Above The Chaos, Reconciling the Critical Path, and Confronting and Overcoming The Giants

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March 10, 2024

I have recently been rereading Critical Path by Buckminster Fuller, one of the few I have discovered who have also truly attempted to grapple with an Omni-Considerate plan for Worksite Earth. I have also been synthesizing the learnings from Grunch of Giants.

Not unlike Bucky, I am setting out to see what an unknown individual, operating only on behalf of all humanity, the Creator, and All Creation, might accomplish in advancing Creation towards its Best and Highest Destiny.

“Which Omni-Human advantaging task, attemptable by the individual, is inherently impossible of accomplishment by any nation, private enterprise, religion, or other multipeopled, bias-fostering combination thereof.”

I deeply value the ability to cross-check and triangulate logic.

This is a long post, but I believe crucial reading to anyone who wants to understand the New Vision and Plan. Without understanding the the entire current order is fraudulent and about to Collapse, a 10 Year Grand Strategy to move All Humanity FROM the Old TO the New will not make any sense, and some might be tempted to waste time looking for political or economic solutions within the Existing Order that is Collapsing on them.

For more on the role of the Invisible Power Structures and The Giants see Above The Chaos, Censorship, Free Speech, and the End of America As We Thought We Knew It. It is crucial to link the "Deep State" elements in with the issues below, and that post traces the rise of The Blob of state actors post World War II.

For a far simpler take on how we as individuals can rapidly connect to meet this moment in history, see Above The Chaos, An Astonishingly Simple Plan. Then Light Your Candle, and Pass The Flame.

The Multi-Generational Strategy and Plan

Whereas the first 50 years (and the millennia beforehand) required primarily the co-creation of the Knowledge and Technology that make the implementation possible, the 10 Year Grand Strategy requires the co-creation of the systems and structure required to “pull” the entire human population through the transformation FROM the Old TO the New, and to ensure that each and every family on Earth is abundantly provisioned by the poly-centric implementation, localization and instantiation of the The Prototype, which orders within itself as a “kit of parts” the artifacts, tools, technologies, systems, and processes required for life and society to flourish.

Bucky’s insight into the English Empire as the first closed-loop world system, and his insight into the requirement for a post-nation-state Omni-Integration of all localities, tribes, and nations into some form of Higher Order Functional Unity, points the way towards the co-creation of a closed-loop Human System co-operating in support of the eternally regenerative flourishing of the Living System.

The Lionsberg System is purpose built for this objective.

Everything else becomes possible as reunite and become One Body, advancing together towards The Goal. So Light Your Candle, and Pass The Flame.

Most of the words below are Bucky’s, synergized with mine, to bring out something New and entirely unpredictable from either. This is the Way we Co-Create the New.

Building The Movement, and Transforming The World

The 10 Year Grand Strategy can be thought of in two parallel streams:

  1. Building The Movement
  2. Transforming, renewing, and regenerating our lives and our world

To build The Movement, Light Your Candle, Pass The Flame, and illuminate the Darkness.

As we become One Body and Progress out The Caves via the Lionsberg Cycles of Growth, we begin engaging together in the Meta Project to Progressively Realize the Creator's Intent for Worksite Earth.

This involves Citizen Led Joint Ventures around each of The 12 Pillars of Lionsberg to enable individuals and localities meet the needs, solve the problems, and accomplish the goals at hand.

The resulting pattern is the local and bioregional poly-centric implementation and adaptation of shared solutions and technologies. This ensures the sovereignty, autonomy, and local relevancy of each instance of The System, while eliminating the need for each locality to reinvent the wheel, and enabling Interoperability and Resource Flows across The Body.

Bucky focused less on building The Movement, and more on the 10 Year Grand Strategy to transform our Weapons into tools of Life.

Below is the beginning of reconciliation and synergy of key ideas, bringing everything up to date for the present moment.

Note that the fraudulent and corrupted nature of the Collapsing Existing Order demands a holistic and rapid transformation FROM the Old TO the New.

Reconciling and Synergizing Key Ideas

Context: The Meta Crisis

  • Humanity is moving deeper into a Crisis without precedent.
  • As individuals and society more vividly realize the arrival of historically unprecedented and ever-more-frequently-occurring crises, there will be a dawning Awareness of the availability of a Potentially Effective Yet Unfamiliar means of confronting and overcoming them, Together.

The Grand Strategy

The Apollo Project - A Metaphor for the 10 Year Grand Strategy

  • When faced with the grand challenge of the Russian’s initial space-operating accomplishments, the United States launched a generational Apollo Project, which first had to do all of the tasks here on Earth preparatory to ferrying a team of humans to the moon, landing, and safely returning to Earth.
  • There were obvious first things first to be accomplished—second things before third things and 7308 things before 7309 things. Some were going to take longer than others. There would be a pattern of start-ups and lead-ins of differing time lengths. This complex, shad-bone-like pattern would be known as “the Critical Path.”
  • The Critical Path of overall human history’s technological evolution involved two million 1 things that had to be done before blast-off of the first Earth-to-Moon ferrying-over-and-back.
  • Fortunately early humans, having no knowledge that what they were doing would someday lead to humans safely visiting the Moon, had already accomplished one million of those essential tasks before John Kennedy allocated the federal funds to accomplish the remaining one million…
  • …within the Critically Effective Time Limit.

The Meta Project and 10 Year Grand Strategy

  • We, the human species, having accomplished those previous two million one things, are now faced The Grand Challenge of safely landing 10 billion humans in the New World in 10 years, and thereby ushering in the New Era which will persist through this New Millennium and Beyond.
  • The Goal Progressively Realized will result in the conversion of the All Humanity and All Creation into an integrated, Omni-Harmonious, economically successful, One Family.
  • This marks The Transformation - FROM the Old TO the New.
  • FROM a state of Omni-Disintegration, fragmentation, anxiety, and dysfunction,
  • TO a state of Omni-Integration, Omni-Success, Omni-Coherence - a completely integrated, comprehensively interconsiderate, and harmonious Whole.

The Critical Path

  • In undertaking our Critical Path development of a Practically Realizable Means of bringing about All Humanity’s spontaneous transcendence and escape….
  • FROM fearfully ignorant self-destruction
  • TO an unprecedentedly high Standard Of Living and Quality Of Life for All
  • to be accomplished within the Critically Effective Time Limit of a single generation
  • we are being taught to immediately undertake The Greatest Task
  • With thorough Commitments of Attention to every detail.
  • We are being taught by all the foregoing to assume as closely as possible the viewpoint, the patience, the Wisdom, and the competence of God.
  • The Creator is inviting All Humanity to become Co-Creators of a Better World
  • From this standpoint, the Creator's Intent for the Universe becomes the Designer's Intent for Worksite Earth, and the Meta Project becomes a Reality.
  • Faced with the Meta Crisis, it has to be Everything For Everybody, or oblivion.
  • This is the heart and essence of the Lionsberg Meta Project.

