. I had resolved that it wasn't a significant enough opportunity to disrupt my family, so I was going to turn it down. The CEO of the company invited me to lunch, and after some small talk informed me that they were setting up the Executive Council for the Joint Venture, and each of the three companies involved was going to fill one of the top three positions. The Spanish company financially backing the project, one of the largest construction consortiums in the world, would put a figure head project manager on the project. Our concrete and bridge building partners would put a Deputy PM on the project who would be primarily responsible for Administration. And our company would provide the Construction Manager to lead the Team of Teams building the project. Each of the three would be a part of the Executive Team for the new company being established to carry out the Joint Venture. He offered me the job.

A position on the executive committee coupled to overseeing all the Work across teams from dozens of companies on an international joint venture encompassing years and hundreds of millions of dollars is something that very few get to experience in their careers.

And so, again following the 'taking on as much responsibility as anyone would entrust me with' heuristic, I moved my family up to the bay area and started the project.

Now 27 and even further ahead of the Age Responsibility Gradient, I remember sitting in a giant ballroom in San Francisco with hundreds of stakeholders in the project. We had just come out of a smaller stuffy meeting in a high rise building downtown, with the key executives from the City and various companies all being introduced. Sitting in the ballroom, I knew I was finally approaching the edge of my Zone Of Optimum Development when it got hard to breathe, dizzy, and I became momentarily convinced that they had the wrong guy for the job.

A few months later, we had a sophisticated strategy and plan composed of 6,000 or so activities to be completed, each linked to multiple predecessors and successors in a mathematically analyzable logic chain.

As we got underway and began moving the mountain, strange geological features began revealing themselves, alongside the prehistoric fossilized shells, fish, and dolphins. It is an amazing experience to cut a mountain in half and reveal what is there. Day by day, I walked the cut with the geotechnical engineers, who grew more and more concerned. It turned out that they had failed to identify an ancient landslide that undercut the mountain, and invalidated some core structural premises of the design.

Whereas a few years ago I was learning to navigate changes involving months and millions of dollars, now I was learning to navigate changes involving years, hundreds of millions of dollars, and thousands of interlinked activities with some of the most sophisticated players in the industry.

Love Over Opportunity

Another aspect of the plan that collided with Reality in unexpected ways regarded family and marriage. It turns out that pulling a highly sensitive and introverted woman and our 2 year old daughter away from their support structure, placing them in an apartment in a foreign place without a social system, and then leaving that apartment at 4 or 5 AM every morning and returning at 7 or 9 PM every evening exhausted from trying to tackle a massive scope of work and political machination is not a recipe for success and stability on the front of family and Love.

After two or three years, the changes had been negotiated, the strategy and plan was recreated, the project was set, the politicians and constituencies were happy, it was evident that the project would be an overwhelming success, my marriage was falling apart, and all that would be happening the next year or two was the slow, steady and somewhat boring work of moving a mountain, which was far from my Zone Of Optimum Development.

So I returned with my family to Southern California just in time to do the exceedingly hard work of learning to fall back into the feelings of Love from the brink of chaos and divorce, before it was too late. It got dark enough for a while that I don't think either of us thought we would make it through. I later came to understand than my more honest mentors all had a story or five of the times they couldn't see a way out, almost got divorced, and somehow overcame. Somehow, by the grace of God, we succeeded, and soon, we were not only able to be in the same room without conflict, but we could also laugh and play again. I am so glad that we stuck it out.

I was 30, waking up from a 10 year time-warp tunnel of growth and development and maturation, and finally beginning to feel ready to Begin. One of my mentors who was part of a multi-generational family business said that their family rule of thumb was that managers weren't worth a damn until they were 30 and been through some hard knocks. It's only kind of True, but there is a Principle there.

Entrepreneurship and Freedom

To continue learning and making progress, I researched the top 10 graduate universities, applied to UCLA, was accepted, and began working on my Masters Degree in Business Administration as I returned to estimating and managing portfolios of projects. I was bored.

The logical next step was to take on running a company, and the board encouraged me to hang in there and wait. The CEO of company told me he probably had another 5 or 10 years remaining before retirement. While a very easy and secure path towards life in the 1%, it would have violated my System of Values on multiple levels, and therefore Betrayed the Spirit within.

So, I left and started a company from scratch.

It is an amazing thing to sit in one's living room, without a computer, without a Contractor's License, and ponder how to build a Company that is capable of building teams and projects. It is kind of like imagining and building a project, but at a higher level of abstraction, because instead of building a given portfolio of projects, you now have to build a Culture and System capable of organizing the surrounding world and successfully building an unspecified set of projects indefinitely into the Future.

The Project Manager who had hired me, now Chief Estimator and on the board of directors, joined me. Our partnership lasted two years before we separated into two different companies. It was difficult to separate, however I am so thankful we did so that he and his family did not have to endure the journey through hell that followed.

The company was was reasonably successful, rapidly growing into one of the largest non-union contractors in the hyper-competitive and union-dominated heavy civil industry of Southern California. We won $130 Million of work of so in our first few years in business. Had we applied for awards, it would likely have been among the fastest growing privately funded, solely owned ventures at the time.

I acquired a couple other companies and began to learn how to (and how not to) assemble portfolios of companies capable of executing portfolios of projects.

We began to solve larger challenges with more at stake, gaining formal recognition and earning favor at higher levels up to the California State Senate and the California State Assembly.

By 2019, after 5 years in business, we had won around $40 million of work two years in a row as we reinvested everything into building the systems and infrastructure for expansion. We expanded our bonding capacity out towards $100 Million in preparation, and were ready to begin scaling up.

I had watched and invested with my grandfather as he built a reciprocating real estate and construction system, I saw how they worked and produced and required different cash flows across the economic cycles. I had been investing with him, he felt I was being faithful on my Journey, so he continued to give me boosts along the Way. The path forward on the economic front was clear.

Giving It All Away

Around 2017, after separating from my partner, I began working on how to give the portfolio of companies away into a multi-generational holding structure, that would exist for the benefit of current and future generations of stakeholders in a multi-sided ecosystem.

We have collectively made massive progress legally and conceptually on these fronts over the last 7 years with special purpose trusts, decentralized autonomous organizations, and other stewardship innovations, however back in 2017, the first dozens of attorneys and advisors we consulted all essentially informed us that was not the way the United States system constructed. Companies were owned by shareholders, and the companies operated with a fiduciary duty to maximize shareholder return. This subordinated our entire ecosystem system, which dominates the political system, to capital, concentrating wealth and power in the hands of a few.

On my Quest for Wisdom, it was evident how fundamentally flawed the subjection of human capacity and consciousness to either central government or capital was. Just because I was blessed with the capital, relationships, capacity, and courage to risk everything to start a company, that did not Spiritually imply that I or my family "owned" the fruit of the labor of others.

I had watch many families, and family companies, be destroyed when a generation passed on unearned wealth and power to the next. Studying the patterns, it seemed to seldom last more than a few generations without corrupting and growing corrupted.

So I jumped up another level of abstraction, hired an attorney full time, and went to work on designing and building the framework for a set of interoperable global legal and governance systems that could steward portfolios of federated companies for the good of future generations.

Our prototype hybrid legal infrastructure to empower a blended ecosystem of for-profit and non-profit activities, that could be fractally replicated and federated around the world, was instantiated and received IRS approval in 2019.

The economic engine was built.

The systems and technology were built.

The legal and governance infrastructure were built.

After a lifetime of work, by 35 all the pieces of something no one yet understood seemed to be in place.

And then in 2020 the strangest thing happened...

Worksite Earth

As I was preparing the legal and governance structure to steward "our own" portfolio of companies as a seed, we were simultaneously measuring the legal and governance infrastructure against the requirements for the Universal Joint Venture to confront and overcome The Giants and the Grand Challenges, and regenerate society and our planet within a single generation.

If California were a country, it would rank as the 5th largest economy in the world. It also has one of the most complex, dysfunctional, and corrupt political and employment landscapes, coupled to one of the most competitive and well-developed construction ecosystems. And a fascinating and disturbing religious and ideological landscape. In hindsight, it was the optimum training ground.

So by the time I had engaged in a major joint venture for the City of San Francisco, ran dozens of government funded projects, built companies there, and created enough value for the community to win recognition from County and State, I had a reasonably deep view into a reasonably large microcosm of our world at a high enough level that I could start to see what was going on.

And what was going wrong. Terribly wrong.

I began to more openly discuss how and why the corrupted systems of government, society, economy, and religion were cracking, the likelihood and imminence of their failure, and the inability of the willfully blind existing systems exploiting the populations for their own positions and power to take action to address the impending Crisis of Crises before it was too late.

Because very few people at that time had any desire to attempt to undergo the brain damage of genuinely grappling with the Creator's Intent for Worksite Earth, a thorough analysis of the Existing Forces and Conditions, an understanding The Gap between What Is and What Ought To Be, and the conceptualization of a potentially viable Strategy and Plan of Action to transform and regenerate Society and the Earth within a single generation...

...I was introduced in relatively short form to the relatively few people that were attempting to think and engage in conversations at that level.

By 2016, we were having hours of weekly discussion attempting to grapple with the Total Nested Hierarchy of issues, needs, and aspirations on Earth and Beyond, and discern a Critical Path FROM Where We Were TO The Goal of a flourishing and abundant world, or set of worlds, that worked for All their current and future inhabitants.

Within the first year or two, we discerned that the most difficult challenge of a Universal Joint Venture to regenerate Worksite Earth and Beyond would be legal and governance systems and structure, because such a project would have to be initiated by Us, The People, relatively simultaneously around the world, yet no one could own it. Because the New supranational Structure would have to connect and empower billions of people, leaving no one involuntarily behind, it would be akin to forging a New Tribe of Tribes or Nation of Nations, unified around a New Covenant.

A New Human Operating System would be required that balanced connection, unity, and interoperability among the parts of The Body, with the imperative to protect the Sovereignty, Autonomy, and Agency of each Individual, Group, and Locality.

So we set about ensuring that the legal and governance Commons we were establishing for Us The People to steward Our companies, could also work as a commons for Us The People to govern Our Selves indefinitely into The Future as We reunited as One Family in service of One and All.

Eventually we had to incarnate the System legally and set up bank accounts, which required a Name. After spending over a hundred thousand dollars with branding companies and considering thousands of names strategically, spiritually it was revealed that what needed to be constructed was something like a Myth, and the mythical name of Lionsberg was revealed.

What would have to unfold would be a Story of Stories. The Great and Tragic Story of humanity aboard Earth, and now venturing Beyond. And The Myth would have to be big enough to invite and weave in the Individual and Local Stories of every Individual, Family, Community, Bioregion, Tribe, Nation and People on Earth.

And so, The Myth of Lionsberg was born.

Welcome to The Story.

Martial Arts, Malevolence, and War

I mentioned that when it was first presented to me Spiritually, the moment in history we are now in laid itself out as something like an epic Spiritual War for the future of life and society.

I therefore knew that I needed to somehow understand the spirit, theory, strategy, and tactics of combat.

By the time I was in my early 20s, I was watching youth who had already been in martial arts since they were 5, and convinced that it was too late to seriously begin Practicing.

Nevertheless, I swallowed my pride, searched around, and discovered that I was blessed to be in the same town as the founder of Gracie Barra North America. So I got on the mat and began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a few times a week as I was accelerating my career, supporting a new wife and family, and going to school nights and weekends. I will always be grateful for the training and instruction that family of practitioners provided.

A few years later, a very unexpected and archetypical figure showed up in the back row of a church my wife's family had been attending for years. He was an enigmatic short round man in his 70s who walked with a cane, and spoke with a gruff voice and heavy Syrian accent. One day the pastor of the church, who we will see again later in our story, suggested that if anyone in the church had any hidden gifts or talents, they should offer to share them with the congregation.

And so Kamil Al-Hakim quietly let him know that he carried a body of martial arts knowledge that he would be wiling to share if anyone wanted to learn. It turns out he was one of two seventh degree black belts in the world in a traditional Japanese martial art called Inyo Ryu, and had been studying and teaching a variety of arts for 50 years. He had suffered a dissection of the the main artery feeding his heart, was in a coma for 21 days, died and fought back to life, and now couldn't lift his arms over his shoulders without risking bursting his heart. But he was Wise. I began simultaneously training with him while continuing with Jiu Jitsu. Within a few weeks, I came to understand that this old man with a cane was operating in an entirely different realm of forces, and could kill any of the toughest young Jiu Jitsu guys I was training with in seconds. So I dropped Jiu Jitsu and began training in group classes and personally with him at his house several times a week, a pattern that would last until his death.

His personality was gruff, his teachings sometimes seemingly sporadic, redundant or mundane. Most students came for a while, and then left. He said he usually didn't pay too much attention to students for the first several years, until they had proven themselves. The Way of a master is lonely, and he had been hurt and disappointed many times. Yet for those who were loyal and could see through the rough and confusing exterior, he insisted that the secrets of martial arts were best taught over the dinner table, and welcomed us into his home.

He coached me through my third degree black belt in the dogma of the structured art of Inyo Ryu Karate, corresponding to obtain my higher certificates and degrees from Japan. However there was something profoundly Deeper that gripped his primary attention, that grew stronger as he approached the end of his time on Earth. Over the last 7 years or so of his life, I watched his struggle, and wrestled with him, through the spiritual, philosophical and moral ramifications of transcending a dogmatic system. When one obtains high level knowledge in the traditional arts, it is accompanied by strict promises of loyalty and fidelity, and a commitment to continue to develop and transmit the Knowledge until death. However on the other side of death and rebirth, with his physical life force waning and Wisdom rising, he came to understand that the dogmatic and structured system, along with its forms and practice, had become corrupted from the Founder's Intent and lost its Way. He had converted and sworn loyalty to a System and way of being that he later came to understand was corrupted and inadequate to grapple with the true forces of tragedy, malevolence, and suffering that mark our present Reality.

There are only so many Body Weapons, only so many ways to strike, only so many ways to stand and move. Underneath a thousand named arts, forms, and katas, is simply the Collective Inheritance of Wisdom, Knowledge, Theory, and Practice. The aspects that are most True show up in every True Art, just like the Golden Thread. The Masters often end up having to name their System in order to differentiate and Incarnate it into their fractal of SpaceTime, but the true Masters understand that it is simply the Way, localized and adapted to their Embodiment, Resources, Space, and Time in a Way that can be explained and transmitted to others. It is only the later generations who forget the Spirit and the Way, and instead cling to the Name and imitate the Master, instead of becoming a Master them Selves and allowing the Way to flow through them. A few generations later, children are shaped and taught to Embody And Enact forms and dogma, rather than experientially rediscovering the Spirit of the Way along their own Path towards Mastery. If the Founders of many Arts walked into the Places of Practice bearing their names, they would be aghast.

This is a story about the Institutionalization and distortion of the Way of martial arts, however the parallels to governance, religion, culture, and society exquisitely illuminate the issue.

Over the last 5 years before his death, we spent countless hours together, attempting to articulate, in English, a return to the core essence and timeless Wisdom of the Way. Beyond form. Beyond technique. Beyond dogma. Only pure, spontaneous, right action. Like a Spirit flowing through your Embodiment into Reality.

Through this process, one of the most profound learnings that I discovered was the Art and Science of Transformational Experiences. There are certain classes of things that simply cannot be known, or even really conceived of, until you are on the other side of a Transformational Experience that reveals it to you. There are some things that you cannot Know until you Become them, and experience what it is like to Embody them.

Before he died, he placed the mantle of his experience and legacy of thousands of years of accumulated knowledge on my shoulders, and asked me to become Keeper of the Way. However in the Realm beyond dogmatic hierarchy and authority, we come to understand that we are All Keepers of the Way. We are all the High Priests and Kings. And so, all that has been laid upon me, I freely offer to you if it of Value. If you would like to join me, I have some very interesting and deep Knowledge to share that might prove useful in surviving the coming battles.

