To accomplish things they cannot do in isolation, Individuals Organize and Federate into Groups.

Small, effective groups and teams are the basis of execution in the System. Small groups, generally of 3 to 20, are the core nodes of community, life, and action in the Lionsberg System.

Groups inalienably possess all inherent Rights And Responsibilities of Individuals via the Individuals that compose them.

Each Group should do their best to Co-Operate a Group Instance of the Lionsberg System to help them discover and achieve the fullness of their unique Potential while advancing towards their Aim.

The Group Instance is critical to ensuring that the Whole has Integrity, as a result of the Core System Components co-operating with Integrity at every Fractal level.

To accomplish things they cannot do on their own, Groups Organize and Federate by forming Sub Groups and Super Groups.

In general, Groups:

  • Have a defined Aim / Goal
  • Have responsibility and authority in a Domain
  • Have defined Roles
  • Process and Solve Issues
  • Make decisions based on Discernment and Consent
  • Have Links to other Groups that produce energy and information flow, and alignment.

Snapshot of Lionsberg | Meta Project Groups

To date, people have expressed interest in the following groups, which may emerge as resources, time, and attention are available to devote to them.

Catalist Meta Project Groups Page (

Architect Working Group
Bootstrap Funding
Declaration and Constitution Group
Funding Group
Game Design
Infrastructure Group
Landing Page Group
Map Weavers Group
Metrics of Progress and Contribution
Needs Tracker
Social Architecture
Tech Working Group
Wiki Gardening

List of potential Meta Project groups from Catalist (click share arrow on Overview to get current list):

Branding and Messaging
Call Artifacts Publishing
Communications and Social Media
Community Building
Community currency
Core Advisory Execution Team
Creative / Media / Arts
Crowd Source Think Tank Game Declaration and Constitution Group
Effectiveness, Pragmatics, and Ethics
General Resources
Governance and Patterns
Grant Research and Writing
Harvesting and Composting
Help Desk
Metrics and Measurement
Onboarding / Training / Mentoring
Outreach to Others
Plans and Specifications
Platform Administration
Process and Program Management
Project Management Guild
Resourcing Group
Skills and Passions Spreadsheet
Social Dimensions
Start Page Keepers
Story Sovereign
Strategy and Messaging
Tools and Technology
Wiki Posse
Wisdom Council

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