The Role of the Individual

  • We are attempting to discern what God permits us to Know, and preferably to Do, if we humans are to continue to qualify for ongoing existence in Universe.
  • Our driving conviction is that All Humanity is in peril of extinction if each of us does not dare, now and henceforth, always to tell only the Truth, and all the Truth, and to do so promptly - right now.
  • The continuance of the human species now depends upon:
      1. The intuitive Spirit and Wisdom of each and every individual
      1. The Individual’s comprehensive informedness
      1. The individual’s integrity of speaking and acting only on the individual’s own self-intuited-and-reasoned Initiative
      1. The Individual’s joining action with others, as motivated only by the individually conceived consequences of so doing.
      1. The Individual’s never-joining action with others, as motivated by crowdgenered emotionalism, political or ideological propaganda, or in fear of holding to the course of one’s own Spiritual and Intellectual convictions.
  • We are seeking to discover what can be accomplished by relatively penniless, unknown Individuals, co-operating only on behalf of and in service to the Creator, All Humanity, and All Creation…
  • …Which Omni-Considerate advantaging task, attemptable by us as individuals, is inherently impossible of accomplishment by any nation, enterprise, religion, or other multi-peopled, bias-fostering combination thereof.
  • To be our Selves, and nobody else, in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and to never stop fighting.

The Role of Small Groups and Teams

  • Recognizing that anything of significance that needs to be done cannot be accomplished in isolation, Individuals must work together.
  • The optimal unit of human organization and action is small groups or teams of 3 to 16 Individuals.
  • In an Omni-Considerate, decentralized, simultaneous, world-around approach, these teams cannot and should not be controlled from the top down.
  • Each Group or Team must be Self Governing, Self Sustaining, and Self Replicating.
  • The decentralized Team of Teams approach enables Self Governing Teams, of their own Free Will, to collaborate to create transformative local impact in their Domains of Responsibility and Authority.
  • The Lionsberg System further ensures that these Quests are undertaken in a Way that:
  • This allows for the poly-centric localization, adaption, and instantiation of an Interoperable Solutions Set being continuously improved to Meet The Needs, Solve The Problems, and Accomplish The Goals at hand in each community, watershed, bioregion, etc.

The Role of Living Systems Data

Education and Awareness

  • 99% of humanity Does Not Know that We All have the option to “make it” socially and economically on this planet.
  • We therefore must transmit the minimum information and experiential learning…
  • …leading to ultimate comprehension of the fact that humanity now, for the first time in The Story, has the realistic opportunity to collaborate to transform our lives and our world into one omni-considerate harmonious family that is sustainingly successful.

Is There Enough?

  • In the face of widespread scarcity, hunger, poverty, debt and privation, it is easy to ask “Is There Enough?“.
  • The answer is absolutely yes. It is entirely possible for every family on Earth in the New Era to enjoy a Standard Of Living and Quality Of Life that is Better than what Any has enjoyed in the past.
  • The overall design of humanity’s present social, economic, and political structuring and the physical technology it uses wastes 90 to 95 out of every 100 units of the energy it consumes.
  • Neither the great political and financial power structures of the world, nor the specialization-blinded professionals, nor the population in general realize that sumtotally the omni-engineering-integratable, invisible revolution in the metallurgical, chemical, and electronic, and energetic arts now makes it possible to do so much more with ever fewer pounds and volumes of material, ergs of energy, and seconds of time per given technological function that...
  • ...it is now highly feasible to take care of everybody on Earth at  a “higher standard of living than any have ever known.
  • It no longer has to be you or me. It no longer can be you or me. It is Everything For Everyone Or Oblivion. War Is Obsolete.

Weaponry to Livingry

  • Successfully accomplishing The Transformation is secondarily a matter of converting our Systems and High Science Technology FROM Weaponry TO Livingry.
  • In an Omni-Considerate System of Systems, all Sub Systems and Resources must be optimized and allocated to produce Throughput of The Goal.
  • This requires, primarily and as a Predecessor, a Shift In Spirit, Consciousness, and Paradigm - FROM the Old TO the New.
  • The essence of Livingry is life advantaging and environment controlling.
  • The essence of Weaponry is life and environment destroying.
  • With the highest aeronautical and engineering facilities of the world redirected FROM Weaponry TO Livingry production, All Humanity, for the first time in history, has the option of becoming enduringly successful.

A New Human Operating System

  • This calls forth an entirely New Human Operating System, totally reharmonized with the Living System, and the Wisdom, Principles, and Values that cause people, societies, and ecosystems to flourish in harmony.
  • The Lionsberg System was created for this purpose.

Why Now?

  • This could have never been done before Now
  • Humanity had to reach a level of spiritual, scientific, technological, political and economic maturity that would allow for these various capacities, individually developed in often antithetical ways, to be reunited with Wisdom as One Human System, properly realigned and reintegrated with the Living System that contains and sustains it.

Existing Visible, and Invisible, Power Structures

  • History shows that, only when the leaders of the world’s great power structures have become convinced that their power structures are in danger of being destroyed, have the gargantuanly large, adequate funds been appropriated for accomplishing the necessary New-epoch-opening new systems and technologies.
  • The first thing first is to understand what the world power structures are and of what their unique technical levers and strategies consist.
  • Throughout history… those who have gained and held control of the world’s Supply Lines… have done so by become masters in the game of establishing… Power Over all other subpowerful organizations.
  • The fall of Troy saw the supremacy over human affairs pass from the masters of the overland, Asia-to-Europe, inland-sea ferrying and caravaning lines of supply to the masters of the high-seas, maritime lines of supply.
  • The fifteenth-century Europeans’ adoption of Arabic numerals and their computation-facilitating “positioning-of-numbers” altogether made possible Columbus’s navigational calculations and Copernicus’s discovery of the  operational patterning of the solar system and its planets.
  • These breakthroughs were applied to improving the building of the ships and their circum-navigational capacities.
  • With Magellan’s crew’s completion of his planned circumnavigation in the 16th century, the planet Earth’s predominantly water-covered sphericity was (re)proven.
  • The struggle for supreme mastery of human affairs thus passed out of the Mediterranean and into the world’s oceans.
  • In 1600 Queen Elizabeth I and a few intimates founded  the East India Company. Exercising her crown privileges,  the queen granted the company limited liability for losses on the part of the enterprise backers.
  • While the owners could insure and very greatly limit the  magnitude of their losses, the sailors and their families could not. “Ltd.”—limited, in England—and “Inc.”—  incorporated, in the U.S.A.—and other similar legal definitions in all capitalist countries constitute “for ages uncontested”—ergo, custom-validated and legal-judgment—upheld—royal decrees greatly favoring big-money capitalism over the mortal, breadwinner-loss-taking vast majority of the poor and working class.
  • Elizabeth’s East India Company scheme was to have her national navy (and armies) first win mastery of the world’s sea-lanes. This advantage would thereafter be exploited by her privately owned enterprise.
  • This scheme became one of the first of such National Power Structure bids for establishing and maintaining world-trade supremacy through dominance of…. the world-around lines of vital and desirable supplies (Supply Lines).
  • All the other world-power-stature individuals who vied for supreme mastery of the world’s high seas lines of supply also operated invisibly through monarchs and nations over whom they had sufficient influence.
  • Through such behind-the-throne influence, the influenced nation’s resources could be politically maneuvered through the Visible Power Structures into paying for the building and operation of the navies and armies that would seek to establish and protect the privately owned enterprises of the Invisible Power Structures.
  • With the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 the British Empire  won “the world’s power structures championship” and became historically the first empire “upon which,” it was said, “the sun never sets.”
  • This is because it was the first  empire in history to embrace the entire spherical planet Earth’s 71-percent maritime, 29-percent landed, wealth-producing activities.
  • All earlier empires were infinite systems - open systems.
  • The British Empire was history’s first spherically closed, finite system.
  • Building and maintaining the world’s  most powerful navy, the 1805 supremely victorious British Empire was to maintain its sovereignty over the world’s oceans and seas for 113 years until the end of World War I in 1918, when its dominions signed the peace treaties and joined the new League of Nations as independent states.
  • The League of Nations was the first worldwide intergovernmental organization, operating until 1946 when many of its components were relocated into the new United Nations, and the current World Order morphed into its present form…
  • …which now appears to be entering a phase of Collapse.
  • Above The Chaos, Censorship, Free Speech, and the End of America As We Thought We Knew It picks up here with the formation of The Blob of Invisible-Power-Structure-Backed-National-And-Supranational Governments, Institutions, Agencies, Departments, and NGOs, colluding to implement the Agenda of the Invisible Power Structures.