However I have to warn you. It is a Way of Transformational Experiences that cannot be conceived of or explained in advance. You will only be able to know that "it is working" as a consequence of Who We Are Becoming as we Practice the Way.

In bold letters near the top of the final certificate he passed to me along with his legacy, it says:

To Understand the Art of the Way, One Has to Live It.

After 15 years of studying martial arts in a Way that very few will ever experience, I finally began to sense I had a vague understanding of Malevolence, and how to face down the Darkness.

As much as we hate to admit it, their are vicious monsters at the gates, licking their lips, salivating, and prodding for weaknesses in the Order as they wait for the walls of Society to finish crumbling. While we sleep, they are awake, coordinating, and planning.

The War is already raging in the Metaphysical Realm, and starting to spill over onto the Earth. Are you and your family prepared? We are going to have to fight this battle together.

Using Creative Energy to Heal and Destroy

The deeper I got into advanced Martial Arts training, the more I came to understand how relatively worthless any form expressed through physical strength is. Because SpaceTime is an illusion.

The Art and Science I was really learning was how to cultivate in my physical Embodiment the Creative Energy of the Universe, and channel it to Protect and Destroy when required. There is no comparison in attempting to strike someone with your body, versus utilizing the Creative Energy of the Earth and Universe Beyond to strike someone through your Embodiment.

It was along this Path that another archetypical teacher entered my life with a series of excruciatingly painful lessons that purged more of the Dross out of me.

My introduction to the Martial Arts of the East led me deep into the study of Energy cultivation and transmission, and my study of Energy led to beginning to Understand the use of Energy not only to Destroy, but also to Heal and Co-Create.

For years, as I was engaged in the weekly Practice of cultivating and transmitting Energy to Destroy, I was also laying on the table of a supremely gifted Chinese-Korean woman who had gently mastered the Art and Science of using the Energy of the Universe to Heal.

I learned that we do not need to fear cancer. We do not need to fear sickness. We do not need to fear heart attack. We do not need to fear death. Well beyond 90% of our suffering we inflict upon our selves, and we can Heal One Another of without the use of Western Medicine.

90% of our Suffering, and the Western Medical Industrial Complex, is Waste.

Unfortunately after decades of not understanding Energy and polluting my Embodiment with the toxic food, drink and chemicals of The Caves, even with the reasonably healthy lifestyle I lived, it was an excruciating process to layer by layer, dross by dross, impurity by impurity, progressively purge the dark corners of cold energy out of my body.

After about 5 years of regular work and suffering on the table, questing and learning and writhing in pain through so many experiences, while working martially to cultivate energy, it became more difficult for my healer to work on me, as the Energy my Embodiment was composed of was gradually Transformed.

I wish I could tell you what I experienced, and Who I Became as a result of all this, but it is all a pathway of Transformational Experiences that cannot be Known unless the Path is walked. There is no Way someone could have explained the Way to me in advance.

When one are unconscious in The Matrix of The Caves, the experience of true Freedom, Light, Liberty, and Love in an alternative Reality cannot be conceived of. I trust that many who are destined to hold this text will Understand, and hopefully have Progressed farther along the Way than I have. It will be a true joy and honor to humbly share Knowledge and learn from One Another, and to Help One Another Progress Beyond.

Coaching and Mentoring

Along the Way I was blessed with some of the best coaching, mentoring, and peer support available. For most of the last 5 or 6 years of my life in the Old World, I had world class personal weekly coaching, was blessed to meet for a full day each month with a high performing peer group of 20 other CEOs to identify, discuss, and solve our most pressing issues, and had a variety of mentors take time to help guide my Path.

As we Venture together towards the New World, let us work together to ensure that every individual is blessed with such a gift of coaching and mentorship.

The Shaping of a Unique Lens

I share the stories and anecdotes above because I want to Walk with you. I want to work together to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis, win the Spiritual War, and work together to forge out of the ashes of the crumbling Old World something entirely New that is Better and Higher for each and every one of its inhabitants, than Any has experienced in the past.

However there is no Way for me to show you what I See. Just like their may be no Way for you to show me what you See. We are going to have to Trust One Another, and humbly learn from One Another. The farther I have Progressed, the More I have discovered I have yet to learn. That is the amazing property of the Spirit and Logos.

You can See and have come to Know things that I may not yet have, which will be crucial to our survival. And I may have come to See and Know things that you cannot, which will be crucial to our survival. So we must honor One Another, Listen to One Another, share our Feelings and Perspective, and Navigate together into the Unknown.

I was transformed by 20 years of bringing Intention into Reality on worksites.

I was transformed by 15 years of studying martial arts.

I was transformed by 5 years of deep painful energetic purging and healing.

I was transformed by experiencing the power of creation and destruction simultaneously, week by week, in my own body and on the domains I was transforming.

I was transformed by 30 years of seeking and assimilating Wisdom and Knowledge as rapidly as I could with a specific view towards assembling the Force For Good to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis and Spiritual War that define our era.

I was transformed by education in the best schools of the West.

I was transformed by education in the deep arts of the East.

I was transformed by being united with a deeply spiritual and sensitive woman from the time I was 14.

I was transformed by having Emma as a daughter.

I was transformed by personal encounters with an array of archetypical figures, coaches, and mentors that could never be replicated.

I was transformed by being entrusted with carefully guarded ancient and modern Knowledge.

I was transformed by being invited into the hearts and lives of indigenous individuals, communities and tribes in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

I was transformed by the vivid dichotomy of living through times of both tremendous unearned wealth, privilege, and favor, and times of suffering, injustice, and ostracization.

I was transformed by being betrayed and left for dead by those who Society had always assured me were there to aid and protect me.

I was transformed by the journey through the absolute Underworld that followed.

I was transformed by fighting through the Underworld and not allowing it swallow me or my family on the many, many days and nights of terror where death beckoned as the sweetest and most merciful release.

And I was transformed by the process of having to experientially discover how to reemerge from the Depths with clarity, conviction, and the willingness to suffer and sacrifice it all again, in service of One and All, without bitterness, resentment, or envy, out of Love and Compassion for All Creation.

And so I ask that if I share a Perspective that seems foreign to you, please stop and listen and discern. Maybe there is something in it of Value, that may be useful or even crucial to our Survival and Success. And I commit to honor and do the same with you, for I know that The Spirit that creates and sustains the Universe is living within you.

Pain, Suffering, and Betrayal

I came to Understand some very interesting things about Pain, Suffering, and Betrayal that I am not sure I could have learned in any other Way but to experience the Hell of it.

It helped me flesh out a Deeper theory of pain, suffering, evil and malevolence than I had previously been forced to conceptualize.

I often am reluctant to talk about Our Story and Our Suffering, because I know that for many around the world living in the various forms of the Hell we have created for one another, Our Story of suffering, loss, and betrayal may not even qualify as a minor footnote in The Story compared to the magnitude of pain they have lived through, or died under. Today, we are still here. We are still alive. We are still free to write and publish this. We still have food, water, and shelter. Our powerful global network of allies has grown even stronger. I understand that many others are still withering in prison or other forms of captivity. I understand that many others are still enslaved. I understand that many others are still starving. I understand that many others are still displaced. I understand that many others are still alone. I understand that many others are still hopeless. I understand that many others are still in the Underworld. I understand that many others are still being violated and betrayed in far more profound and shattering ways. And I understand that as a formerly wealthy white male growing up in The Bubble, my battles with Malevolence may seem laughably small in comparison to my friends around the world whose families have dispossessed, ostracized, and oppressed for generations.

So as I share what I have learned about Suffering, I am sharing from and on behalf of the Deep Collective, and not my perceived individuality.

There are levels of pain and suffering.

Pain and suffering hurts. It is a common experience of Reality that binds us All together.

Pain and suffering hurts, even when it can be ascribed to the randomness of Reality.

Knowing what causes pain and suffering in us and therefore other sentient beings, pain and suffering is Worse when it is consciously inflicted, than if it is accidental or random.

Consciously inflicted pain and suffering becomes even worse when it is inflicted by those in relative positions of power, upon those in relative positions of weakness.

Consciously inflicted pain and suffering inflicted by those in relative positions of power upon those in relative positions of weakness becomes even worse if it is inflicted by those in positions of Trust, who are supposed to be there to aid, help, and not harm you, such as parents, teachers, peace officers, religious leaders, or government officials.

Consciously inflicted pain and suffering, inflicted by those in positions of relative power, who were supposed to aid, help, and not harm you is even worse if as you are suffering it, you are blamed or abandoned by friends, family, or loved ones. Such as in the story of Job, or Jesus.

Consciously inflicted pain and suffering, accompanied by disparate power, betrayal, blame, slander, and abandonment, is even worse in proportion to the innocence of the one suffering.

The stories of Jesus and Job resonate through the ages because they are Limit Stories. They are stories of worst possible suffering imaginable, consciously inflicted by overwhelming power on the most innocent possible person, who is also slandered, betrayed, blamed and abandoned by their loved ones in the midst of their suffering.

In such a state, one seemingly would have every reason and right to shake their fist at the Heavens and curse God. And yet we are challenged by the archetypical stories to discover how to retain our Hope and Faith in the essential Goodness of God and Being, and to remain Faithful and Hopeful even when our world seems Faithless and Hopeless.

Following is The Story of how I experientially came to understand this, step by step. I hope Our Story, and the insights and perspective gleaned from it, is useful and healing to others who are trying to make sense of the chaos, suffering, and evil they are enveloped by. I Understand that so many are suffering in ways so much worse than we have. I love you, and I am so sorry for your pain.

Betrayal By The Religious and Political Elite

My Earthly Father being a minister and helping lead the local Pastor's Fellowship, my wife and I moved freely through the local churches, worshipping and learning with different congregations.

One of the wealthiest churches in the area sat on a prominent hill overlooking some of the most expensive real estate and resorts in the world. My wife's family felt called to work in ministry near the time we met, and ended up working full time at South Shores Church in Dana Point, California for many years. Despite some reg flags, Caity's parents were employed there, and we attended and contributed regularly for 20 years, leading worship to help revive the youth group during our high school years, and going on numerous service trips with church leadership. As I got older and wealthier, I was invited by the church leaders into their inner-circle-country-club of golfing, drinking, tennis, poker playing, reserved seats at the front of the men's breakfasts, and all sort of other favor-cultivating social perks. I was later told by one of them that God had provided instruction to mentor me. I was told I was like a son. I was invited to explore business and investment opportunities, and introduced to the right people.

As time progressed, the church was contemplating a master plan for the campus and a ~$30 to $40 Million grand building project. As a resident builder in the church with particular expertise in geotechnical remediation, I was asked to get involved. I brought industry resources to bear, and we redesigned and value-engineered the landslide remediation, shaving millions of dollars of cost off the project. I was asked by elders to help push back on the overly ambitious plans the senior pastor had in mind, and we ended up redesigning and scaling back the project to a somewhat more reasonable scope.

Along the Way, my wife's grandfather and others who had anchored the building committee and selected the design-builder passed away or retired, and a new guard took over. The design-builder, who had successfully completed hundreds of church project over previous decades purely through word of mouth and was now 70 years old, grew so frustrated with the new committee and leadership that he was preparing to shut down his company, retire, and walk away from the project.

One day the builder called me, conveyed his respect for me and my work, told me about the issues with church leadership and his plans to retire and close it down, and suggested that he would make it easy for me to buy his company and build the job for the church.

Recognizing that the church was on the brink of a setback that would cost the congregation multiple years and millions of dollars to redesign the project, and needing to learn, I was impelled to say yes.

What followed the most toxic, ungoldly project environment I have ever been a part of. A little financial pressure, a little political fear, and the church leadership revealed its true colors. As they did, more and more families spoke up about their own experiences, eventually revealing a long pattern of deceit, abuse, threats, and ostracization to silence dissenters.

By the time I was being induced and coerced by the leaders into questionable financial arrangements to intentionally conceal things from the congregation in order to protect the positions and power of the leaders, I started reaching out to other elders and current and former staff for insight and help. The warnings I received from multiple people with personal experience were things like "be careful Jordan, you may not know what you are dealing with. I have come to the conclusion that these guys are evil..." and "I would have absolutely no hesitation to take these guys to court. Don't be confused and think you are dealing with a church or a spiritual organization. You are dealing with a corrupt business..." etc.

As more and more stories and warnings poured forth, I realized I was dealing with wolves in sheep's clothing who were actively betraying Spirit, Truth, and Justice and taking advantage of the innocent and unaware to buttress their own positions and power.

Now caught in the financial stranglehold they devised to deceive the congregation, and in conversation with other senior congregants about what to do about it, I had the senior pastor visit me at my house and sit down in my backyard. After a long conversation in which we discussed how much damage they were causing to the congregation and our business, co-workers, and trade partners, how many families they were harming, and the profound deceit and injustice of the course of dealings, he asked me the strangest question I have ever heard. My best recollection is:

"Jordan, when Jesus stood before Pontius Pilate, do you think he was treated fairly?"

Stunned, I paused for a while. The question hit shockingly deep. I finally said, "No, I don't think Jesus was treated fairly by Pontius Pilate."

"And how did he handle it?"

Blank stare.

"He suffered in silence."

"And I would suggest you do the same. You are right. You are not being treated fairly. We have already told you that we can make this go away, but that is going to be pretty difficult for us to do if you are going around telling people you were treated unfairly. So I would suggest you silence yourself."

I was later presented a formal offer of complete financial relief, in exchange for silence and taking on a $250,000 tax liability so they could keep the lies straight on their books. I declined, for the simple reason that I could not through my silence sacrifice thousands of families who would continue to be harmed and deceived in the future by this particular Nest of Vipers, in exchange for my own family's security and relief.

Not surprisingly, the pressure got worse, and the Vipers got colder. After 20 years of service and "friendship" with the leaders, my wife's father was abruptly fired by the church oligarchs and had his health insurance terminated in the midst of a major health crisis. My wife's mother was asked to stop teaching the bible study she had taught for 20 years. We were slandered and defamed.

No number of pleas on behalf of the many impacted families and businesses could break the stone cold hearts of those publicly masquerading on top of the hill as spiritual leaders and exemplars, drawing in the unaware, and fleecing the young and the elderly in their flock.

It turns out that our family was not the only one to be hit up for money on a deathbed or at the funeral of a wealthy relative. It turns out our family was not the only one bullied, threatened or offered money in exchange for silence. It turns out our family was not the only one publicly slandered and defamed. It turns our our family was not the only one betrayed. It turns out our family was not the only one unaware the "pastor" was taking many tens of thousands of dollars in personal fundraising bonuses and illegally expensing personal luxuries, perks and educational expenses for his family, while suggesting we forgo our daily cup of coffee to find more money to chip in. It turns out that the staff lived in fear and wouldn't speak up because in addition to their pay packages, the Church held mortgages on most of their homes, and controlled the insurance paying for treatment of sick family members. Many knew and confessed their awareness of the corruption of the system they were a part of and benefitting from, while the combination of dependency and fear kept them co-operating the system in silence. Former staff expressed shame for participating in the past. In the pews each Sunday, the congregation of sheep were unaware they were being shepherded by Wolves.

As we spoke up about our own experiences, the stories of multiple other families echoed back, gradually illuminating the Darkness and Corruption concealing itself under the cloak of "church," and continuing to draw in visitors and members unaware.

The good news is that through our story, Darkness and Deceit were exposed, and some families and friendships broken and confused over Time by the lies and slander of the leaders were healed as the Truth came to light.

To this day, the Wolves still hide and stand guard behind the gates of the shiny new building on top of the hill, constructed upon the foundation of toxic ungodliness, manipulation, and deceit they laid, and permeated by the ill-gotten resources they gathered from the youth and widows they plundered, and the congregations they deceived and betrayed. I say congregations because there was more than one.