Perceived Scarcity, and Us vs. Them

  • Concurrently with its 1600 A.D.—initiated two centuries of maritime and military struggle for world dominance, England was also developing a civilian army of the  world’s best-informed and Empire-backed scientific, economic, and managerial personnel for the most economically profitable realization of its grand, world-embracing  strategies.
  • To educate the army of civil servants was the responsibility of the East India Company College located just outside of London.
  • Its  graduates went to all known parts of the planet to gather  all possible data on the physical and human culture resources to be exploited as well as information on the local  customs of all the countries, large and small.
  • In 1800 Thomas Malthus, later professor of political  economics of the East India Company College, was the first human in history to receive a comprehensively complete inventory of the world’s vital and economic statistics.
  • In a later-post-Trafalgar-book Malthus confirmed in 1810 his 1800 finding that world-around  humanity was increasing its numbers at a geometrical progression rate while increasing its life-support production at only an arithmetical progression rate, ergo, an increasing majority of humans would have to live out their short  years in want and misery.
  • A half-century later Darwin expounded his theory of  evolution, assuming that nature’s inexorable processes were the consequence of the “survival only of the fittest species and individuals within those species.”
  • Karl Marx compounded Malthus’s and Darwin’s scientifically convincing conclusion, pitting the workers and the elite against one another.
  • For the last century these two ideologies, communism and free enterprise, have dominated the political affairs of world-around humanity… each side claiming that they have the fittest, fairest, most-ingenius way of coping with the perceived-lethal-inadequacy of Life Support operative on our planet…
  • …with only all-out-war to resolve which system is fittest to survive.
  • Those in supreme power politically and economically appear to remain as yet convinced that our planet Earth has nowhere nearly enough Life Support for all humanity.
  • All books on economics have only one basic tenet—the fundamental Scarcity of Life Support.
  • The supreme political and economic powers appear to as-yet-assume that it has to be either you or me. Not enough for both.
  • That is one reason why… those in positions of financial and power advantage fortify themselves even further, reasoning that unselfishness is suicidal.
  • That is one reason why… military expenditures… have climbed into many trillions of dollars… spent in developing the ability to kill ever-more people, at ever-greater distance, in ever-shorter time.

How Our Collective Inheritance Was Stolen

  • Fuller’s Legally Piggily section in Critical Path provides a starting point for understanding how our collective inheritance was stolen and progressively consolidated in the hands of The Giants.
  • We find our selves stuck inside a classic game - The Game of Empire and Oligarchy
  • It’s main tenant is divide and conquer, and keep divided to keep conquered
  • It does this in a number of ways, including by consciously over-specializing people to isolate them from other specialists, as opposed to cultivating general adaptation.
  • Indigenous cultures around the world had a different view of the land. For instance Chief Seattle said “This we know: the earth does not belong to man; man belongs to the earth. All things are connected. We may be brothers after all. We shall see. One thing we know which the white man may one day discover: our God is the same God.
  • There is only One Creator. All Creation belongs to One.
  • All Creation is our collective inheritance. There is more than enough. We are all billionaires.
  • So how did so many come to be mired in debt and poverty, and a few become so wealthy?

The Vicious, and Hopeful, Pareto Principle

  • The problem of Socioeconomic Inequality is far more difficult to deal with than it appears on the surface.
  • For a variety of reasons, something like the Pareto Principle tends to guide the distribution of productive capacity in many systems.
  • The principle is so named because of an Italian Mr. Pareto who noticed that 20% of his pea plants were producing 80% of his fees.
  • Likewise in many companies, 80% to 90% of the results in an array of areas are accomplished by 10% to 20% of the people.
  • 80% to 90% of pollution caused by 10% to 20% of the polluters, etc.
  • Over time, there also tends to be a small percentage of the population capable of outsized entrepreneurial productivity.
  • This means that Socioeconomic Justice can only be established through Systems, Culture, and Norms that recognize these realities, and draw up all participants into a fair and just game.
  • Without a fundamental understanding of reciprocity, generosity, diversity, hospitality, Centers of Distribution, etc. built into the Culture and Norms, the strongest and most capable 10% can simply sweep up the resources for them selves, and use them to subjugate the weak and the poor.
  • This naturally leads to an essentially feudalistic society
  • The more just socioeconomic system therefore must be redesigned, rebuilt, and individually and locally embodied from the ground up.

Supply Chains and Money

  • Supply Chains: While historians place prime emphasis on the Roman legions as establishing the power of the Roman Empire, it was in fact the development of ships and the overseas line of vital supply upon which its power was built—the superpower was in transporting those legions and keeping them supplied.
  • Up until 1500 B.C. the vast majority of “money” was living things of Value: cattle, lambs, goats, or pigs—live money that was real life-support wealth, wealth you could actually eat.
  • Graduating from carrying cattle along for trading in 1500 B.C. the Phoenicians invented metal money, which they first formed into iron half-rings that looked like a pair of bull’s horns, symbolizing the real Wealth cattle they formerly carried.
  • This switch to from livestock to coinage occurred coincidentally at just about the same time as the great changeover from city-state dominance to line-of-supply dominance of the Invisible Power Structures group controlling most of world affairs.

Phonetic Spelling, Words, Sentences, Paragraphs, Books, and Lionsberg Wiki Books

  • This was the time when the Phoenicians began trading with people of so many different languages that, in need of a means of recording the different word sounds made by people around the world, the Phoenicians invented phonetic spelling—Phoenician spelling—which pronounced each successive sound separately and invented letter symbols for each sound. With phonetic spelling human written communication changed very much—from the visual-metaphor-concept writing of the Orient, accomplished with complex ideagraphics (ideographs), several of which frequently experienced, generalized cartoons told the whole story visually. It was a big change from ideographs to the Phoenicians’ phonetic spelling, wherein each letter is a single sound—having no meaning in itself—and whereby it took several sounds to make a whole word and many such words to make any sense— i.e., a sentence.
  • This enabled humans to further abstract out, communicate and cross-pollinate ideas, composing letters into words, words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, and eventually paragraphs into chapters, chapters into books, and books into science fiction trilogies.
  • It may not be until later that people begin to understand what was being Co-Created through the Lionsberg Wiki Books, which brought into existence living, interlinked writings that could be globally updated, locally stored, translated into any language, and survive the apocalypse.
  • We will have to be very careful not to repeat the mistakes of the Tower of Babel, which we avoid by maintaining God and not our own creations in the Highest Place in order to avoid Idolatry.

Intentionally Inflicted Darkness

  • We have explored in other places such as The Book of Lionsberg the progress from 1,500 BC to zero, with some enlightened thinking and discoveries that threatened the Power Structures.
  • It appears that the Invisible Power Structures operating behind the Roman Empire and Catholic Church intentionally co-opted, distorted, and destroyed to the best of their ability those shoots of enlightenment, and intentionally threw humanity into a millennium and a half of Darkness.
  • Mathematics constitutes human mind’s most cosmically powerful faculty.
  • It seems clear that between 200 B.C. and 200 A.D. a deliberately planned policy was adopted by the combined supreme political and religious power structure of that period, which undertook the conditioning of the human reflexes to misconceive and mis-see (or mostly not see at all) the macro-micro-cosmic systems in which we live.
  • Their success largely drew the curtains on science for 1700 years—until 1500 A.D. That curtain may never again have been raised had it not been for the discovery of that something-called-nothing—the cipher. Because it was “nothing,” the information-monopolizing, physical property coveting power structure had overlooked it.
  • The cipher alone made possible humanity’s escape from the 1700-year monopoly of all its calculating functions by the power structure operating invisibly behind the church’s ordained few.
  • And so Science, the discovery, testing, and categorization of Knowledge, began to reemerge and accelerate the capabilities of humanity.

Pirates, and “Balance Of Trade” Accounting

  • The international trading along the world’s Supply Lines became the most profitable of all enterprises, and great land-“owners” with clear-cut king’s “deeds” to their land went often to international gold moneylenders.
  • The great land barons underwrote the building of enterprisers’ ships with their cattle or other Real Wealth, the regenerative products of their lands, turned over to the lender as Collateral.
  • The idea of “earned interest” arose from this holding of livestock by the lender during the voyage.
  • The German word for the calves had by the livestock is “kind”.
  • The lender only returned to the borrower the number of live stock heads (capital) that had been held as collateral.
  • The cattle that were born while the collateral was held by the banker were to belong to the banker. In other words, the interest was payable “in kind”.
  • When the Phoenicians shifted their trading strategy from carrying cattle to carrying metal money, the metal money didn’t have little money—“kind”—but the idea of earned interest persisted. This meant that the interest was deducted from the original money value, and this of course depreciated the capital equity of the borrower. Thus, metallic equity banking became a different kind of game from the original concept.
  • Since the metal or paper money does not produce children—”kind”—the banker’s so-called earned share must, in reality, be deducted from the depositor’s true-wealth deposit.
  • The merchant bankers of Venice came to underwrite the Venetians’ (the Phoenicians’) voyaging ventures.
  • It was the financing of such international voyaging, trading, and individual travel as well as of vaster games of governmental takeovers that built the enormous wealth-controlling fortunes of early European private banking families.
  • This gradual alteration of world trading devices from cattle to gold brought about the world-around development of pirates, for whom it was now far easier to steal, hide, and distribute the vast value of metal coins they could steal, than the livestock of former times.
  • It was in 1805, 200 years after the founding of the East India Company, that the British won the Battle of Trafalgar, giving them dominance of all the world’s Supply Lines.
  • In order to get their gold off the sea and out of reach of the pirates, the British made deals with the sovereigns of all the countries around the world with whom they traded, by which it was agreed from then on to keep annual accounts of their intertrading and at the end of the year to move the gold from the debtor’s bank in London to the creditor’s bank in London to balance the accounts. In this way they kept the gold off the ocean and immune to sea pirate raiding. This brought about what is now called the Balance Of Trade accounting.

The Great Financiers, Invisible Power Structures, and the Theft of Our Land

  • It was under analogous circumstances of financing inter-American European trade that, in the late nineteenth century, J. P. Morgan became a man of great power.
  • By having his banking houses in Paris and London, Philadelphia and New York, he was able not only to finance people’s foreign travel, all their intershipment of goods, and to give letters of credit, but also to finance and control major railroading, shipbuilding, mining, manufacturing, and energy-generating enterprises in general.
  • In our tracing of the now completely invisible world power structures it is important to note that, while the British Empire as dominant world government lost the American Revolution, the power structure behind it did not lose the war.
  • The most visible of the power-structure identities was the East India Company, an entirely private enterprise whose flag as adopted by Queen Elizabeth in 1600 happened to have thirteen red and white horizontal stripes with a blue rectangle in its upper lefthand corner.
  • While the British government lost the 1776 war, the East India Company’s owners who constituted the invisible power structure behind the British government not only did not lose but moved right into the new U.S.A. economy along with the latter’s most powerful landowners.
  • The supreme leaders of the American Revolution were of the southern type—George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Both were great landowners with direct royal grants for their lands.
  • Obviously, very powerful people had their land given to them by the king and not by God, but the king, with the church’s approbation, asserted it was with God’s blessing.
  • The church’s approbation was largely built through a series of 15th Century Papal Bulls, which provided backing and religious blessing for the Spanish, Portuguese, and eventually English empires to colonize, subjugate, and enslave indigenous people.
  • The indigenous people had a different idea of God’s blessing, and did not consider being categorized as barbarians and having their land stolen as part of it.
  • This deed-processing produced a vast number of court decisions and legal precedent based on centuries and centuries of deed inheritances.
  • In the United States, the legal framework that evolved from these early justifications of land conquest and ownership was the Doctrine of Discovery. This doctrine, rooted in the European legal tradition, was directly applied in U.S. law and property rights. It held that sovereign power over land passed to the Invisible Power Structures-Backed nation that “discovered” it, to the exclusion of indigenous sovereignty.
  • One of the most significant U.S. Supreme Court cases that invoked the Doctrine of Discovery was Johnson v. McIntosh (1823). In this landmark decision, written by Chief Justice John Marshall, the Court declared that private citizens could not purchase lands directly from Native Americans.
  • The legal rationale was that the “discovery” by European nations granted them sovereignty over the lands in question.
  • Thus, landlord’s deeds, the word we still use to this day, evolved from deeds originally dispensed by Kings in recognition of deeds of war.
  • Because of ancient arms-accomplished seizure of land by the most physically powerful... and the subsequent arms-induced blessing of the seizures by power-ordained "ministers of God," royal deeds to land were written as assumedly God-approved and guaranteed covenants.
  • Landlordism has become an accepted phenomenon as seemingly inevitable as the weather.
  • “Land “ownership” and its omni-dependent comprehensive thing-ownership involvements and their legal-documents-perpetuations constitute the largest socioeconomic custom error presently being maintained by a large world affairs-affecting segment of humanity.”
  • “What is new is that humanity has gone as far as it can go with this significant error and is in final examination as to whether it can free itself from its misconditioned reflex straightjacket in time to pull out of its greatest-in-all-history, error-occasioned tailspinning into eternity. We do have both the knowledge and the technical means to do so if we do it quickly enough.”
  • In non-coincidental timing laying another piece of groundwork for the 10 Year Grand Strategy, on March 30, 2023, the Vatican formally repudiated the Doctrine Of Discovery upon which North Americans came to dispossess the Native American stewards of God’s land.
  • While the Vatican had no jurisdiction over Turtle Island then, or now, the only apparent source of authority justifying the American confiscation of Turtle Island from the Indigenous tribes has now been invalidated, which invalidates the Supreme Court decisions based upon it.
  • The Vatican said in the statement: “The Catholic Church therefore repudiates those concepts that fail to recognize the inherent human rights of Indigenous peoples, including what has become known as the legal and political Doctrine Of Discovery.”
  • As of 2024, the Citizens of the United States, and their government, now have to grapple with what it means to have the principle upon which their land rights are based formally invalidated, in recognition of its original Spiritual and Moral invalidity.
  • Similar spiritual, philosophical, and legal issues will have to be resolved in every country touched by the successors to the Not-So-Holy-Roman-Empire and the Catholic-Church it made in its own image to enable the Invisible Power Structure Backed co-option of the story of Jesus Christ.