The time of such such false religious leadership is now coming to an end, along with the spirit possessing them and inducing them to deceive and oppress the weak and vulnerable in the name of God. We The People will no longer stand for it.

I am deeply ashamed I ever sat at their tables of honor, and I apologize to the other families who were harmed for being complicit in inadvertently propping up their structure of injustice through my time, tithes, and participation. I am sorry I believed the slander they spread about you without personally inquiring and clearing things up.

My naive consciousness was unaware. I am learning, and will do better. Perhaps it was necessary to intimately watch for 20 years a spirit of Darkness conceal itself in plain sight underneath the cloak of Religion. It is so obvious in hindsight, and so many red flags and strange conversations and occurrences now make sense.

I pray that the cleansing Light of Our Story and the stories of others will begin to rid our churches and institutions of the predators and parasites still deceitfully nested within.

I always wondered how a coach at a university, or a pastor at a church, or a politician in an office, could go on for so many years abusing and exploiting people. How could it be possible for such a thing to last for so many years, and victimize such a long stream of families? Why don't people speak up? Why are they threatened and ostracized by the Institution when they do? Why do institutional immune systems tend to reject speakers of Light and Truth, while protecting the predators and parasites within?

We have some deep, deep institutional cleansing to do. I am afraid the infestation of our systems and structures of governance and religion are far deeper and more encompassing than we want to admit. Not just in one domain, but via the permeating spirit of Darkness and Deceit infecting countless domains. Massive Light, and massive decentralization and purging of the centers of falsely accumulated religious, political, and socioeconomic power is required. The vast majority of the institutions of the Old World are corrupted beyond repair, and already passing away.

The good news is that a New Spirit and a New Era is rising, whose Aim is to Elevate and Enlighten, Regenerate and Renew, the world.

"...And they do all their good deeds to be noticed by other people...and they love the place of honor at banquets, and the seats of honor in the synagogues, and personal greetings in the marketplaces, and being called Rabbi by the people. But as for you, do not be called Rabbi; for only One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers and sisters... But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you shut the kingdom of heaven in front of people; for you do not enter it yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in... Woe to you blind guides... you fools and blind men!... for you tithe (herbs)... and neglect... Justice and Mercy and Faithfulness... You blind guides, who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel! Hypocrites! For you clean the outside of the cup... but inside are full of robbery and self-indulgence...Hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful, but inside they are full of dead men's bones and uncleanliness... You snakes, you brood of Vipers, how will you escape the sentence of hell?"

Part II: The CEO of the Largest County in the Great Empire

As The Story goes, as the self-proclaimed religious elite gnashed their teeth, threatened, and tried to strangle us into silence, it was ultimately the Chief Executive of the largest County in the Greatest Empire of History who personally ordered the final blow and liberated us from our Old Life.

Early in the history of our young company, I found myself in the extraordinary position of being entrusted with a project to stabilize an existing dam in the mountains of California whose potential failure threatened the safety of communities below and above. The project was unique in that it was a relatively high risk and technical operation to attempt the stabilization while the water was still in the reservoir. This was the first attempt of its kind, which brought a high level of local and State scrutiny.

Technical details aside, as our team got into the project we discovered some significant flaws in the County's pre-construction work that put the project at risk. It was election season, and in a very unusual turn of events, the County Chief Operating Officer was assigned personal responsibility for its successful resolution and began attending the weekly project meetings. He in turn reached out to me personally, acknowledging the deep problems and corruption in the County bureaucracy, outlining the changes he was going to be making, and requesting my personal support to work with him to solve the problems. Since I had a President and executive staff running the company, it was quite unusual for a public official in his position to go over the head of my staff, and instruct me to ignore his staff, which he said would be changing, in order to collaborate to solve the issues. I had heard that he sometimes held himself out as a pastor or Christian leader of some kind, and he claimed he was cleaning up the issues and fighting corruption. I decided to trust him and do my best to help ensure a successful outcome.

It is not up to me to say whether we succeeded, but the outcome was that he was promoted to CEO, the County Supervisor was reelected, the community was happy, and the powers that be were impressed enough that we stood together, spoke together, prayed together, and received formal recognition from the County board of supervisors, the California State Assembly, and the California State Legislature in a ceremony on top of the dam to mark its completion.

What I was naively unaware of at the time was that this County was one of the most notoriously corrupt in the Empire. In my class on pledging allegiance to the flag and swallowing national propaganda, they had forgotten to inform me that our government was abjectly corrupted throughout, from local levels all the way up to the Invisible Power Structures puppeting the Visible Power Structures and colluding at the highest imaginable levels supranationally. By cooperating at the highest executive levels in service of the public good, we had shown Light into the Darkness and created enemies within the layers of Deep Bureaucracy below. It turns out the corrupt and unfaithful Actors hiding in the Darkness below are not fond of the Light.

Unaware of our hidden self-proclaimed adversaries, encouraged by the tremendous success, and now having great what appeared to be extraordinary relationships at the highest levels, we bid on and won the next reservoir project.

Upon the arrival of the triumphant team from the first project onto the second, we were informed by County agents that it would be our last project, and that we would never work in the industry again.

After a long and torturous course of events, they eventually fulfilled their promise.

Our people were threatened. Our work was obstructed. Evidence was fabricated. County agents conspired. Scientific data manipulated and concealed. Losses snowballed, and the company slowly began to bleed out. In what advisors later concluded was likely an attempt to entrap and imprison me, bribes were solicited multiple times, with County staff inquiring how big my pocket book was as they ratcheted up the pressure.

I naively anticipated that the CEO I had helped boost into his position would of course come to our aid and set things right.

Numerous meetings. Numerous promises to help. The torture continued, and we continued to financially bleed out, now under the full personal knowledge and oversight of the CEO, COO, and Human Resources Director of the County.

After a lengthy struggle to find someone qualified to help us navigate the complex civil rights and corruption issues, we eventually located and retained an ex Federal Judge who had recently won a separate judgment of tens of millions of dollars for another local developer who ended up on the wrong side of the same bureaucracy, and in jail on false charges.

As we bled out financially, we sold our home and liquidated all our investments, and poured everything into attempting to stay alive long enough to articulate the claims and save as many jobs of our co-workers as we could. Surely the County Chief would not allow them to take us out.

It was Enlightening to experience County agents publicly slandering and taunting us for our lack of performance as they sliced deep wounds, stood on our neck and we struggled for lifeblood and air.

After hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to prepare the case on top of millions of dollars of spiraling losses, we finally formally presented the claims, seeking any small form of relief as the corruption, obstruction, and bribery claims were mediated.

We waited.

Despite the personal knowledge of the course of events at the highest levels of the County and the CEO's personal instruction to submit the claims for review and relief, what we received in reply was a short letter denying all responsibility and rejecting the claims 100%. No discussion. No negotiation. No offer to meet and confer.

I had never experienced anything like it in my career. I couldn't believe it was happening. They were actually going to take us out, with full personal knowledge and consent at the highest levels.

In a state of disbelief, we scrambled looking for any kind of avenue to survival as we continued to bleed out week by week from the consciously inflicted wounds draining the last of the life out of our young company.

As we neared the end of our resources, we advised our clients of what was happening, and implemented an emergency furlough of the workforce across all projects to coincide with emergency negotiations with the CEO, COO, and Council for the County.

I am a reasonably gifted strategist, and I laid out in great detail for the County an array of creative proposals and alternatives, any of which would have been adequate to resurrect the dying company.

All we needed was compensation for a small fraction of the clearest damages while we responsibly mediated the rest. With a couple million dollars and some good faith mediation, tens of millions of dollars of damages and harm to hundreds of local families and dozens of local businesses could have been avoided.

Alongside the several alternative courses of action I presented to the County executives, I also was impelled to do something very strange. I explained in detail to the executives of the County the details of our personal and company structure, the way the bonds and personal guarantees worked, the corporate and personal financial states, and precisely how, if they were actually trying to take us out in the worst and most comprehensive manner, they could go about doing that in the most effective and complete way possible. Along side the several viable options to get out of the situation, I wanted to make sure that they understood consciously and precisely how to destroy us entirely, and what its effect would be. In advance of any decision.

Multiple meetings unfolded, and then silence.

We got a phone call from the CEO explaining how difficult the political situation was.

In our last meeting with the CEO, I handed him a short personal letter and plea, again laying out the position we were in, appealing to his personal sense of integrity, and his representations that he was there to do the hard work of solving the problems in the County and cleaning up the corruption. I told him that I was also called to the battle field against corruption and injustice, and I sure hoped we were on the same side. It was the kind of letter I hoped he would have to read and agonize over a bit with his wife if he had any kind of a remaining conscience.

The former Federal Judge representing us explained to me the impossible position of the executive team trying to explain to the County Supervisors why I was owed millions of dollars in damages due to the illegal actions of the County staff they supervised, and simultaneously trying to explain why that shouldn't cost them their jobs.

The call explaining the political difficulties was the last I heard from the County CEO.

Shortly thereafter, we received a short one page letter, precisely executing the plan I had laid out for them to end our Old Life in the most comprehensive manner possible.

That day, the faint gasps from the life and world we thought we were living in ceased, the projects we had going all went simultaneously silent, the hundreds of local families engaged in our projects had their livelihoods and finances thrown into a multi-year legal and insurance catastrophe, and the waves of damage began rippling out from the scene of the crime.

The slanderous and defaming story that went out was that we had failed to adequately perform, and had been Terminated For Cause. With a massive legal cleanup involving $10s of Millions of dollars of claims and counter claims among dozens of parties now on our hands, resolvable only through the Federal Courts, we couldn't publicly defend our selves as the rumors spread. Decades of effort to take on as much responsibility as we could to learn how to build the infrastructure that society needed to flourish, the home we created, the company we created, the industry relationships we created, the reputation we created...

...our Old Life closed its eyes, and was swallowed up by the Darkness that consciously sought its Demise.

Recourse, and Structures of Justice

Even as the crime unfolded, I retained hope that one way or another, in this great nation, Justice would be available.

I began to learn more about corruption, civil rights, and Right Relationship between Citizens and Government.

We discovered that there was indeed potential recourse available to us via the United States Constitution and Federal Court System, where Civil Rights issues are litigated.

However there was a problem.

The former Federal Judge representing us informed us that in his experience, it would take another $3 Million to $5 Million and 3 to 5 years to get to a judgment (beyond the year + and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees already spent), and that unless we could demonstrate we had that financial capacity, he could not in good conscience file the suit.

He also educated us that the government had virtually unlimited resources and loopholes to defend itself and endlessly appeal, so even after $3M to $5M in legal fees a just ruling, or the ability to collect, was far from certain.

I researched legal aid organizations, and discovered that whereas there were large pools of money on the Left and Right to pursue politically charged cases for political purposes, there was a gap in the financing market for every day Citizens deprived of their Civil Rights by corrupt government forces.

Whereas the intention of the United States Constitution is to protect Citizens from the Power of Government by ensuring Due Process and the right to a speedy and public trial, the Reality in the American Empire of 2022 was that the Deep Bureaucracy could simply choose to take a Citizen out in the Darkness, and Justice and Protection was only available to the richest 1/10th or 1/100th of 1% of Americans.

Under such a structure, who can possibly stand? Was not the entire purpose of our Constitution to ensure that no Citizen could ever again end up in a position like this? Hadn't we already learned The Lesson of this Story before?

How was it possible that two millennia after the liberating story and words of Jesus, humanity still allowed itself to exist under corrupt religious and political authorities that conspired against them and valued their own positions and power over the lives and wellbeing of those they were mandated to serve?

The flag of an abjectly corrupted Empire where the Deep Bureaucracy could exercise Force to destroy the lives of 99.99% of Citizens with impunity, both here in the United States and abroad, was not The Ideal I had been taught to pledge allegiance to.

The pathway to justice with the Church... was very strangely even worse, because the sham trial was conducted in the name of God.

Like I did with the the County, I followed a path of deep curiosity and surrender with the Church, choosing not to protect myself and allowing the religious leaders to call the shots so I could experience what would happen if I simply followed their process and direction.

We had signed a binding mediation and arbitration agreement at the outset, so I asked to begin the process.

We were supposed to jointly select a mediator. I got a message from one of the elders saying they had identified a one. I chose to not research who the mediator was, and trust the process.

I was instructed to pay money to the mediator to be led through a process of "submitting to the Authority of Scripture" (reading a long sampling of Biblical excerpts about how guilty we all are), searching my heart before God for all I had done wrong (because we all sin and fall short of the Glory of God), and then crafting an apology / confession of my sins in a specific format to present to the religious leaders. They claimed they were having the church leaders do the same. Although it felt distinctly like a sham process in an authoritarian country before a show trial, I went along with it, and did my best to search my heart, discover its next layers of impurities, burn off some more dross, and write the confession to the religious leaders of my sins against them in the format their chosen mediator instructed me.

The day of mediation arrived. In a strange order of events for a congregant alleging that unethical church leaders had deceived me and the congregation, likely committed fraud, and were causing mounting damages to me, my family, co-workers, and trade partners while slandering me and attempting to coerce me into silence, the proceeding started with me being asked to read my confession.

It was Enlightening and expanding to experience what it felt like to be fraudulently induced into a financial stranglehold by false religious leaders, threatened and instructed by them to suffer in silence like Jesus before Pontius Pilate if I wanted their mercy, and then brought in front a mediator of their choosing to confess my sins against them.

I breathed deeply, followed the instructions, and read my confession. The next hour or two was spent with the strikingly stone cold religious elite tearing at my confession like hyenas over a fresh kill, while informing me of the different and deeper ways in which I should have confessed and repented to them.

I finally asked for a break, and broke down in tears. It was one of the most profoundly disturbing experiences of my life. The tears were not my own, they were the tears of the collective over the centuries of abuse that God's children have suffered in God's name at the hands of the Religious Wolves who terrorize, deceive, and exploit them.

My experience of betrayal and harm does not come close to the stories my indigenous friends have told me of their family members who were kidnapped from their tribes, beaten for speaking their language, stripped of their hair and clothes, forbidden to practice their sacred traditions, and placed in cages by pastors and priests backed by the Force of the American Empire, claiming to operate in service of God.

The mediation was so dysfunctional that the mediator called it off mid way through, and I never got to hear the confessions the pharisees were supposedly also going to write.

For the first 30 some years of my life, I was complicit in participating in, supporting, and adding energy to the the abjectly corrupt structures of Institutionalized Church and State that have destroyed so many lives in the name of God and Country. As such, share in the guilt for every crime they committed against me and all God's children around the world.

I am truly, deeply, sorry.

I will do my best to rise from the ashes, vanquish corruption and injustice, and set things back in Proper Order for the Good of One and All I exist in service to.

Our Relationship to Structures of Injustice

During the countless dark, hellish, and sleepless nights I endured as our Old World crumbled, I was forced to grapple with many strange beneficial adversaries.

One of the questions that would not let me go was:

What is Our relationship to Structures of Injustice?

It felt like one of the Right Questions to keep asking my Self.

When I started sharing my story about the church, I started to hear stories from an array of other families who had been harmed, threatened, slandered, ostracized, or paid for silence. The more stories surfaced, the more additional stories echoed back in confirming return. It started to become clear that there were wolves shepherding the flock, masquerading under the guise of religion. I was later informed how common that was, and how institutional religious structures actually disproportionately attract predators and parasites into positions of leadership, since once exposed, the churches are often too embarrassed to publicly admit it or press charges. So they brush the devastation under the rug, and the perpetrators slink back off quietly into the Darkness.

When I started sharing my story about the government, I started to hear stories from an array of other citizens who had been harmed, threatened, slandered, jailed, or otherwise silenced. The more stories surfaced, the more additional stories echoed back in confirming return. It started to become clear that there were wolves shepherding the flock, masquerading under the guise of public service. I was later informed how common that was, and how institutional government structures actually disproportionately attract predators and parasites into positions of leadership.