Metals, Mining, and International Banking

  • In 1810, only five years after Malthus’s pronouncement of the fundamental inadequacy of life support on planet Earth, the telegraph was invented.
  • It used copper wires to carry its messages. This was the beginning of a new age of advancing information and technology.
  • All the new technology of all the advancing industry, which was inaugurated by the production of steel in the midnineteenth century, required the use of all the known primary metallic elements in various intercomplementary alloyings.
  • The metals were rarely found under the farmlands or in the lands that belonged to the old lords of the foodproductive lands.
  • Metals were found—often, but not always, in mountains—all around the world, in lands of countries remote from one another. Mine ownerships were often granted by governments to the first to file claims.
  • It was the high-seas, intercontinental, international trafficking in these Metals that made possible the life-support effectiveness of both farming and fishing.
  • The high-seas trafficking was mastered by the world-around line-of supply controllers—the venturers and pirates known collectively as the British Empire.
  • This world-around traffic was in turn financed, accounted, and maximally profited in by the international bankers and their letters of credit, bills of exchange, and similar pieces of paper.
  • International banking greatly reduced the necessity for businessmen to travel with their exported goods to collect at the importer’s end.
  • Because the world-around-occurring metals were at the heart of this advance in standards of living for increasing numbers of humans all around the world, the struggle for mastery of this trade by the invisible, behind-the-scenes-contending world power structures ultimately brought about the breakout of the visible, international World War I.
  • The invisible-power-structure “outs” puppeted the Germans and their allies. The invisible-powerstructure “ins” puppeted Great Britain and her allies.
  • J. P. Morgan was the visible fiscal agent for the “in” power structure, operating through Great Britain and her allies.
  • By skillful psychology and propaganda the “ins” persuaded America that they were fighting “to save democracy.”
  • For the first time in history, from 1914 to 1918, humanity entered upon a comprehensive program of industrial transformation and went from wire to wireless communications; from tracked to trackless transportation; from two-dimensional transport to four-dimensional; from visible structuring and mechanical techniques to invisible—atomic and molecular—structuring and mechanics.


  • While “death and taxes” seem eternal, in Reality there were no federal income taxes until after World War I, when the publicly-espoused Founding Principles of the United States began to be abandoned at an accelerating rate, and the the American Imperial World Order began to rise in service of the Invisible Power Structures.


  • It is hopefully becoming obvious why humanity’s most fundamental problems cannot be solved by Politics within the Invisible-Power-Structure-Puppeted systems creating them.

Land, Reintegration, and Emergence Through Emergency

  • For all of its history until very recently, humanity's groups have existed in remote locations as separate tribes and nations, with ways of life approximately unknown to one another.
  • 1927, the first year a human flew alone across the ocean in a day, marked the beginning of the swift integration of all humanity over the course of the next 100 or so years.
  • This predictably would involve humanity entering a period of total crisis, which we call the Meta Crisis.
  • Emergence Through Emergency - the idea that progressive development and adoption of innovations often is driven by emergencies and pain, rather than the prospect of marginal gain.
  • As an alternative to politics and its ever more wasteful, warring, and incoherent attempts to solve humanity's socioeconomic problems...
  • …humanity could choose to design, build, and continuously improve a complete interoperable set of solutions to our basic needs and desires, that could sustain a quality of life for All beyond that ever experienced by anyone in history.
  • This advanced aerospace level of living can be sustained by our daily income of energy from the sun, and its many derivatives.
  • This would allow humanity to emancipate itself from Piped, Wired, and Metered Exploitation of The Many by The Few.
  • Fuller called this interoperable family of artifacts Livingry, in contrast to the Weaponry our most advanced technology is currently being used to produce.
  • "I learned very early and painfully that you have to decide at the outset whether you are trying to make money or to make sense, as they are mutually exclusive."
  • The reason this statement holds, is that Money is not what we think it is, and by serving and trying to “make” it, you are serving and becoming progressively more enslaved to the Invisible Power Structures.
  • The alternative is to Seek First The Kingdom Of God, so that all the things of Real Wealth can be added unto us.

A World Wide Livingry Service Industry

  • Billions of new homes, and hundreds of thousands of new communities are required in this century.
  • These, or significant components, can be mass-produced, potentially through a decentralized global array of Production Commons.
  • Issues:
    • Distribution system and expertise
    • Installation system and expertise
    • Building codes and permitting
    • Labor organizations and licensing
    • Financing practices
    • Real estate and land
  • FROM - planet of remote disconnected and warring nations, TO - integrated and harmonious global society.
  • World-around network of highways, airlines, communications, information, energy, transportation.
  • As of the 1970s, after 50 years of gestation, the total set of conditions requisite for the world-around livingry service industry had been met
  • Technologically, humanity now has the opportunity, for the first time in history, to co-operate our planet in such a manner as to support and accommodate all humanity at a substantially more advanced standard of living than any humans have ever experienced in the past.
  • We have always had enough Physical Resources. What has happened is that we have vastly increased our Know How of specialized innovations, all of which invisible realization integrates to make possible success of All.
  • This can only be realized by a technological revolution involving total Spaceship Earth, using All the Resources and Know How as an integrated regenerative system (herein called the Lionsberg System), as in the design of any successful seagoing ship or biological organism. (Sometimes we use the metaphor of an Ark for Lionsberg).

The Puppet Governments of the Invisible Power Structures

  • While the admirals of each nation of Spaceship Earth war over their competing claims and threaten to rip the ship asunder, nobody is paying any attention to operating the ship or steering it towards its Destination.
  • We are moving away from our historically rooted life-style with a 95% rate of illiteracy, towards an integrated regenerative living system that works for All.
  • If not bomb-terminated by the preemptive folly of the political puppet administrators serving the Invisible Power Structures... we are on our ever swifter way to becoming an omni-integrated, majorly literate, unified Spaceship Earth society.
  • World-integrating networking self-multiplies and accelerates, as does light in Einstein's E=Mc2. This is because light expands omni-radially in a sphere.
  • It may be that human consciousness expands outwardly in all directions at a speed even faster than light - maybe in no time at all - to inter-network the people of our eight-thousand-mile diameter spherical space home.
  • The USA and other countries are plagued by corrupted political puppets representing the interests of those who can afford to get them elected:
    • $50 Million for the presidency
    • $10 Million for a senatorship
    • $5 Million for a representatives seat
    • (As of 1970s)
    • In 2024 election, candidates are expected to collectively spend over $10 Billion.
    • In such an environment, only Invisible Power Structures-backed candidates can win, which means we are no longer living in a democracy.
  • The network's people, aware that the TV era governments are corrupt, spontaneously abhor and abstain from further voting, and the corrupt system lurches towards its demise.

Humanity’s Role and Omni-Success Potential

  • Humanity is an experimental initiative of the Universe.
    • Its function is local-in-Universe critical information-gathering and problem-solving.
    • In service of the Creator and All Creation
  • When humans shunt the comprehensive cosmic regeneration into exclusively advantaging of only their own survival and enjoyment... they disqualify the invention "human" as a reliable function of regenerative Universe.
  • “ it is due only to humans’ born state of ignorance and the 99.99-percent invisibility of technological capabilities that they do not recognize the vast abundance of resources available to support all humanity at an omni-high standard of living."
  • “We have now scientifically and incontrovertibly found that there is ample to support all humanity. But humanity and its leaders have not yet learned so in sufficiently convincing degree to reorient world affairs in such a manner as to realize a sustainable high standard of living for all.”
  • There are three powerful obstacles to humanity's realization of its omni-physical success potential:
      1. The technical means of its accomplishment exist altogether in the invisible realms of technology
      1. The experts are all too narrowly specialized... to envision the synergetic significance of integrating their own field's advances with other field's invisible advances.
      1. The utterly different successful ways of metabolic accounting, dwelling, self-employing, cooperating, and enjoying life are unfamiliar and nonobvious.

The Iron Grip of the Grunch of Giants On Earth

  • “There is no dictionary word for an army of invisible giants, one thousand miles tall, with their arms interlinked, girding the planet Earth.
  • Since there exists just such an invisible, abstract, legal-contrivance army of giants, we have invented the word GRUNCH as the group designation—“a grunch of giants.” GR-UN-C-H, which stands for annual GROSS UNIVERSE CASH HEIST, pays annual dividends of over one trillion U.S. dollars” (as of 1970s)
  • “GRUNCH is engaged in the only-by-instruments-reached-and-operated, entirely invisible chemical, metallurgical, electronic, and cybernetic realms of reality.
  • GRUNCH’s giants average thirty-four years of age (as of 70s), most having grown out of what Eisenhower called the post-World War II Military Industrial Complex
  • They are not the same as the pre-World War II international copper or tin cartels.
  • The grunch of giants (The Giants) consists of the corporately interlocked owners of a vast invisible empire dominated by the Invisible Power Structures, which includes airwaves and satellites; plus a vast visible empire, which includes all the only eighteen-year-old and younger (as of 1970s) skyscraper cluster cities around the world, as well as the factories and research laboratories remotely ringing the old cities and all the Oriental industrial deployment, such as in Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • It controls the financial credit system of the noncommunist world together with all the financial means of initiating any world-magnitude mass-production and -distribution ventures.
  • By making pregraduation employment contracts with almost all promising university science students, it monopolizes all the special theoretical know-how to exploit its vast inventory of already acquired invisible know-how technology.
  • “Who runs GRUNCH? Nobody knows. It controls all the world’s banks.
  • Even the muted Swiss banks.
  • It does what its lawyers tell it to. It maintains technical legality, and is prepared to prove it. Its law firm is named Machiavelli, Machiavelli, Atoms & Oil. Some think the second Mach is a cover for Mafia.
  • GRUNCH didn’t invent Universe. It didn’t invent anything. It monopolizes know-where and know-how but is devoid of know-why.
  • It is preoccupied with absolute selfishness and its guaranteed gratifications. It is as blind as its Swiss banks are mute.
  • “When blimp photographs are taken of giant stadia packed full of rock-concert or football fans, we get an idea of what 100,000 people look like. We all think of Hiroshima as the worst single killing of humans by humans. That was about a 75,000-capacity-coliseum-full.
  • Each day of each year, year after year, a 75,000-capacity-stadium-full of around-the-world humans perish from starvation or its side effects, despite an annual average 5-percent world food-production overage of the amount of food adequate for the total world’s population.
  • This daily kill of innocents dwarfs the awful Auschwitz killing.
  • Grunch did not bring this about, but it could very profitably bring it to an end.

Adequate Resources, Accelerating Know How, and Abundance For All

  • “Jointly, we Earthians have always had adequate physical resources to take care of all humanity but lacked the metaphysical Know How resources with which to employ effectively the Earth’s physical wealth. ”
  • “In 1970 our cornucopia of ever more swiftly accruing know-how overflowed and its content integrated synergetically, so that we may now care for each Earthian individual at a sustainable billionaire’s level of affluence while living exclusively on less than 1-percent of our planet’s daily energy income from our cosmically designed nuclear reactor, the Sun, optimally located 92 million safe miles away from us and safely interlinked with us by photosynthesis, wind, rain, wave, and all other weather behaviors.
  • “In technology’s “invisible” world, inventors continually increase the quantity and quality of performed work per each volume or pound of material, erg of energy, and unit of worker and “overhead” time invested in each given increment of attained functional performance.
  • This complex process we call Progressive Ephemeralization.
  • In 1970, the sum total of increases in overall technological know-how and their comprehensive integration took humanity-across the epochal but invisible threshold into a state of technically realizable and economically feasible universal success for all humanity.
  • This actual but invisible threshold crossing began in 1969 when humans’ scientific knowledge and technological ingenuity, backed exclusively by adequate citizens’ tax-raised government financing, learned how to do so much with so little as to be able to place humans on the Moon and return them safely to Earth.”
  • “In 1970 it could, for the first time, be engineeringly demonstrated that, applying the most advanced know-how to the conservation and use of the world’s resources, we can, within ten years of from-killingry-to-livingry reoriented world production, have all humanity enjoying a sustainably higher standard of living than any humans have ever heretofore experienced. It could further be demonstrated that we can do this while simultaneously and responsibly phasing out all further use of fossil fuels and atomic energy.
  • There is now plenty for all.
  • War is obsolete.

The Emergency: Rapidly Informing and Enlightening Humanity

  • “Humanity is so specialized and these epochally significant technological facts are so invisible that it seems an almost hopeless matter to adequately inform humanity that from now on, for the first time in history, it does not have to be “you or me”—there is now enough for “both”—and to convince humanity of this fact in time to permit it to exercise its option and save itself.
  • It is imperative that we get the word to all humanity—RUSH—before someone ignorantly pushes the button that provokes pushing of all the (Nuclear and Artificial Intelligence) buttons.
  • What makes so difficult the task of informing humanity of its newborn option to realize success for all is the fact that all major religions and politics thrive only on the for-all-ages-held, ignorantly adopted premise of the existence of an eternal inadequacy of life-support inherent in the design of our planet Earth."
  • “in 1895 humanity was 95-percent illiterate and needed leaders. Today the situation is reversed. Humanity is now 65-percent literate and capable of doing its own thinking, decision-making, and initiative-taking." (Now ~86% as of 2024).

Tools and Technology

  • “Tools are the only-intermittently-used, noncorporeal extensions of integral functioning capabilities of biological species.”
  • “The comprehensive fact, however, is that nothing in Universe touches anything else. There are no solids. There are, in fact, no things. There are only complex critical-proximity and -frequency, unique event aggregates interoperative in pure principle. The event electron is as remote from its nuclear events as is the Moon from the Earth as size-referenced to their respective event diameters.”
  • “The comprehensive name for the omni-interrelated significance of all physical and metaphysical tools is “technology.” All technology is governed by generalized physical laws. All of these can be physically demonstrated and mathematically expressed. The physical Universe itself is omnitechnology—a complex of various frequencies of intercomplementary functions altogether producing nonsimultaneous, multi-frequenced, multimagnituded, only overlappingly inter-episoded, eternal regeneration.”