As a result of my journey through the Underworld, I discovered the deep, collusive, and unholy alliances between Politics, Capital and Religion that defined and deceived many inhabitants of The Bubble I developed in. I was able to trace those collusive structures all the way up to the highest levels of the US Federal Government, and beyond the Visible Power Structures into the Invisible Power Structures puppeting governments, churches, mosques, ashrams, schools, universities, corporations, and armies around the world.

I was able to trace them back through history to begin to understand how The Caves had been forged and strengthened by The Giants to keep their Employee Consumer Slaves asleep, confused, divided and conquered.

The public should rightfully be careful and suspicious and Our Story. One story about a corrupt institution may be an anomaly. Maybe the lies and slander the religious and government officials publicly spread about me to tear down my reputation and credibility and protect their positions and power was true. Maybe I am just an incompetent builder who failed spectacularly, making up stories as excuses.

The public and the congregations should perhaps just ignore my Voice and go about their business and continue pledging allegiance to the Government and Religious Officials shepherding them, because everything is fine, and their children are not actually being watched over by Structures of Injustice infested with Vipers and Wolves.

However when two similar stories about the same institution emerge, we should start to pay attention. There may be a pattern.

When three similar stories about the same institution emerge, a serious investigation is warranted.

When 5 or 10 similar stories about the same institution emerge, there is enough smoke that there is almost certainly a fire in the midst of it.

By the time I heard 5 or 10 confirming stories about other families harmed by the County, and 5 or 10 confirming stories about other families harmed by the Church, I was able to begin to tamp down the raging voice of The Accuser tormenting me in the Darkness of the sleepless nights, echoing and expanding on the slander of the Government and Religious Officials.

I cannot begin to communicate the suffering that my beautiful wife, Conscience Incarnate, went through, as countless tears, trembles, and nightmares asked her if perhaps the The Accuser was right about the man she had loved since she was 13, and by extension her.

How could it be possible that we, once seated at the tables of honor in Church and State, were now out of home, out of work, out of reputation, and alone? Maybe they were right. Maybe we screwed everything up. Maybe it was our fault. Maybe we deserved this. Maybe we were on the wrong side of God's plan, had wandered off the Path, and the loss of everything we held dear was our fitting punishment.

Through countless tearful conversations, we searched and searched our souls, surfacing and scrutinizing every misstep, every mistake, every place we should have Known and Done Better. The interrogation and refining fire we put our Selves through was far beyond the elementary work of the Religious Mediator who helped us structure our confession of guilt.

I prayed numerous times sincerely pleading with God to immediately strike me dead if The Accuser was right and it was the case that I had led my family and tribe that far off the Path, and was simultaneously so warped in my Consciousness and Neural Architecture that I could no longer see Wisdom, Truth and Justice clearly.

As things decayed, the hyenas and jackels plucked the carcass of our Old Life, with even some of those I had tried to help and serve looting our jobsites, stripping the last of our assets, sowing fear among the last few standing with us, making threats and demands, and pumping the rumor mill to hasten the process of demise.

Some very religious friends and family in The Bubble actually became sincerely convinced...

...that this had all happened because we had been deceived by Satan and joined the forces of Darkness without knowing it, and they discussed it openly enough among themselves that the rumors could filter back to us, deepening my wife's torment and confusion.

As I was expressing a passionate desire for Truth, Justice, and Unity among God's Family as One Body so that we could confront and overcome the corrupt power structures and take back responsibility for governing our Selves, another person deeply bound in a Religious Cave went so far as to openly speculate to others that I might be possessed by the spirit of the Anti-Christ.

Perhaps that was related to concerns swirling in The Bubble that maybe I was being secretly funded by George Soros, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum to implement an evil agenda of one world government. It felt exceedingly surreal to try to reassure The Bubble that I was not being secretly resourced by an Evil Empire.

The Darkness seeking to Deceive, Divide and Conquer was successful enough that even my Earthly Father was swept into it and began having nightmares about me and throwing fuel onto the flames consuming us.

My mother sat by me and wept, begging my Earthly Father to tell me he did not actually believe the things he was saying about me. Despite her tears and mine, he could not for a long while until the Darkness finally released his mind and dreams, and he could begin to see me and embrace me again.

My grandfather, who I always regarded like a second father, was surrounded by the industry rumor mill. He called me on one of the Darkest winter days and told me that he had been hearing the rumors circulating about me, and while he might always love me, respect was something that I had to earn every day, and one way to earn respect was to not put our business partners in danger. After decades of special relationship and discussing how I might help carry his legacy into the future, that night he told me he no longer saw me being a part of his partnerships, and that he was writing me out. With a crash, another pillar of the life I thought I was living collapsed.

As the Chaos and Darkness encroached and picked off my loved ones one by one, I learned how to cry even deeper tears. I continued to search my soul and pray that my Heavenly Father would immediately strike me dead if I really had become such an anathema.

My wife trembled, sobbed, and lay awake at night as the The Accuser raged and the perceived support structure we thought we had transformed itself into the most painful part of the hellish ongoing experience.

Piece by piece, it was all stripped away.

It was strange to sit their in the midst of hundreds of families being damaged or losing their livelihoods, alone, out of a home, out of an industry, out of a reputation, out of a church, out of relationships I cherished... and to ponder and pray.

To some of the older men who told me stories about how these same Power Structures had harmed them and their families, I wanted to say:

You knew this all along and did nothing? Because you were scared, you refused to take down the Evil that confronted you and harmed your family, and left it to grow stronger to victimize my family and community, and the innocent youth and the elders, in the future? You let us pledge allegiance to the Corruption and strengthen it with our participation, and you never warned us?

There were many moments were a combination of lies, bribes, and silence could have saved my family's wealth, home, and reputation. If I had just fed The Dragon and left it with a little more Treasure to hoard, I could have slipped back into the perceived safety of The Village it was ruling over, been blessed and forgiven by the pharisees, earned greater riches in its System of Injustice, and tried to keep my head down among the rest of the Employee Consumer Slaves.

However there is an old principle that we seem to have forgotten:

If you must slay a Dragon, the best day to do it is today, for each day you cower in fear it grows stronger.

An elder with the enough wealth and power to solve it all told me, "Well laddy, I am just glad my time is over and I don't have to deal with all this. I am really concerned about the state of our Country and Society. Good luck."

Day after day, the Corrupt Goliaths came out to the battle field, taunted, and destroyed.

Separated and divided, what was supposed to be God's Army cowered in fear.

So there I lay, alone.

Night after night, at 2 AM, alone in the Darkness, up against power structures with comparatively infinite earthly resources and power.

How would it feel to seek my own safety, and tell my young daughter "I am sorry honey. The Dragon is too scary. The reputational cost is too high. The risk is too great for me. I am just glad that I don't have to deal with it. Good luck. Pledge allegiance to The Dragon and keep your head down. Maybe you will survive."

By the time she grew up, the Tyranny of The Dragon would be complete.

Over the next few years, I would come to find out that The Dragon was puppeting far more of the institutions of Church and State than I had ever dreamed was possible, while those who Knew were cowering in silence as 99% of Citizens, Unaware, continued to pledge allegiance to the corrupted Governments and Religions keeping them Divided and Conquered within the Dark confines of The Caves.

Going to War

There is a principle in martial arts that when you are on the edge of combat, the most dangerous time is before you have engaged. I was taught that the greatest gift is when your opponent touches you, for then you can feel and begin to work with its Energy.

Yes, the Puppet Leaders inhabiting the Visible Power Structures of South Shores Church and the County were the ones who consciously inflicted the suffering on us and slandered and assented as we bled out. But what we were actually encountering was the domain-independent spirit puppeting them and a thousand other Visible Power Structures for its own benefit.

What I mean by Domain Independent is that there is a common pattern of behavior, manifest in various places, institutions, and contexts around the world, that "possesses" religious, government, academic, and corporate leaders, causing them to behave in a uniform and predictable way. If a bunch of people behave in the same antithetical way in a wide variety of contexts around the world, you could characterize what they have in common as something like a spirit that possesses them.

There is nothing scary or special about the Tyrants possessed and puppeted by this spirit. They are weak little pawns who surrender their souls to Darkness in exchange for a little Pyramid in The Village to sit at the top of.

There is a recurring Vision of a battlefield, in which an endless stream of thousands of little dragons are flowing from the mouth of a Meta Dragon.

Faced with this situation, what is a Warrior to do?

If we try to go fight all the little dragons, it is only a matter of time before one of the endless stream of Existential Threats destroys us.

The only Way to prevail is to forthrightly confront and overcome the Meta Dragon.

Mired in a sea of little demons, once must identify, confront, and overcome their generative source.

Once the spirit corrupting our religious, political, and corporate institutions manifested itself, attacked us, and left us for dead... was clearly time to Rise and go to War.

After all, this is our purpose here on Earth, known since waking consciousness.

If ever I have to look down and see my daughter suffering under the Tyranny and Oppression of The Dragon and The Giants, I want to make damn sure I died trying to slay them, and wasn't cowering ashamed in some Dark corner of The Village.

I am heading out Beyond The Boundary to go confront and overcome The Dragon in its lair, liberate the captives it holds, and release the Treasure it guards, which is the Collective Inheritance of humanity.

We can use it to regenerate and renew the Earth.

We are all billionaires who could be living in Heaven On Earth, we just don't know it yet, because The Dragon and The Giants are concealing our Treasure and enslaving us in The Caves.

I will die trying to do this alone if necessary, but for God's sake and for the sake of your children and every generation of children to come, please stand and join me.

The Dragon is growing stronger by the day, and the Final Order of Self-Serving Chaos and Tyranny it seeks to establish is almost complete.

In the End... God

Like The Story, Our Story begins and ends with God.

The Keepers of The Caves intentionally confused the Ultimate Reality of God with Religion and Politics in strange ways, and did their best to make humanity forget that God does not dwell in and is not contained by the little religions, dogmas, institutions, buildings, ideologies, and Caves built in The Name.

The divisive religious dogmas, denominations, and statements of faith that the Keepers of The Caves propagated and induced their congregants to bow down to are False Idols, the mere work of human minds and hands who are Absolutely incapable of reducing The Ultimate Mystery Creating and Sustaining the Universe to words.

The Propositional Idols keeping the Family of God divided and conquered must be torn down.

Each one of us could continue nailing the next 95 religious theses to the door of the next religious denomination, but that will only fuel the cacophonous and mind numbing pharisaical debate among the Keepers of The Caves and their various committees.

It is Time to leave all that behind.

The New Covenant of Eternal and Universal Right Relationship between the Creator and All Creation is mediated not by the written letter of The Law, but by The Spirit through which every heartbeat, life, and breath exists, and through the Golden Thread of all that is Wise, Right, True and Good has been written.

In that Deeper Understanding, we are All United as One.

In that Deeper Understanding, we are All moved towards Right Relationship, Right Thought, Right Speech, and Right Action as One Body by One Spirit.

Whereas the thousands of Propositional Idols created by humanity over the last millennia were attempts to base Right Relationship on Propositional Knowledge, the New Covenant is Ultimately Unwritten, and rooted in the Spirit and Non-Propositional Knowledge of an Ultimately Ineffable God.

As we awaken and depart The Caves that kept us divided and conquered in the past, We All now Know, with a Knowing Deeper than words, in the depths of Spirit and Soul, that God is One. The Absolute Unity that Creates and Sustains our Interexistence, our heartbeat, our breath, and our shared Life.

This New Understanding and New Covenant does not in any way abolish or diminish the Sacred Words that have been written in the past. It fulfills them.

IV. The Meta Crisis

Awakening to the Dreadful Realization

As humanity edged its way into the New Millennium, one by one individuals began awakening to the horror of their slumbering and cacophonous captivity within The Caves, with each revelation spreading like a spark of wildfire.

From the first few to hundreds, then thousands, the awakened souls sought out and began to find One Another, sharing Information and collaboratively piecing together the reality of the shared condition they were emerging from and into.

Alarmingly, with each piece of Information shared and every truth uncovered, the reality of their plight deepened, revealing a situation far more dire than any had imagined.

It was bad enough that billions were held captive and asleep in The Caves.

It was bad enough that humanity had forgotten who it was, and was estranged from its Collective Inheritance.

Yet, an even more alarming realization dawned: the entire Human System and Living System had suffered such profound abuse and exploitation by the Keepers of The Caves that a systemic collapse was imminent.

The existing Habitable Order was not just on fire—it was ablaze, with the vast majority still obliviously slumbering within its walls.

The Array of Crises

Gradually, from myriad perspectives, they pieced together the grim reality. With each and every unique observation of an apparently unrelated systematic issue, the evidence of a deep Meta Crisis grew more and more irrefutable.

An awakened scientist revealed that even the rainwater in Earth's most remote areas was tainted with toxic chemicals.

An awakened politician warned that the Keepers of the Caves were steering their captives deeper into World War.

An awakened pastor informed the others that spiritual leaders were being silenced, beaten, ostracized, and even killed if they did not parrot the lines of the Power Structures.

An awakened economist informed the others that the financial, debt, and monetary systems had come unmoored from Reality, and were floating away towards failure and collapse.

An awakened teacher revealed the school curriculums' deep corruption, indoctrinating children into failure, division, dysfunction, despair, and false ideologies.

An awakened worker highlighted the widening opportunity gap between the many and the few that was approaching a critical breaking point.

An awakened farmer exposed how The Giants for decades had been intentionally devastating bioregional food systems and systematically stripping out local production capacity.

An awakened lawyer informed the others that the courts had become so corrupted that they only offered respite to those wealthy enough to be able to manipulate them.

An awakened botanist reported plant ecosystems dying off due to the scarcity of insects and pollinators.

An awakened entomologist informed the others that two thirds of many insect populations had collapsed in an insect apocalypse as a result of habitat loss, pesticides, agricultural chemicals, pollution, and disease.

An awakened zoologist informed the others that two thirds of many animal populations had collapsed for similar reasons.

A reproductive specialist informed the others that the sperm counts of human males had also collapsed by nearly 2/3rds over recent decades.

An awakened doctor informed the others that the food and drink being provided to the Employee Consumer Slaves in The Caves was full of toxic chemicals that inhibited key biological functions and triggered Chronic Inflammation, leading to widespread Chronic Disease.

An awakened oceanographer informed that others that The Giants had been dumping their old weapons into the ocean, and that the metal cases were now rusting away, threatening to further poison the waters of Earth.

An awakened geologist informed the others of vast sites of super-pollution, where military and industrial waste was seeping into the groundwater.

An awakened microbiologist informed the others that much of the collapse in health and life in insects, plants, animals, and humans was actually the result of the destruction of the Microbiome.

An awakened supply chain manager outlined how global supply chains had become critically fragile, teetering on the brink of collapse from minor disruptions, and increasingly coming under attack.

An awakened banker illuminated the historic rates of debt after thousands of years without a Jubilee, and the essential bankruptcy of various tribes and nations.

An awakened psychologist informed the others of skyrocketing rates of mental health issues, addiction, anxiety, depression, and suicide.

An awakened aid worker informed the others of skyrocketing rates of mass migration, and the attendant risks of disease, conflict, and war.

An awakened social scientist informed the others of the degree to which the schools, universities, governments, and other civic institutions had fallen prey to ideological and special-interest capture.

An awakened voter informed the others of the thousands of dollars being spent by the Invisible Power Structures on every vote, the predatory presence of multiple lobbyists for every official, the extent of Regulatory Capture, and the unholy alliances between religious denominations and political parties.

An awakened student informed the others of the youth of the nations being coerced into student debt spirals and lifelong debt slavery in return for failed educations.

An awakened juror informed the others about the extraordinary rates of institutionalization and incarceration in the empires of the Earth, and profound perversions of Justice that disproportionately targeted the poor.

An awakened senior informed the others about the degree of elder abuse and neglect, and the tremendous suffering, loneliness, and alienation of the older generations.

An awakened social worker informed the others about the catastrophic plight of orphans and the foster systems.

An awakened technologist sounded the alarms about the accelerating efforts to deploy artificial intelligence and robotics in war, and the numerous existential threats and opportunities posed by AI.

An awakened cyber security expert warned that the Infrastructure of the Habitable Order was operating on vulnerable systems that had already been infiltrated by enemy actors, who could rapidly cause widespread Chaos, panic and shortages.

It was evident to All that after generations imprisoned in The Caves, any semblance of uniting Vision and Values had been destroyed. Society was divided against itself and the Earth, and rapidly failing.

These are but a small sampling of the stories that specialists in a diverse array of Domains told one another. The varied reports from different perspectives wove together a tapestry of crises, each thread revealing more and more of the underlying Meta Crisis.

In the end, the experience of one confirmed another, and statistically the probability that everything was ok and the existing Habitable Order would survive rapidly approached zero.

The Meta Crisis

Eventually, they came to refer to the crisis of crises they were collectively facing as the Meta Crisis. Capturing the entire panoply of disaster and dysfunction in a single term gave the awakening citizens a way of discussing the issues with a shared language. Soon, an entire shared Lexicon began to emerge, with New Word Tools progressively illuminating complexities that they previously lacked the language to articulate.

The Meta Crisis was an unprecedented Existential Threat that nearly disqualified humanity from ongoing existence aboard Earth. It was a universal challenge that threatened the very fabric of Society, and the Living System that contained it.

Arising from the Way of Being of the Human Species imprisoned in The Caves aboard Planet Earth, they came to understand that the Meta Crisis demanded a profound and historic Citizen Led Response. Before it was too late.

The Meta Crisis demanded a Meta Project in response.

By the early 2020s, The Story escalated to a climactic tension, teetering on the edge of absurd comedy and despair, with the fate of our heroes—and the human species aboard Earth itself—shrouded in uncertainty.

V. The Story of Stories

Time To Awaken, Arise, and Move

Finding them Selves imprisoned in a System on the brink of catastrophic failure, mired in Chaos and Division, and hurtling towards Collapse and World War, something strange happened to humanity.

It was as if the overwhelming intensity of the Cold and Darkness of The Caves, contrasted with the searing heat of the wildfire slowly consuming the Habitable Order, inadvertently conspired to awaken the Citizens as the Vessel of Society accelerated towards The Chasm.

One awakened, and then two.

The awakening was exponential, and spread far more rapidly than anyone would have imagined. It was As If something Deeper was on the move, a Central Animating Spirit sweeping through The Caves and shaking humanity one by one out of their near-fatal slumber.

Awakening in the Darkness, feeling the Searing Cold and the Chilling Heat, hearing The Chains, and catching flickering glimpses of The Chasm, it was obvious to each as they awakened that it was time to arise, liberate One Another, and *Move, Together, NOW.

They may not have known yet Where They Were Going or Why, but it was exceedingly obvious that They Could Not Stay Here.

It was also self-evident that What Had Got Them To Where They Were, Would Not Carry Them Forward To Where They Wanted To Go.

The conditions were perfectly ripe for a quantum phase shift in the patterns of human existence aboard Worksite Earth.

It was time to Light Up The Darkness, exit The Caves, and begin Walking One Another Home.

Reconstructing The Story

The Guides among them were wise enough to understand that without a uniting Vision, they would all perish in The Wilderness that separated The Old from The New.

They were also wise enough to understand that Consciousness fundamentally lays its Self out in a Narrative Framework, such that the Vision had to be contextualized within an overarching and uniting Story.

The Project of resurrecting and reconstructing The Story of humanity aboard Worksite Earth was one of the most profound early challenges of The Quest.

After generations enslaved in The Caves, humanity had entirely lost the plot. It had forgotten Who It Was. It had forgotten Where It Was. It had forgotten How It Had Got Here. It had forgotten Where It Was Going. It had forgotten Why. It had lost the Sacred Vision. It had lost the Sacred Values. It had lost the Divine Blueprints. It had lost The Plot.

The vast majority of them had spent their entire lives asleep in The Caves, mindlessly repeating, day after day, the words of the Keepers of whatever Cave they had been born into.

The words of Keepers of The Caves had been progressively weaponized over the generations, growing ever more insidious and neurotoxic, warping the Neural Architecture of the captives with one primary goal:

To keep them asleep, divided, and conquered.

Above all, the warping of the Neural Architecture was consciously designed to prevent humanity from being able to Know the Truth that would inevitably set them free.

Fortunately, miracles happen and The Spirit was on the move, revealing Truth, healing Trauma and shattering The Chains.

With each subtle realization and death of a falsehood, each awakening being was being healed and transformed from within.

The New Story

Understanding that the Old Stories repeated in The Caves had become deeply corrupted, divisive, and incompatible with Where They Were Going and Why, the early awakeners began co-creating a New Story.

They understood that the Meta Story they would need to reconstruct included a shared Backward Looking Story that contextualized Who They Were, Where They Were, and How They Got There.

Rediscovering Who and Where They Were, they also understood that the Meta Story would need to include a shared Forward Looking Story that contextualized Who They Were Becoming, Where They Were Going, With Who, How, and Why.

The Story of Stories

The Spirit helped them understand that The Story would need to be both a Unity and a Diversity. And in fact that the closer The Story came to Absolute Unity at the Highest Level of Abstraction, the vaster an array of diversity could flourish within it.

They began to refer to the Meta Story as a Story of Stories.

It would be co-created and Emerge as each individual, family, group, tribe, and nation awakened, arose, rearticulated their own Individual And Local Story, and wove their unique Golden Thread of all that was most Wise, Right, Good and True into The Story that was progressively reorienting and reuniting them All.

Day by day, as the Individual And Local threads of The Story were woven into The Tapestry, a clearer and clearer Image began to Emerge.

The clearer the Image became, the more their Imagination opened, and the more Wisdom, Courage, and Strength The Movement gained.

After generations and generations of Darkness, Isolation, and Conflict, they were discovering that they were no longer alone.

As they reconstructed The Story, everyone was consciously aware that what they were constructing was in essence a Myth. For a soon as they articulated a Word and began to Concretize an aspect of The Story, it fell at least slightly short of the ineffable and Absolute Perfection the Spirit was revealing to them.

However at the same time they understood that the New Words they were articulating were only an Icon pointing towards something ineffably and Ultimately Deep, they also knew that the Myth they were co-creating was far more True than the stories they used to believe. In fact, they came to understand that it was the Truest thing they collectively knew, for while it did not precisely and factually reflect the exact experience of each Family, it captured The Essence of the Universal Experience of All Families, Tribes, and Nations.

The Story, composed of the Individual and Local Stories of the billions who were awakening, and unified by One and All, empowered children and adults around the world to once again Dream, Imagine, Hope, and Believe.

As each awakening individual and locality came to the point of articulating their own Forward Looking Story, they were, for the first time, truly free and responsible to reimagine the Way their lives and their world Should Be. They way they would like it to be. The playful energy of a return towards childlike Faith and Imagination swept across The Movement as individuals began sharing and deeply listening to One Another's hopes, dreams, and aspirations. One beautiful imagination fueled the next, ideas began remixing and recomposing themselves, spiraling upward towards Unity, Harmony, Coherence and Perfection, and soon, The Vision of Heaven On Earth was becoming a Progressive Realization in the Minds of All those Awakening.

For the first time in history, they Realized that they All wanted the same essential things, in a vast diversity of unique local ways, and that together, it was entirely possible to Progressively Realize Heaven On Earth. All Creation was longing and crying out together for the revelation of How Things Should, and now Could, Be, and the United Force For Good capable of bringing the Universal Vision into Reality.

The One Thing

The Vision of Heaven On Earth, and the billions of people dreaming it together, was as vast and diverse as the world.

They were delighted to discover that The Vision of Heaven On Earth looked beautifully different for the Achuar tribes of the Amazon, than it did for the Masai tribes of Kenya, than it did for the tribes of the Levant, than it did for the farmers in the plains of Turtle Island, than it did for the grandmothers of the North and the grandchildren of the South.

Yet at the Deepest level, it was clearly One logical, coherent, harmonious Whole. The Divine Blueprints were clearly from One Source, and being brought to Mind and Life by One Central Animating Spirit.

Time and time again, the Right Questions arose: What is the One Thing that unites The Diverse Many? What is the Essence, or Central Animating Spirit, that All the diverse expressions of Heaven On Earth share in common? What is the Golden Thread that weaves together every Wise, Right, and Good Vision of The Future?

They All knew that it was something beyond simple human will or desire. Some thought at first that it was an expression of reunification with Nature. Yet Nature was constantly transforming, ever changing, and continually threatening and testing the Order they were working together to forge. It was true that humanity would need to reintegrate itself harmoniously and coherently within the Living System it was a part of, but there was something even Deeper. Deeper. Deeper.

As they continued to look Deeper, they Ultimately rediscovered the One that united All of its expressions. If you looked Deep enough into any aspect of Creation, you could eventually rediscover It at its Beginning and End. The eternal and unchanging. The unmoved mover. The uncaused cause. The Absolute. The Transcendent Generative Source and Sustainer of the Manifest Universe. The Ultimate Unity giving rise to inexhaustible Creative Diversity that existed through Its Central Animating Spirit.

The One. The Supreme Author of The Story writing its Self through them.

The Creator was inviting them All to become Co-Creators of a Better World.

VI. The Ten Realizations

As The Image of The Story became progressively clearer in everyone's Minds, a series of Profound Realizations began to dawn on them.

Among the hundreds of epiphanies, a small handful began to rise to the top as the Deepest and Most Essential.

Epiphany One: In The Beginning, One

Despite the vast diversity of origin stories among the tribes and nations, the awakened were delighted to discover that nearly all of their stories started with a humble recognition of their Divine Beginning and End.

As they wove the Golden Thread of the New Story, they came to understand that this was not an elementary religious proposition. It was a statement of humility, an acknowledgement that beyond "our tribe" is humanity, beyond humanity is Earth, beyond Earth is Universe, and beyond Universe is the Ineffable Mystery that is creating, sustaining, permeating, and breathing life and breath into All things.

The Ultimate Reality guiding the subsequent transformations of Reality across Space and Time.

That which in English we point towards with Word Tools such as God, Creator, Ultimate Reality, Absolute, Source, One.

The beginning of The Story was different different across the diversity of tribes, and nations, yet All pointed back to One.

The beginning of The Story sounded Something Like:

In the beginning...

...there was nothing but One. All things had not come into being, and no thing existed except that which was possible in the Mind of the One.

In the beginning...

God created the heavens and the earth...

In the beginning…

…the heavens and the earth were joined together as one unit, before We clove them asunder.

In the beginning…

…the earth was a formless and desolate void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters…

In the beginning...

…the world was endless space in which existed only the Creator... The world had no time, no shape, and no life, except in the Mind of the Creator

In the beginning…

…something formless yet complete, born before heaven and earth; silent and amorphous, it stood alone and unchanging, ever present and in motion. We may regard it as the mother of heaven and earth. Not knowing its name, I call it Tao. For lack of a better word I call it Supreme

In the beginning…

...transcendent of every Story, Theology, Philosophy, and Logic is One Absolute, Primordial, First, Deepest, Ultimate Fact, whose Supreme Nature is the Ultimate Ineffable Mystery.

Before and beyond every name; before and beyond every attempt to grasp and comprehend; before and beyond every attempt to institutionalize; before and beyond every temple, idol and representation…

…from the One, All things come into Being, and nothing Exists except through the One.

I Am.

They realized to their great delight that beyond religion, tribe, and nation, In The Beginning, and In The End, The Story was One.

The rediscovery of the Knowledge of God beyond religion swept the Earth like floodwaters, paving the Way towards the New Covenant.

Epiphany Two: One Interexistence

The second great epiphany from The Story was that All things arising from the One were ultimately interconnected and interexistent.

All things were ultimately One Body of Co-Creation.

While The Song of Creation was subtly different in every tribe, those awakening could recognize that the variations were all harmonies in One Divine Symphony.

In each Song of Creation, from One the Creative Field emerges into view, the primordial fabric of unstructured Potential from which, upon which, and through which All things arise.

Ever transcending and hovering over the Chaos of unstructured Potential was something like the Central Animating Spirit.

And in-forming the animation of Potential into Form was something like the Logos, or articulated Word and Logic of God.

The Living Embodiment of the Spirit and Logos of God were All One.

They finally understood the Mysteries of Incarnation and Trinity.

They came to understand that Creation was neither a random accident or a past event, but an ongoing Co-Creative Process that they were being invited to Consciously Participate in.

As if commanded by a Word, the Anti-Entropic Force is set into motion, the formless begins to coalesce into Form, Chaos begins to ascend into Order, and the elementary particles of the universe begin to assemble themselves.

Great processes of clustering, merging, synthesis, and fusion are unleashed.

The Creative Field is moved into its subtlest forms, the subtle forms periodically gravitating into subatomic particles, subatomic particles uniting into nuclei, nuclei into atoms, atoms unite into stars, stars unite into galaxies, galaxies unite into clusters, galactic clusters uniting into galactic superclusters, and the galactic superclusters remaining interexistent aspects of One Body of Co-Creation.

Over epochs and across the infinite field, One universal flower was unfurling its Self in obedience to its Metaphysical DNA, each of its constituents alternately Gravitating into Form, Radiating into Potential, and continuously spiraling up towards Higher Forms of Life and Consciousness.

Perfectly ordered and consistent in Pure Principle and Design, from the highest-level concept to the lowest level detail, One Intelligible and Intelligent Cosmos was Co-Evolving in pursuit of the Spirit, The Logos and The Goal of the One.

Among the billions of galaxies was one whose humans named it Milky Way...

...among whose billions of stars was one whose humans named it Sun...

...among whose many orbiting objects was one whose humans named it Earth.

Among the trillions of planets manifest throughout the Creative Field, the conditions on Earth were perfect for Life.

Graduating from the endarkened understanding of the previous centuries in The Caves, awakening humanity came to deeply and progressively Realize that Earth, and all its inhabitants, were interexistent constituents of One Ultimately Interexisting Living System.

The Logos and the Conditions of Earth had conspired with Spirit to Speak and Breathe forth a vast Diversity of Life.

Among the Diversity emerged a unique being unlike any other, and yet one with them.

Human Beings. Conscious cultivators, guardians, stewards, and Co-Creators of their experience aboard Earth.

Endowed with creative Consciousness, they shared with the One the Image and Power to consciously create and destroy by aggregating and channeling Energy towards Consciously Chosen Goals and Objectives, in response to consciously perceived issues, challenges, needs, threats, fears, desires, and Spiritual Impulses.

For the first time, all those who were awakening to the New Story came to understand their Ultimate Interexistence as incarnate local aspects of One Universal Living System that contained, sustained, and Ultimately United them All.

From this epiphany of interexistence, awakening humanity began to reconceptualize its unique role and Way of Being aboard Worksite Earth, understanding that what each human being did or did not do unto any aspect of the Living System, it did or did not do unto its Self, One, and All.

Finally, the Words of the Prophets and Teachers were being Understood, Embodied, and Enacted.

Epiphany Three: Billions of Backward and Forward Looking Stories

As humanity reconstructed The Story, rediscovered their One Divine Beginning and End, and Progressively Realized their Ultimate Interexistence, the vast Diversity of their billions of unique stories were illuminated in greater detail than ever before.

Far from suppressing their Diversity, the dawning realization of their Ultimate Unity created the fundamental Conditions within which each Individual and Locality could freely express their unique Story without fear, and be Heard, for the first time.