  • “Corporations are neither physical nor metaphysical phenomena. They are socioeconomic ploys—legally enacted game-playing—agreed upon only between overwhelmingly powerful socioeconomic individuals and by them imposed upon human society and its all unwitting members”
  • “How can little humans successfully cope with this greatest of all history’s invisible Grunch of nonhuman Giants created and controlled by the Invisible Power Structures?
  • First of all, we humans must comprehend the giants’ games and game-playing equipment, rules and scoring systems. But before we can comprehend their game-playing, we must study the history and development of giants themselves.”
  • In the middle ages, Supreme horse-mounted monarchs in the days of Roland could and did award vast hunting and farming lands to their horse-mounted blood kin and military henchmen, who together hunted their lands and had them cultivated by on-foot, tithe-paying tenant farmers
  • The man, with a club, on a horse could assert his ownership, and the shepherd could not realistically contradict him.
  • The most powerful amongst the leaders of gangs of horsemen became the emperor.
  • The emperor rewarded his henchmen with deeds to the land in proportion to the deeds at arms they performed for him.
    • Deeds being the modern descendent of the medieval charter, symbolically replacing the ancient ceremony of livery of seisin.
  • “There is no historical record of religion founders who have been so bold as to assert that God had deeded land to anyone. History shows that religious leaders have, however, frequently complied with their king’s instructions to plant a cross or other symbol of God’s approval of their king’s sword-accomplished vast lands-seizure and ownership-claiming.”
  • Contrary to the spread of these "landowners", Polynesians and Native Americans assumed the that the "Great Spirit" gave the fishing, hunting, and cultivating rights, but never ownership of the land.
  • “Arms, armor, precious stones, skins, furs, fabrics, spices, incense, hand-looms, and other hand-tools were the principal goods traded in the middle ages. Gold, silver and pewter served as money.”
  • “Trading was accomplished on foot, on the backs “of animals, or on river-borne small craft. The land of the overlord was the principal wealth. Squads of armed horsemen could protect caravans of goods-carrying horses, camels, and elephants along with human bearers”
  • “A new kind of wealth-making occurs historically with the invention and development of stoutly and heavily keeled, ribbed, and planked, high-seas-keeping, deep-bellied, and, in much later times, cannon-armed sailing ships.”
  • The progressively-moved-forward-and-added-to shipbuilding pattern became the prototype for all of mass-production industry's moving lines.
  • “The ship was, of course, a tool, but not a craft tool produced by one man. It was an industrial tool, mass-producible and operable only by large numbers of highly skilled craftsmen, metalworkers, woodworkers, sailcloth-makers, rope-makers, iron chain- and anchor-makers, seasoned sailors, and the coordinated muscle of “all hands.”
  • This required an effectively powerful military authority able to command the full-time commitment of the work and skills of the large numbers of humans involved.
  • It also called for the amassing of large sums of negotiable wealth.
  • “Cattle were put up as collateral for the banker’s loan of gold, silver, and copper coinage. When the voyage was successfully completed, the merchant-ship venturers repaid the banker and paid the banker his “interest” in the form of calves that had been interimly produced by the collateraled cattle. This was called “payment in kind”—kind being the kinder or “children” of the cattle. ”
  • “When bankers eliminated live cattle as collateral and dealt only in gold or silver, there were no gold coins being bred by gold coins as calves had been by cows, so interest was taken out of the Capital gold by diminishing the equity of the borrower when he repaid his Debt.”
  • “The safe return of the merchant venturer’s ships was so unpredictable as to constitute a capital investment of high risk but also of very high potential gain”
  • “The voyage might take several or even many years to complete. These risks in turn could be lessened by Insurance.”
  • As a consequence, “a new and overwhelmingly greater form of invisible seagoing and land-strutting Giants appeared on planet Earth.
  • This was a legally contrived, abstract giant—“legal” because the physically uncontradictable “top-sword” king decreed it was legal. Having the most favored privileges accorded real humans, the giant, abstract, corporate “man” is inventively created (or recreated) in 1390 in England.”
  • This composite man was formed by the king of England with a small group of powerful friends, who lorded over their king-deeded vastlands.
  • “By royal prerogative, the venture-financing riskers could not be held liable for any losses of the venture. With limited liability, individuals might sue the company but not the human individuals who underwrote the venture”
  • “Whether the ship was lost or not, the banker who loaned the gold for the merchant ship’s trading held the life-support-producing lands and their cattle as collateral.
  • Since many voyages ended in disaster, the banker occupied a long-time, steadily profitable position in the overall merchant venturing—and as yet does.”
  • “In 1522 Magellan’s ship demonstrated that the world is not a laterally extended plane off the edge of which a ship might plunge, nor an ocean extended laterally to infinity from which there was no return.
  • Magellan’s ship’s circum-voyaging proved that the Earth is a sphere—a closed system with enormous trade-monopolizing potentials. Laws of the land could not be enforced on the sea. The seagoers were outlaws-privateers or pirateers. The most powerful outlaws became the sovereigns of the ocean sea.”
  • “In 1580, Queen Elizabeth was the largest shareholder in Sir Francis Drake’s merchant ship The Golden Hind. Naturally, the queen granted Drake’s venture “legal” freedom from liability.
  • After paying Elizabeth her conspicuously major share, Drake and his other shareholders each realized almost 5,000-percent profit on their risked capital.
  • Enthusiastic over her Golden Hind venture, in 1600 Queen Elizabeth chartered the limited-liability East lndia Company.
  • This time the shareholders acquired shares in a fleet of ships, docks, and warehouses in both England and India—not shares in just one ship, as in the earlier “venturing.”
  • Known later in England as “Ltd.” (for “limited liability”), in France as “Société en Commandite,” in Germany as “Kommanditgesellschaft,” and as “Corporation” under the U.S.A.’s “Inc.” (for incorporated) status, this newborn abstract legal giant was to be treated as a human personality, empowered to do anything humans can do but also accredited to operate as an abstract, legal entity able to enter or leave any nation without a passport.
  • “As such it was able to employ millions of people and any amount of money, tools, buildings, and equipment, and to perform its giant acts anywhere about the oceanic world exclusively for the profit in perpetuity only of its shareholders
  • “When the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S.A. Constitution was passed in the post–Civil War railroad-expansion days, the U.S. Supreme Court required that the individual states grant the corporation all the privileges and protection granted to human citizens.
  • A hundred years later, in 1980, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a corporation had the same rights of free speech as all U.S. citizens.
  • To allow its corporate bodies to make a colossal new grab, Grunch has ordered its pet puppets to take over the world ocean-bottom resources.
  • As of February 1982, the United States, Britain, France, and West Germany have reached preliminary agreement to bypass the stalled Law of the Sea Conference and proceed with development of seabed mineral resources, the Japanese foreign ministry said. Japan expressed opposition to the agreement”
  • “With the battle of Trafalgar in 1805, the risk-capital powers backing the “British Empire” became the “Sovereigns of the Seas.”
  • Until that time the high-sea venturers had carried gold and silver as their trading medium.
  • This induced world-around high-seas piracy.
  • The behind-the-scenes masters of the British Empire then invented the “annual balance of trade” as a world-around bookkeeping system which kept its gold off the seas and instead, after the year-end tallying of the trade interactions, transferred the gold from one country’s London vault to another country’s London vault.
  • This withdrew the gold from the seagoing pirate’s reach. However, it brought many of the pirates into the financial districts of great cities.”
  • In the nineteenth century the limited-liability corporate venturing began not only putting its shipyard donkey engines’ steam engines in ships, but also mounting them on steel wheels on rails and powering them out of the shipyards. Thus they began railroading heavy loads inland.”
  • Such cotton and woollen fabric production-venturing was logically followed by thread and needles, pins, buttons, and small hardware mass-production moving-line ventures.
  • With the introduction of electricity and the electricity-driven motor, industry began moving-line massproduction of dollar watches, tin cans, safety razor blades, big-city clothing-production sweatshops, then bicycles, then motor cars.
  • In World War I, it introduced steel steamship mass-production;
  • in World War II, transoceanic aircraft mass-production;
  • and, in the “cold,” puppet-nation-waged war (World War III), extraterrestrial travel and transport, and mass-production of invisible mass-killingry potential. ”