Whereas The Illusion of Separation, the environment of Fear, and the Us vs. Them mentalities fostered by the Keepers of The Caves had suppressed Diversity of Individual And Local expression, the Epiphany of Intereexistence and the Co-Creation of a New Story inherently contained within itself the invitation for every individual and locality to freely and truly express their unique individual and local Story as a valuable and essential part of the Story of Stories.

As more and more individuals, families and tribes awakened and began articulating their Stories, and as those stories began to be deeply listened to for the first time, humanity was delighted to realize that beyond the whitewashed histories and propaganda they had been force-fed in The Caves, a rich Collective Inheritance of billions of unique stories and perspectives longed to be told and heard.

With a New Story big enough to reunite and embrace them All, the vast Diversity was finally free to truly articulate Who They Were, and their unique backwards and forward looking Stories.

Epiphany Four: One Uniting Story

As the vast diversity of individual and local stories poured forth from All those awakening, they were continually reminded that without a New Story and Vision big enough to reunite them All, the emerging Movement would tear itself apart.

As they worked to find out what was Common among their Stories, they discovered that the Deepest and Highest elements of their stories were shared, and that the Deeper and Higher the element was, the more Universally and Eternally it applied.

They began to better understand the concepts of Depth and Degree Of Domain Independence, which in turn Progressively Revealed All they shared In Common.

As they traced the Golden Thread ever Deeper and Higher, they progressively realized that they were interexisting within One Living System that co-operated according to a set of Universal and Eternal Principles and Patterns as One Body.

The Highest and Deepest Principles, Patterns, and Values showed up over and over again as the Golden Thread that United the diverse array of Special Case individual and local instances.

From One, the array of Archetypes. From the Archetypical, the Prototypical. From the Prototypical, the various Instantiations and Incarnations, localized and adapted.

They discovered that the Personalities reflected in their stories arrayed themselves around a diverse-yet-finite set of Archetypes. The Archetypes were like Ideals that defined The Essence of a Category.

They discovered that the Personalities in their stories were motivated by a set of Goals and Values that were shared at the Highest and Deepest levels.

And they discovered that the Experiences reflected in their stories arrayed themselves around a set of Principles and Patterns that revealed the Nature of Society and the Living System.

The more they articulated and listened to their Stories, the more they came to understand The Story of the interexistence of humanity and All Creation aboard Worksite Earth.

They discovered that Experiences in their stories could be grouped into Categories, that The Essence of what the stories in a category shared In Common reflected something like an Archetype or Ideal, and that the total set of Principles, Values, Patterns, Archetypes, and Ideals interexisted in One Coherent and Intelligible Archetypical Narrative Structure that could be mathematically analyzed and studied to reveal new Depths of Collective Consciousness.

The Deeper they came to understand The Story, the more they came to understand that they were not alone. For generations, they had felt isolated. They had been told it was Us vs. Them. They had assumed that they were the only ones who were suffering in these ways. They had assumed that they were the only ones who dreaded their existence in The Caves. They had assumed they were the only ones who harbored these deep Fears, Desires, and Aspirations. They had assumed they were the only ones who longed for a Better World in which they were Free.

As they shared, and as they listened, they realized that they were profoundly United not only by their Divine Origin, by also by the Deepest shared patterns of their experiences, longings, hopes, fears, and desires. And beyond this, as The Story further illuminated the Meta Crisis, it became clear that humanity also shared One Destiny; they would either succeed or fail Together As One.

The Image of The Story grew more beautiful and clear day by day, as more and more individuals, families, tribes, and nations awakened, shared, listened, and wove the Golden Thread of The Tapestry back together.

As The Story illuminated The Narrative Universe big enough to encompass and unite them All, it became easier and easier to orient, navigate, and advance together towards The Goal, and to Help One Another along the Way.

Epiphany Five: One Highest Identity

One of the most profound Realizations that emerged from The Story related to the Deep concept of Identity.

As The Narrative Universe unveiled itself, they realized that after generations enslaved in The Caves, they had forgotten Who They Were.

One of the main features of The Game of Empire and Oligarchy played by the Keepers of The Caves was Divide and Conquer. Part of the logic was to Keep Divided To Keep Conquered.

The two main tools of Divide and Conquer were Fear and Identity, and they worked together. The Wolves would divide the sheep up into groups, categorize and name them, polarize them, and pit them against one another via weaponized Identity Politics. The more Fear they could sow along the lines they claimed divided Us vs. Them, the stronger the Polarization, Hatred and Division between the groups grew, and the more and more enslaved the captives became.

The stronger the fear, hatred, and division between groups grew, the more they dissociated from One Another and That Which They Shared In Common, and the more they Identified primarily with their differences.

Over the generations, this had resulted in the Primary Identity of humanity shifting further and further away from Unity of its Divine Beginning and End, and growing more and more polarized and divided along a vast array of chaotic fractures and fault lines.

As The Story came back together, so too did The Memories of humanity about Who They Were. They remembered that In The Beginning, and In The End, they were All One. They remembered that spiritually, biologically, psychologically, and practically, at the Highest and Deepest levels of analysis, they were All One Family.

One Family of Families. One Tribe Of Tribes. One Nation of Nations. One Story of Stories.

As they looked back towards the Highest and Deepest thing they All shared in common, the One Thing that United the vast Diversity, it always and inevitably stretched out to encompass All of Nature and the Cosmos, and then came back to the One. God. Creator. The Source and Sustainer. The Alpha and the Omega. The Beginning and the End. The I Am.

The remembrance of their One Highest Identity was a crucial turning point in The Story. The memory felt like coming home, and rediscovering the Love and Belonging they had all so desperately been longing for without knowing it.

The revelation of their One Highest Identity as One Family of God did not require that they abandon any of their other Lower Order Names. They had beautiful and treasured individual names. Team names. Company names. Local names. Bioregional names. Tribal names. Group names. National names. And they could keep them all, and celebrate them all, and help each one Arise and Become all it was Uniquely Created to Be.

It was as if everyone who awakened was being simultaneously welcomed home and adopted by The Great Father back into One Family. It was if All peoples, tribes, and nations were streaming back The Great Banquet Table at the top of the Sacred Mountain. They could all retain their individual and local names and affiliations, while joyfully taking back up their Highest New Name and the vast sovereignty, authority, and inheritance that was their as Children of The One King of Kings, from whose gaze the little tyrants being puppeted by the Invisible Power Structures fled and hid themselves.

Epiphany Six: One Highest Citizenship

As the remembrances of the New Story revealed to them their Highest Identity and New Name, it became clear to them simultaneously that their Highest Citizenship was not in any of the SpatioTemporal Earthly tribes, kingdoms, or nations, but in the Universal and Eternal Kingdom of God that United All Creation as One.

Like their Highest Identity, being adopted back into the Highest Citizenship they all shared In Common did not require that they cancel or revoke any of the Lower Order affiliations or citizenships they had previously attained.

It only required that they joyfully and voluntarily take up the New and Highest Citizenship that was the centerpiece of their Collective Inheritance, and all the Rights and Responsibilities associated therewith.

Unlike the previous revolutions that pit Us vs. Them and tore down the Old, this was not a Manifest Revolution. It was a Transcendent Revelation.

As they Voluntarily adopted, and were adopted back into, a New and Highest Citizenship, they discovered that the New Citizenship allowed them to retain the very best features of all that humanity had built over the previous millennia, while also affording the Higher Order Functional Unity required to partner with One and One Another to meet the needs and solve the problems at hand, and Co-Create Heaven On Earth.

It was as simple as voluntarily taking up a New Name, and voluntarily beginning to act out a New Game, together, for the Good of One and All.

Epiphany Seven: One Highest Vision, Aim, and Goal

Before long, The Story had revealed Who They Were, Where They Were, and How They Got There. The Backward Looking Story was nearly complete, even as each Day revealed new mysteries and created New Stories.

As they began weaving their individual and local stories into a shared Forward Looking Story, they discovered a Treasure of Immeasurable Worth.

With each individual and local Golden Thread woven, an Image, or Vision, began to appear in The Tapestry. As The Vision grew ever more clear, excitement rippled throughout The Movement.

It turned out that at the Deepest and Highest level, they all longed for and desired the same Future. In their heart of hearts, they all shared The Vision and the Divine Blueprints of What Should Be. They all intuitively Understood The Universal Vision of The Promised Land.

The Narrative Universe was composed of a diverse array of metaphors, prophesies, personalities, hopes, dreams, and warnings about the future.

On one hand, there were warnings about ending up in places that approached Hell On Earth, imprisoned in Darkness and Oppression for generations. Their Ancestors had been warned about the Hell they were now awakening from, and had proceeded into it anyway.

Yet on the other hand, there was a positive and hopeful Vision of Heaven On Earth that permeated throughout the prophesies. It leapt off the pages, and the Light of Heaven was even Brighter when contrasted against the Darkness of Hell.

It was a Vision of Perfection. It was a Vision of the Ideal. It was a Vision of the Way things Should Be. It was a Vision of the Way we would All like for things to be. It was As If it were written by Love on the Hearts of every Being.

From tribes around the world, the prophesies all pointed to a time when humanity would awaken from a time of deep Darkness, the young and the old would reembrace one another, the masculine and feminine would heal one another, the Eagle and the Condor would fly together, and from North, South, East and West, people from every tribe, nation and people would return to The Great Banquet Table at the top of the Sacred Mountain to rediscover the Way of the One.

And it was prophesied that when the Knowledge of God Covers The Earth Like Floodwaters, the lion would lie down with the lamb, they would beat their weapons into tools of life, and no longer would they train their children to war.

Reunited as One Citizenship Under God, there would be no room for factions, division, or war. United As One, there would be no "them" to war with. All Creation would be reunited as One Body.

War would be obsolete.

Perhaps the most magical part of the Universal and Eternal Vision of Heaven On Earth was that it was not only already perfect, but it continued to get A Little Better Every Day as All Creation worked together in Harmony to cause it to be so.

And so it was that they rediscovered the Creator's Intent for Worksite Earth, and adopted it as their one Highest Overarching and Uniting Vision, Aim, and Goal.

All those who awakened and emerged from The Caves came to share a deep understanding of Where They Were Going, and Why.

The Promised Land beckoned.

Worksite Earth was crying out to be regenerated, renewed, and transformed.

And for the first time in history, it became possible to conceptualize a Unifying System purpose-built to bring The Vision and The Goal into Reality.

Epiphany Eight: One Epic Quest Towards Destiny

Another fascinating feature revealed by the Archetypical Narrative Structure was that across a vast array of unique local stories, The Promised Land was separated from The Caves (the place of slavery, darkness, oppression, and forgotten identity) by a vast Chasm or Wilderness.

They also came to understand that The Quest towards The Goal Of Greatest Worth required that they Progress together along a Way marked by a series of Challenges, Obstacles, and Milestones.

One of the final and most dreadful Challenges was the Existential Threat posed by The Giants who guarded The Promised Land.

Based on the conditions of those in The Caves, the realities of the Meta Crisis, and the heart of Love that desired for none to suffer in slavery, perish in The Fire, or be Involuntarily Left Behind, they patterned The Story after the idea of One human species aboard Vessel Earth, navigating together through the generations on an epic Quest towards Destiny.

In this part of The Story, the adventure required attempting to Move the entire human population, FROM the Old TO the New, within a single generation.

The Epic Quest Towards Destiny, towards The Goal of Greatest Worth, was already under Way.

It was an invitation from One to All, to progress back towards Unity, Harmony, and Coherence through Love.

It was an Divine Invitation from the Creator to arise, reunite as One Body, and Co-Create the Best Possible Future for All.

Epiphany Nine: One Universal War

As much as they All hated to admit it, the Stories from around the world made it clear that like it or not, they had all been born into a world at war. They had not started The War, but if they ever wanted Peace and Harmony, they would have to finish it.

While The War was manifesting in many diverse ways around the world, they came to understand that it was one War of Wars. While the specific instances all had their unique local flavors, the Patterns that were warring with one another were Domain Independent. The Actors in each locality were different, but the Battle Lines were shocking similar.

The ancient stories that were being resurrected and brought together with the New reminded them that The War beginning to engulf the world was not primarily physical or local in nature.

The Domain Independent Patterns at war were Deeper Spiritual Realities, pulling the strings of the various SpatioTemporal embodiments they were puppeting.

Behind the Visible Power Structures were Invisible Power Structures, and behind the Invisible Power Structures were deep, archetypical Spiritual Realities.

While very much a physical Reality on Earth, The War was not primarily physical or local. It was primarily Metaphysical and Universal. The outward manifestations they could see on Earth were merely the Shallow consequences of a far Deeper Universal War 'spilling over' into this Realm of SpaceTime.

To overcome the Meta Enemy, they would have to wage the war as such and prevail On Earth As It Is In Heaven. The Victory could only be attained in partnership with God and the Forces of Heaven. It would have to be simultaneously waged and won in the Metaphysical and Physical Realms.

If they moved and prevailed quickly enough in the Metaphysical Realm, the Physical Wars would naturally cease, and they would transform their weapons into tools of Life.

Epiphany Ten: One Victory and Best Possible Future For All

As terrifying as the prospect of an Epic Quest and Universal Spiritual War was to Many, the silver lining was that when the Force For Good prevailed and Realized The Goal, The Victory would Unite humanity as One, and usher in the Best Possible Future for All.

They discovered a Deep concept in The Story of Stories regarding the idea of a Meta War, a Meta Project, or a Meta Game.

The basic Idea behind the Meta Game was that while All other Sub Games were playing themselves out in the various Domains of Space and Time, there was an Omni-Encompassing Universal and Eternal Game that was also being played on Deeper and Higher planes of Reality.

If the Highest Overarching and Uniting Meta Game could be won, then All other Sub Games would also be won simultaneously. The Victory would become a Meta Victory for One and All.

At the Highest and Deepest Levels of Analysis, The Story, The Quest, The Game, The Project, The War... were all aspects of One Uniting Structure and Experience of Existence.

And so it was established The Goal of The Quest and The Victory of The War could only be accomplished by All for One, and One for All.

United As One, All Things Were Possible.

United As One, they would prevail.

The Reunification of All Creation with One Another and its Source was the only Way towards Victory.

VII. A New System, Strategy, and Plan

Having recaptured The Plot of The Story and reunited around the Most Important Things, they were now progressively illuminating the Darkness of The Caves, and embarking on the Epic Quest towards Destiny.

Moved by The Spirit and the Absolute And Unconditional Love of One for All, and desiring that none should perish or be Involuntarily Left Behind in The Caves, a system, strategy, and plan began to Emerge to move the entire population FROM the Old TO the New.

Out of The Caves, beyond The Boundary, through The Wilderness, and towards The Promised Land.

It would have to happen quickly, before the Habitable Order of The Caves collapsed in on itself and its inhabitants, but it was entirely possible.

By March 2024, The Movement was underway.

The Movement: FROM The Old TO The New

A year earlier in 2023, the awakening and arising Force For Good had come to agree on the broad outlines of a New Vision and Plan.

They understood that to spark The Movement out of The Caves, beyond the Meta Crisis, and towards The Promised Land, all they had to do to begin was whisper the Truth and Pass The Flame in order to ignite the Tipping Point Strategy.

To Spark The Movement, all One had to do was tap back deeply enough into the Source of Light, and Life, and Love to light a single Spiritual candle in the midst of the Darkness, wake up a few others, and Pass The Flame.

One and 1 could awaken 2.
2 could awaken 3.
3 could awaken 5.
5 could awaken 8.
8 could awaken 13.
13 could awaken 21.
21 could awaken 34.
34 could awaken 55.
55 could awaken 89.
89 could awaken 144.

144 could awaken 144,000.

144,000 could awaken 3%.

3% could awaken 70%.

70% could awaken All.

Like water breaking through a dam, all it would take was for the first few Individuals to taste the Light of Liberty and have the Courage to Pass The Flame, and then one by one all humanity could awaken, arise, and join The Exodus.

The strategy and plan for a Whisper Campaign to catalyze The Movement FROM the Old TO the New was forged.

In concert with wisdom keepers from around the world, an early Milestone was established, to Reunite and Move at least 3% of Humanity, ~250 Million strong, Beyond The Boundary by 2026.

There would be many later challenges and battles to confront and overcome as they ventured Together into the Unknown, but for now the Next Steps were clear.

As they approached the Spring Equinox of 2024, after lifetimes and preparation and 7 years of laying the foundational infrastructure, it was time to Light The First Candles and Spark The Movement.

Awakening, Inspiring, and Inviting One By One

As The Awakening Lit Their Candles, whispered, and began to Move together, those who were ready to awaken would hear and begin stirring. As they stirred, those already On The Path would hear the rustling of chains, attend to the awakening, and do whatever was required to inspire and breathe Life and Hope back into the individual.

At the Wise Right Time, they would extend The Invitation to Join The Movement.

Upon accepting The Invitation, the individual would be led through an Orientation and Onboarding Process to ensure they understood The Rules of the New Game, and knew how to follow the Milestones that marked the Way towards The Goal.

To their astonishment and joy, it began working! As the awakened simply Whispered, Passed The Flame, and made their Way towards The Boundary, those who were ready to hear heard.

It was a great relief to discover that they could Navigate Together through The Caves and towards The Boundary while simply ignoring The Cacophony of those who were still asleep and enslaved.

They did not have to worry. They did not have to debate. They did not have to convince. They did not have to engage. They could simply Whisper the Truth, Move, and Listen.

When one who was Ready To Awaken would Hear the Sound of Wisdom, Harmony, and Coherence, they would partially awaken, cease mindlessly chattering the words of the Keeper of their Cave, and begin moving.

As those making their way out of the Darkness of The Caves heard the rustling of chains from others who were awakening and beginning to Move, they would stop and liberate the newly awakened, orient them, set their feet On The Path, and welcome them into The Exodus.

It was like water when it pierces a dam. Just a few drops at first, sneaking their way through the smallest cracks that the Keepers of The Caves had forgotten to seal. But once the first one made it out of The Caves, it was easier for the 2nd... and the 3rd... and the 5th... and the 8th... and the 13th... and the 55th... and the 144th... and the 144,000th...

It was a motley procession. Pale grey bodies, atrophied and weak on the outside but illuminated with strength and power by The Spirit rising within, began to stream past the Milestones that marked the Way beyond The Boundary and towards The Goal. It was immeasurably beautiful. They were rising. They would often have to stop and rest. When one stumbled, the others would steady her. When one fell, the others would lift him up. The Way would clearly be marked by a Process of Healing generations of Trauma. They would have to relearn how Walk Together. They would have to rediscover how to use the Muscles of Freedom. They would have to Practice Tacking Responsibility. The going was slow at times, but they were Awake, and they were Moving, Together.

One by one, The Movement was beginning, and it was now only a matter of Time until All who desired Freedom had awakened, arisen, united, and progressed FROM the Old TO the New.

Structuring The Quest Towards The Goal

The Common Journey, the Epic Quest, of 10 billion people in 10 years, FROM the Old TO the New, had to be carefully Structured, Planned, and Facilitated.

Desiring for Every One to successfully find their Way out of The Caves, through The Wilderness, and to The Promised Land, they had to discover a Way to progressively and systematically Awaken and Move the entire human population, as quickly as safely as possible.

With nearly 400,000 new births each day, and billions of people suffering from the myriad of traumas, diseases and disabilities wrought by their imprisonment and oppression in The Caves, this could not simply be a journey for the young and strong.

It would have to be designed out of Love and Compassion for All, especially for the weakest and most vulnerable.

The Pioneers would have to Awaken and go first, working together to Co-Create The Environment, The Conditions, and The Infrastructure, Systems, Services, and Support to enable and empower 10 billion humans, Traveling By Tribe, to Progress together measurably and reliably towards The Goal.

The Experience would need to be Structured as a Process, where a defined Flow of Transformational Experiences occurred, Informed by Guides and Primes that helped inspire, aid and empower the Awakening Heroes to Heal, Grow, and Progress along the Way.

It all began with a Whisper Campaign, and an Invitation to the Opportunity and Adventure of a Lifetime.

Reestablishing Identity, Sovereignty, and Autonomy

After generations in the slavery and oppression of The Caves, one of the first steps in the Orientation and Onboarding Process was to help each Individual articulate Their Story, and reestablish their Identity, Sovereignty, and Autonomy.

This was not an easy or self-evident task. Deep Trauma and Conditioning marked the souls of every awakening being.

To formalize the Process, each individual articulated a basic Story, Identity, Constitution and Field of Agreements to establish the boundaries of their first Domain Of Responsibility And Authority: their Self.

Without this initial step, they could never truly be Free.

The Story provided an articulated understanding for them and others of Where They Were, How They Got There, Who They Were, Where They Were Going, and Why.

The Identity helped them and others remember Who They Are.

The Constitution reestablished their a priori Sovereignty, Freedom and Independence.

The Field of Agreements established the Rules by which they agreed to conduct their Self.

Together, these documents formalized the first act of Self Governance, reestablishing a Sovereign, Autonomous Conscious Agent, liberated to move and advance towards The Goal of their own Free Will and Volition.

Although the design called for humanity to travel by group and tribe so that no one was trying to accomplish The Quest in isolation, The Process had to begin with the Individual.

For a family, group or tribe to be strong and free, it had to be composed of strong and free individuals.

Entering The New Covenant

For those who recognized that they could not advance beyond The Boundary, through The Wilderness, and towards The Goal in isolation, an Individual Constitution and Field of Agreements was not enough.

Having regained their Sovereignty and Independence, they would have to once again make voluntary Sacrifices and Agreements in order to gain the benefits of collaboration and mutual aid, and remain in Reciprocal Right Relationship with their fellow Travelers.

To establish the Highest Order of Unity, Spirit, and Intention among all Individuals and Groups advancing towards The Goal, the concept of the New Covenant was resurrected and brought to the fore.

As opposed to the lower order transactional and temporary relationships that marked the Old World, Covenant Relationship spoke to the Sacred, Eternal Right Relationship between One and All, between the Creator and All Creation.

The New Covenant, unlike the written laws and constitutions that governed the Old World, was Ultimately Unwritten and mediated by The Spirit.

It was a matter of being impelled from deep within by Spirit, Intention, and Heart, rather than merely complying with the written word.

Although it was unwritten, everyone knew what it meant and required, because it was written on the hearts of all people of Goodwill.

Their individual Stories and Fields of Agreement illuminated it.

The New Covenant, mediated by The Spirit was what enabled The Whole to function as One Body.

The Spirit and Essence of the New Covenant were reflected as closely as possible in what came to be known as the Lionsberg Constitution.

The sole purpose of what they eventually came to call by mythical name of Lionsberg was to Progressively Realize, or Incarnate, The Vision they were progressing towards in partnership with God and One Another.

The Lionsberg Constitution reflected and formalized the New and Higher Order Sovereignty and Citizenship that humanity was transcending into, and established The Commons where infrastructure, resources, services, and support could be aggregated, stewarded, and continuously improved in service of One and All.

All individuals, as a first act of emerging out of isolation and into community, were invited to incorporate by reference the Lionsberg Constitution into their Individual and local Constitutions, thereby voluntarily agreeing to The Rules of the New Game and the New Covenant that invited and enabled All Creation to advance together in Harmony towards The Goal.

Forging and Joining Groups

After reestablishing Sovereignty, Self Governance, Independence, and agreeing to The Rules of the New Game, it was time for each awakening individual to forge or join a group.

The surest way to fail and die in The Wilderness that separated the Old from the New was to attempt to struggle through it in isolation.

The Wilderness would have to be crossed as a Team of Teams, as a Tribe Of Tribes.

Forging and strengthening Groups and Teams that would Adventure together on The Quest towards The Goal was one of the most important functions of The Movement as a Whole.

This Pattern of organizing required that small groups continually reach Agreements on overarching and uniting Purpose and Identity, along with the next set of pragmatic Goals and Objectives that they could tackle together to help them and the Whole advance towards the next Milestones that marked the Way towards The Goal.

The Narrative Structure of Lionsberg called for The Story each Group was telling about Who It Was, Where It Was, How It Got There, Where It Was Going, and Why to be continually refreshed and broadcast out to The Whole and woven into the Story of Stories.

These Group Stories ensured that every Group and Team in The Movement could communicate and understand one another, coordinate, and help one another.

Each Group and Team was encouraged to become Self-Governing, Self-Sustaining, and Self-Replicating. Forged with at least three members to start, successful teams would grow as they tackled more meaningful Quarterly Quests in their Zone Of Optimum Development. As the groups approached ten or twelve members, they would begin preparing to Self Replicate, and then they would split into two Autonomous Teams before they exceeded sixteen members.

This ensured that the most successful Groups and Teams were continually training and developing New Members, and replicating themselves to help The Movement become as capable and powerful as possible.

Quarterly Quests

To allow for flexibility and continual reformation of Teams based on the Wise Right Next Steps, The Movement agreed to synchronize their local and collective Progress and Navigation around a quarterly Battle Rhythm that coincided with The Seasons of the Living System.

The quarterly Battle Rhythm enabled The Movement to rest into a comfortable 90 Day World that was long enough to tackle Meaningful Conversations and Quests, and make meaningful Progress, and short enough to be reasonably predictable and not overwhelming as they ventured into the Unknown Future they were Co-Creating.

Each Autonomous Individual, Team, Locality, Tribe, and Bioregion, understanding the overarching and uniting Vision, Strategy, and Plan, would discern, negotiate, and choose its own Quarterly Quests.

The Quarterly Quests were organized around The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg, as a proxy for the Grand Challenges and Global Goals.

This Work Breakdown Structure enabled Progress and Resource Flows to be prioritized and measured.

Each one was encouraged to choose a Quarterly Quest that would keep them, individually and as teams, in their Zone Of Optimum Development.

If they chose a Quarterly Quest that was too difficult, they would be unable to keep the Commitments they made to one another and to other Teams they were coordinating with.

If they chose a Quarterly Quest that was too easy, they would be failing to learn, grow, and develop, thereby robbing them Selves and the Whole of the latent Gifts and Potential within them.

This required that Individuals and Groups Continually Renegotiate and Realign their Roles and Responsibilities.

Each Quest by each Group was represented as a Story in the emerging Story of Stories...

...and each Story of each Quest undertaken became a Prophesy of even Greater Things To Come as The Movement strengthened and grew.

The Stories of Transformation were reflected in Story Boards.

Over time, the Story Boards began to serve as a Manifesto, Budget, and Plan, driving the Resourcing and Engagement Flywheel.

Crucially, having all Progress occur via small Continuously Learning and Improving Teams enabled the Lionsberg System of Governance and the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System to function, enabling Ecosystemic Flows of Resources and Support.

As the Group Of Groups Organized and Federated to tackle ever-more-meaningful Quests and accelerated Progress towards The Goal, they were soon Co-Creating the Systems and Infrastructure of the New Era in stride.

In the early years, each Quest The Pioneers successfully completed helped Pave The Way and make The Common Journey easier for those still awakening in the Darkness of The Caves.

Progressing as a Tribe of Tribes

Progressing as a Group Of Groups / Team of Teams / Tribe Of Tribes in this fashion was crucial for solving the mysteries of Unity and Diversity.

United by One overarching and uniting Meta Goal, and understanding the shared Vision, Strategy, and Plan, each Team / Tribe / Locality was free to speak their own unique language, embody their own unique culture, manifest their own unique values, Co-Create their own unique processes, and be and do what they wished in the best Way they could locally discern.

Every one was Sovereign, Autonomous and Free, and no Actor had the right to violate the Free Will of any other Actor in their Domains of Responsibility and Authority.

Because all Collaboration was voluntarily forged from the Bottom Up, groups that did not resonate with or understand one another were free to choose to keep some distance to maintain Harmony, while ensuring that fear, factions, and divisions were not permitted to seep into The Movement towards Unity through Love.

As diverse cultures, patterns, and practices flourished across the growing Family of Families, they began to share with One Another their most sacred writings, rituals, traditions, and practices.

Liberated from Fear and United As One, the vast Diversity was free to learn from One Another, and to search for the Golden Thread of Spirit, Wisdom, and Truth that inevitably wove its Self through each of the diverse cultures, languages and perspectives as they struggled through the millennia towards The Goal.

The Movement as a Whole was tremendously strengthened as the most Wise, Right, True and Good Ideas, Practices, and Learnings rapidly cross-pollinated themselves across the ecosystem, synergizing to bring forth entirely unexpected and delightful New Creations and Advances that no one could have anticipated.

The Minimum Standards of Interoperability embodied by each individual, team, and locality in The Movement ensured that energy, communication, resources, and most importantly, Trust were able to Flow throughout The System as a Whole as they progressed as a diverse Tribe Of Tribes towards The Goal.

Challenges, Obstacles, Issues, and Opportunities

As the first Teams ventured out into the Unknown and began tackling Quests, they immediately began encountering the Obstacles, Issues and Challenges that would inevitably arise to stand in their Way.

As Teams set out on their Quests they would inevitably have a member fall into a Pit, get caught by a Trap, or be swept away as they tried for cross a river.

They would inevitably encounter Conflicts, either internally, or with hostile tribes in The Wilderness.

They would inevitably have to figure out what Roles they each were going to Play, and how they were going to practically divide up the Work and function as Team.

They would inevitably encounter difficulty agreeing on the next Goals and Objectives they were going to tackle, or their order, priority, and sequence.

They inevitably would fear running out of Resources, and have to discern how to Resource their Work.

They inevitably would struggle to follow The Rules and embody The Practices that they had agreed to.

They inevitably would struggle with Accountability to One Another and The Whole.

They inevitably would struggle to request, secure, and make the necessary Commitments required to Succeed in their Quests.

They inevitably would have to figure out how they were going to Solve Issues and Make Decisions.

They inevitably would have to figure out how they were going to Govern them Selves, and participate in the Governance of The Whole.

They inevitably would have to figure out how they were going to cross the rivers, scale the mountains, and navigate through the jungles that stood between them and The Promised Land.

They inevitably would have to figure out how they were going to respond to Targets of Opportunity or Existential Threats that Manifested along the Way.

They progressively came to Realize that ninety percent of the Challenges, Obstacles, Issues, and Opportunities they faced were common to All.

As they began to build their shared Lionsberg Lexicon, they called the issues they All shared in common General Issues, General Needs, and, General Problems.

And they began to refer to those very few issues that were truly unique to a given team, time, or place as Specific Issues, Specific Needs, and Specific Problems.

It was similar for General Opportunities and Specific Opportunities.

For the General Issues and Needs, they began to Continuously improve a set of General Solutions, that were stored in The Prototype and The Commons.

This ensured that every Individual and Group was equipped with the basic Tools they needed to confront and overcome the challenges they All would face at one time or another along The Common Journey.

Solving General Issues Systematically, in a Way that could be Continuously Improved for the Good of All, became a very important part of the emerging Culture of The Movement.

Shared Infrastructure, Resources, and Support

After growing frustrated watching each Team fall into the same pits and struggle in isolation to Reinvent The Wheel, The Movement determined that one of the most important determinants of Success would be the Continuous Improvement of The Commons of shared infrastructure, resources, and support that connected, equipped and empowered All Individuals, Teams, and Localities.

They further resolved to Do The Hard Work Our Selves To Make It Easier For Those Who Come After Us.

Because No One Could Enter The Promised Land Unless And Until All Could Enter The Promised Land, there was no reason for the early Teams to race ahead into The Wilderness. That would only serve to isolate them as other slower Groups struggled to Follow and Fell Behind.

Instead, as each of the early Teams encountered a General Obstacle or Issue, they would slow down and Do Their Best to forge a General Solution, and to help the next Groups Implement it.

For instance, when The Pioneers came to a river, understanding that millions would be coming after them, including many who were young, old, mothering, sick, or requiring extra support for any number of reasons, instead of powering across the river because they were able to, they would Slow Down and use their Greater Strength and Skill to build at least a rudimentary bridge that could be Continuously Improved by each Team who came along after them.

This benefited The Pioneers by establishing stronger Supply Lines and Communication Lines between The Vanguard and The Rear of The Movement, while saving the blood, sweat, energy, and tears of the following Teams for the new Challenges to be confronted and overcome as they ventured Deeper into The Wilderness.

While the going was rough for The Pioneers, each of the subsequent Lionsberg Cycles of Growth found the Way to be easier and The Milestones more Clearly Marked.

The Teams in each Cycle developed a Practice of deep Gratitude for the hard work and effort of The Pioneers who had Paved The Way for them, both in the current and Previous Generations, and reciprocated by Doing Their Best to leave every aspect of The Common Journey A Little Better than they found it. As the Supply Lines opened up, they also made sure to push knowledge, resources and support ahead to The Pioneers who were still leading the Way out into Unknown.

Based on the timeless Wisdom of the Tithe, a Culture developed in which each Team would dedicate at least the First Tenth of its available Flow of Time, Energy, Resources, and Attention to strengthening, empowering, coordinating, and improving the Strength, Wellbeing, and Progress of The Whole, while focusing the remaining ninety percent on its own individual and local Quests.

This creating exponential cascading benefits for each Individual, Team, and Locality as The Movement grew, and the small Sacrifice of each Team was reciprocated by a growing Commons of infrastructure, resources, and support far beyond what Any could have ever accessed in Isolation.

With each Cycle of Expansion, The Commons of shared infrastructure, resources, and support Flowing across The Movement grew richer and more empowering for All.

Day by day, the Path towards The Goal opened up, welcoming the subsequent wave of The Movement into its growing embrace.

Governance and Navigation

One of the most significant Challenges and Opportunities on The Quest was Governance.

Liberated from The Caves and out in The Wilderness with Life and Death, Success and Failure at stake, the day to day Process of Governance and Navigation became crucial.

Out Here, there were no Keepers to tell them What To Think and What To Do. Freedom, Sovereignty, and Autonomy came with the Cost of Responsibility.

As they deeply considered the issue of Governance, they remembered that the word “Govern” derived from the Latin meaning “To Steer”.

It begged a very literal question: How do we Individually And Collectively navigate and steer our Vessel(s) towards The Goal? Towards the Better Future we All desire?

Having fixed our Aim, how do we get from Where We Are to Where We Are Going?

Having learned from the Story of The Exodus, they knew that they had to Walk The Line between Chaos and Order. An excess of either could prove fatal.

They also knew that their System of Governance would need to transform and continually improve to Meet The Needs, Solve The Problems, and Accomplish The Goals at hand as The Movement grew and advanced towards The Goal.

The Pioneers had it easy. Alone in The Wilderness, the first few teams could govern them Selves, communicate, and navigate together by intuition and on an ad hoc basis.

However as The Movement grew from dozens, to hundreds, to thousands, and eventually to millions and beyond, any system that was either too centralized or too decentralized would be doomed to failure and collapse.

Especially when The Giants attacked.

In The Wilderness with life and death At Stake, the shared System of Governance was perhaps the most crucial aspect of their shared infrastructure.

The Lionsberg System of Governance was designed to emerge and evolve from the bottom up in response to the realities of The Quest.

Fractal in nature, it was rooted in the fundamental understanding of the Sovereignty and Autonomy of each Individual, Group, and Locality, coupled with the pragmatic necessity of the Higher Order Functional Unity required to Avoid Failure and Succeed.

In accordance with the principle of Subsidiarity, it required that every Decision be made at the least-centralized level possible.

The Individual

The first level of fractal governance in the system was rooted in the Self Governance, Sovereignty, and Autonomy of every Individual.

First Degree Groups

Following the Rule Of Three, it encouraged Individuals to self-organize into First Degree Groups of at least Three in order to Progress together and tackle Meaningful Conversations and Quests.

Following the Rule of Sixteen, it encouraged Groups to split and Self Replicate prior to exceeding sixteen members.

These constraints defined the First Degree Group Size.

Bounding the fundamental unit of Decision Making, Questing, and Progress in Self-Governing, Self-Sustaining, and Self-Replicating Teams of 3 to 16 Individuals established the basic framework for decentralization, empowerment, Self Governance, and subsidiarity across The Movement

Second Degree Groups

Following the same logic, it encouraged Groups to self-organize into Second Degree Groups.

Whereas First Degree Groups were composed of Individuals, Second Degree Groups (and higher order groups) were Groups of Groups.

Like First Degree Groups, Second Degree Groups were also encouraged to follow the Rule Of Three and the Rule of Sixteen, meaning that a Second Degree Group should contain at least three, and no more than sixteen, First Degree Groups.

This established an average Second Degree Group Size of 100 to 200 individuals. Second Degree Groups often discovered that as a healthy Group of Groups approached 150 total members, it was Wise to begin preparing to become Self Replicating by splitting the growing group into two smaller groups, that could then each continue growing, developing, and Self Replicating.

The Governance Circle, or Stewardship Council, of each second and higher degree group was composed of one Elder nominated by each of the lower degree groups that composed it. This ensured that the governance circle at each level of analysis was composed of a circle of the three to sixteen individuals considered most wise and capable of Higher Order Wisdom, Discernment, and Governance by the members of each constituent group.

Third and Higher Degree Groups

This fractal organizing principle continued all the way up to the highest levels of analysis, with The Whole of The Movement at any given point in time being composed of no less than three, and no more than sixteen Groups of Groups advancing as One Body towards The Goal.

Assuming an average of 10 per group, and 10 groups per Group Of Groups, this meant that:

  • First Degree Groups were composed of approximately 10 individuals
  • Second Degree Groups were composed of approximately 100 individuals
  • Third Degree Groups were composed of approximately 1,000 individuals
  • Fourth Degree Groups were composed of approximately 10,000 individuals
  • Fifth Degree Groups were composed of approximately 100,000 individuals
  • Sixth Degree Groups were composed of approximately 1,000,000 individuals
  • Seventh Degree Groups were composed of approximately 10,000,000 individuals
  • Eighth Degree Groups were composed of approximately 100,000,000 individuals
  • Ninth Degree Groups were composed of approximately 1,000,000,000 individuals
  • The Tenth Degree Group composed All Humanity, up to 10,000,000,000, into One Body

Because the sizes of the tribes varied, the Tenth Degree Group ended up composing the Whole of Humanity into Twelve Tribes.

The Highest Level of Analysis

The Whole was continually ReUnited As One Tribe of Tribes / Group of Groups, progressing towards One Vision and Goal.

The establishment of Highest Order Functional Unity via the Lionsberg System from the outset ensured that The Movement could never fracture or fragment. No matter how the Tribe Of Tribes morphed and reconfigured itself as The Movement grew, Unity enabled by Spirit, Truth and Love eternally remained the essential requirement.

The Fractal arrangement ensured that Legislative, Judicial, and Executive functioning were distributed in an optimally decentralized way throughout The Body in accordance with the principle of Subsidiarity, helping each Individual, Group, and Locality grow as strong and functional as it possibly could.

Communicating, Making Decisions, and Solving Issues

The various levels of organization were double linked to one another by the Systems of Communication and Coordination.

In the event that a First Degree Group could not solve an issue, the issue would be elevated up the Escalation Ladder to the Stewardship Council of a Second Degree Group it was a part of.

In the even that the Second Degree Council could not solve the issue, it would continue to be elevated to higher level Governance Circles until it was finally resolved.

The System of Communication ensured that information regularly and systematically flowed across The Movement, keeping everyone informed and ensuring optimum Decision Making at each of the Levels of Analysis.

Co-Creating the Systems and Structures of the New World

As the advancing Teams encountered issues, needs, and opportunities, they were solved systematically, and the General Solutions were cross-pollinated across The Movement.

Soon, the Lionsberg System of Systems began to take shape.

From basic needs like food, water, and shelter, to more complex systems of economic provisioning, governance, justice, society, and culture, and Lionsberg System and Toolkit ensured that each Individual, Group, and Locality was fully empowered to develop towards the fullness of their unique potential, by helping one another flourish.

Each and every issue and challenge they encountered in The Wilderness was a Gift, for it called forth a carefully crafted Solution that solved the issue not only for those who encountered it, but for All who would come after.

Liberated from the false constructs of division, separation, competition, and Us vs. Them, the most advanced ideas, solutions, and technologies were rapidly cross-pollinated across The Movement as they emerged. Unexpected Synergies continually surprised and delighted, unleashing new benefits and capabilities that accelerated Progress.

Issue by issue, obstacle by obstacle, they co-created the The Commons of Systems and Solutions required for helping One Another flourish, even in The Wilderness that separated the Old from the New.

The Systems were constructed around The Commons and The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg, ensuring that every aspect of Life and Society was properly attended to.

Soon, they began to forget about the defunct systems of governance, economy, society, and ideology they had suffered under in The Caves of the Old World.

The more functional and Free they became as One Body, the less they needed the Old Systems and Structures. Some of the Old Systems were incorporated into the New. Others slowly faded away. Others that were harmful were forthrightly abolished.

By Identifying And Solving Issues and Opportunities, they were co-creating and learning to co-operate the Systems and Structures of the New World as Advanced Together towards The Goal.

By the time they reached The Promised Land and inaugurated the New Era, they were already Embodying the New Systems, Structures, and Norms.

Day by Day, Heaven was coming to Earth.

VIII. Confronting and Overcoming The Giants

Grappling with Obstacles in the Way

As The Movement advanced they encountered a vast array of Challenges and Obstacles that marked the Way towards The Goal.

Far from growing discouraged when Obstacles manifested, they came consider each one a unique Gift and a marker Progress.

In fact, over time they discovered that their Progress was directly proportional to their willingness to forthrightly confront and overcome the most difficult Conversations and Obstacles that stood in their Way.

The magic in the Obstacles was that they called forth not only the coordinated Work required to address them, but they also required that The Movement Become the kind of Body capable of confronting and overcoming such a Challenge.

The learning and growth did not primarily occur on the bright and sunny days when the Universe was at rest and the wind was at their backs, but when they were forced to grapple together with the most difficult Realities that manifested in the Way, objected to their Progress, and threatened their ruin.

The full array of Challenges, Obstacles, and Existential Threats they had to overcome will be told in other sagas to come.

For now, we will focus on one of the most frightening and daunting episodes; which is the Story of The Giants.

The Giants - Fear and Trembling in The Wilderness

The further they ventured into The Wilderness, the more Perspective they gained and the clearer they were able to see the dynamics of The Caves and the Meta Crisis they were advancing Beyond.

From inside The Caves of the Old World, it was nearly impossible to see what was happening.

However looking back at them from Beyond, things became more clear.

In fact, the Higher they ascended up the Sacred Mountain and towards the New, the more clearly they could see back down to specifics and features of the Old that had kept them and their ancestors imprisoned and enslaved for so many generations.

The Keepers of The Caves had constituted the Visible Power Structures of the Old World. Sometimes they had called themselves Kings, sometimes Presidents, sometimes Prime Ministers, sometimes Pastors, sometimes Priests, sometimes Professors, sometimes Parliament...

...however as they ventured out Deeper into The Wilderness, they discovered to their horror that what the vast majority of them actually had been were Puppets.

While at the time the Puppets had seemed intimidating and threatening enough in their own right, a far more intimidating set of Invisible Power Structures was pulling their strings.

As The Movement gathered momentum, the last holdouts in The Rear began to exit The Caves, and The Pioneers at The Vanguard began to catch glimpses of The Promised Land, there was a moment when the strings connecting the Puppets to their Puppeteers became visible.

The strings led all the Way from The Caves, through The Wilderness, and to the boundaries of The Promised Land, which The Pilgrims discovered to their horror was Possessed by The Giants.

The Giants were a class of soulless abstractions, who had grown exceedingly powerful by dwelling beyond the Realities of the Old World, and parasitically preying on its inhabitants from Beyond.

The Invisible Power Structures puppeted the Keepers of The Caves from afar, pulling their strings, feeding them words to speak, and parasitically siphoning off energy, attention, and resources from those held captive in The Caves they had constructed.

It was an mind boggling, ingenious and frightening system of exploitation.

From within The Caves, it had appeared that there were hundreds of competing nations, thousands of competing tribes, and millions of competing businesses.

Looking back down from the boundaries of The Promised Land, it became clear to The Pioneers that The Cacophony of The Caves was a surficial construct meant to keep Us afraid, divided, and conquered.

The Invisible Power Structures were far Deeper and more collusive than they could have imagined.

And The Giants guarding The Promised Land were preparing for War.

With fear and trembling, The Pioneers reported what they were discovering, and shockwaves began to ripple through The Movement.

The War

There is not room in this first short story to tell the tale of The War. That will come later in The Story. You could not believe it anyway.

For now, remember to always look Deeper. Always look Beyond.

Beyond the Visible Power Structures are the Invisible Power Structures, beyond the Invisible Power Structures is the Spiritual War, and beyond the army of demons is The Dragon, from whose mouth the forces of Darkness pour.

The Spiritual War can only be waged and won at the Deepest Level; in the metaphysical realm; in partnership with God.

The perceived enemies in any domain are mere Puppets of the Domain Independent Spirits and Patterns possessing them.

Be on the alert, but do not fear them.

Remember the Meta Game. Remember the Meta War. Remember the Meta Quest towards the Meta Goal.

Our Way is to secure the Highest Victory that brings simultaneous Victory in All other Domains.

Look Deeper. Look within. The battle begins there.

Within our own souls, and then our own families, and then our own communities, and then our own tribes, and then our own nations is where the battles must be fought.

The Enemy and The Battle are not "Out There" - they are Here. Now. Within.

We will prevail in it Together.

"Wake up!"

"Where are you taking me?"


"Beyond what?"

"Beyond the Boundary."

IX: Embarking on The Quest - Next Steps

If you can hear Us, wake up and arise. It is time to Move.

Quickly, before it is too late.

The Order you thought you were living in is collapsing into Chaos.

Do not worry. There is hope. There is a Way towards Freedom.

Here is The Flame.

  1. Light Your Candle so you can See as we Move Together.
  2. Join The Movement
  3. Forge or Join a Group to Move with. No one should travel alone.
  4. Pass The Flame

If we can each find just one other soul awake enough to Pass The Flame to each week, The Movement will become unstoppable, and All Things will Become Possible through Our Unity.

Together, Anything Is Possible.

To take the first step on this historic adventure, visit and Join The Movement.

It is that easy. Simply Join The Movement and Pass The Flame, and Together we will Light up the Darkness and Walk One Anther Home.

Stay tuned... you won't believe what happens next in The Story.

X: Tools For The Journey

We are assembling an array of infrastructure, tools, and technology in The Commons to help Individuals, Groups, and Localities Progress along the Way towards the Fullness of Individual, Local, and Collective Potential.

The Lionsberg Co-Creator Handbook is a great place to begin.

The Lionsberg Wiki Books lay out the concepts in an array for formats for deeper exploration and discussion.

The Lionsberg Toolkit is emerging.

The Lionsberg System and Platform will steadily make a growing array of infrastructure, services, and support available to facilitate the poly-centric localization and adaptation of the General Solutions necessary to enable every individual, family, community, and bioregion of the world to flourish in harmony.

Above The Chaos will keep you in touch with Jordan's Voice and Perspective as The Movement unfolds.

If you have Questions, feel free to email them to, and I will do my best to prioritize, batch and respond to them on Above The Chaos.

Let's Go.

With Love, In Community,

~ J