Advancing Tech

  • “There is a fundamental evolutionary patterning in which, with each new era and phase of technology and social-economic venturing, both the tools and their products get bigger and bigger, and the numbers of humans involved multiplies.
  • A period of doing more with more until a mammoth peak magnitude is attained which is followed by evolutionary production of ever more effective results with “ever less pounds of material, ergs of energy, and seconds of time, all of which integrating synergy produces ever more comprehensively effective tools with ever smaller technological artifacts produced by ever fewer unskilled human workers—the 1895 to 1929 model “T” waxing to the 1960s Cadillac limo, then waning to the 1980 Japanese Honda."
  • For example, trans-ocean traffic brought into use ever more gargantuan ocean liners leading eventually to the five-day-Atlantic-crossing leviathans, such as the 81,000-ton Queen Mary and her sister ship the Queen Elizabeth. Using the World War II technology’s new, lightweight, high-strength, saltwater-impervious aluminum alloys in her superstructure, the S.S. United States was built to carry the same number of passengers and the same amount of cargo, and to cross the Atlantic at the same speed as the Queen Mary, though weighing only forty-five thousand tons, that is, 55-percent of the weight of the Queens.
  • These five-day-Atlantic-crossing passenger carriers are now obsolete. In 1961, three jet airplanes outperformed the S.S. United States in carrying capacity, in hours instead of days and at less expense.
  • Another example of the little-to-big-to-little evolution is manifest in the world of mathematical computing. In developing trigonometry and its solution by logarithms, thousands of monks worked for hundreds of years to produce the one-degree tables of sines, cosines, tangents, and cotangents.
  • During the Great Depression years of 1930 to 1936 the British and German mathematicians were hired by their governments in a joint project to calculate the table of functions to a one-“minute of arc exactitude.
  • Then came the big post-World War II calculating machines, Univac et al., filling whole university buildings with thousands of thermionic tubes.
  • Then came the tubeless transistor and computers weighing and bulking far less, until we came to printed circuits and “chips” and table-top equipment doing better work than the whole-building-filling equipment.
  • Before all this, I myself spent two pre-calculator or -computer years carrying out the trigonometric calculations for geodesic domes. I had to do so “longhand.”
  • Then appeared seventy-five-pound electric calculating machines, followed by the pocket-size computers with which the trigonometric problems that took me two years of work became solvable in one day by one person.
  • This process promises within a few years to become so miniaturized and so comprehensively capable as to be the size of a hearing aid, though able to interact with all the world-around computers and able to discern how best to operate our planet, making obsolete the opinions of corporate or government executives.”

The Emergence of The Giants, and their Fraudulent Theft of Our Collective Inheritance

  • “As mass-capital-venturing flourished after World War I, General Foods Company absorbed many pre-World War I individually owned, independent mass-producers of canned and packaged food.
  • General Electric acquired other successful electrical goods manufacturers. The growth of corporate venture activity was, however, at that time yet identified by unique product categories.
  • After World War II, “mergers and acquisitions” and outright “takeovers” agglomerated almost all successful industrial capital ventures, regardless of their class of produced goods and services.
  • The great conglomerates found it more profitable, safer, and more credit-powerful to diversify their risking. The successful “biggies” became ever more gargantuan”
  • “Because many of these conglomerations embraced all the national defense weaponry production, they “legally” qualified for guaranteed government “bailout” should their operation become financially “embarrassed” or debts unmeetable.
  • The U.S. government’s decade-ago bailout of Lockheed Aircraft or its multibillion-dollar guaranteed loan to private Chrysler Corporation (the government’s military-tank producer) are the current outstanding examples. (As of 1970s, many new and worse ones since)
  • “Soon after World War II, America’s five hundred largest corporations became supranational, taking with them (out of the United States) the invisible legal controls over what had been born as American industry with all its “know-how.”
  • The know-how had been paid for initially by the U.S. people through their government’s wartime (or “on the brink of wartimes”) underwriting of the prime technologies as initially developed only for the U.S. Department of Defense or the Manhattan Project or the space program, developed in wartime at government (“we the people’s”) expense and turned over gratis for “operational efficiency” in “peacetime” to privately owned corporations.
  • ”“World War I brought vast munitions-buying on credit by the U.S. government, and the figures ran into multi-millions of dollars”
  • World War II saw the same U.S. government credit employed to produce “multi-vaster” new-technology munitions, with the dollar figures running this time into the multi-billions of dollars.
  • World War III’s third-of-a-century of “cold-warring” between the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. (and now China), waged vicariously through many hot-war puppeted nations, has seen the annual munitions figures running into the multi-trillions of dollars.”
  • “The U.S.A. 1981 “national” debt is over a trillion dollars, and the U.S. cannot pay even the interest on that debt.
  • (Fuller argued that in 1981 with “only” 1 trillion in debt, the US was already bankrupt. In early 2024, **it is now $34 Trillion)
  • We can very properly call World War I the million-dollar war and World War II the billion-dollar war and World War III the trillion-dollar war.
  • The ambassador to the United Nations stated to the media that all the “United Nations now hate the U.S.A.” What they hate is Grunch and the Invisible Power Structures puppet in it, but Grunch is able to deceive the world into blaming the very innocent people of the United States.
  • All the continental U.S.A.’s industrial factories and grounds and 90-percent of all that can and does produce physical wealth has already become or is about to become the humanly invisible property of inhumanly operative supranational corporations controlled by the invisible human owners of invisible Swiss bank account code numbers.
  • A vast new giant of approximately no-risk capitalism is now astride the world.”
  • “A corporation’s executives are elected by its board of directors.
  • The directors are elected by the number of shares of stock as voted directly by their holders or as voted by the holders of their share’s proxies.
  • This voting is not on a democratic one stockholder/one vote basis but on an as-many-votes-as-shares-owned basis.
  • “All unbeknownst to and undetected by the one-fifth of the one-third of humanity residenced within the U.S.A., gradually cross-breeding “worldians,” their one-third-of-a-century-ago kudos for realistically articulated generosity to and concern for others, as well as the U.S. peoples’ legal ownership and control of their economic assets, have been altogether exploited, usurped, or stolen from them by the invisibly integrated supranational corporate giants.
  • The Grunch has conducted its ruthlessly selfish activity always in the name of the U.S.A. people.
  • “At the termination of his presidency, Eisenhower expressed his shocked dismay over the exclusively self-concerned Military Industrial Complex that he had found to be growing inexorably as a malignant economic organism.”
  • “To best understand the present (November 1981) world crisis, it is necessary to turn history back for almost a century, back to when Edison invented the electric lamp and the direct current generator.
  • J. P. Morgan, Sr., the economic power structure giant, was the first to act upon the realization that: whoever developed, manufactured, installed, and controlled the physical-energy generators and the metered-energy distribution and cut-off system could and would control the national economies into which they were physically introduced.
  • Capital amassing by selling bonds secured by land given by the US Gov to pioneering railroad companies...
  • …Became worthless.
  • “When the automobiles and the auto-trucks took so much business from the railways as to render the railroad passenger systems profitless…
  • …and cross-country “pipeable petroleum replaced coal as a prime fuel…
  • …and giant transoceanic tankers were developed…
  • …and the Middle East oil lands were explored and developed…
  • the petroleum business rose swiftly to become the maximum economic power giant of the twentieth century, outpowering the Morgan utilities- and banks-based system.”
  • “The number of kilowatts of electric energy being generated from each BTU (British Thermal Unit) of fossil fuels burned or foot-pounds per second of water-power-derived turbine-functioning has continually increased since the very beginnings of electric-power generation and distribution.
  • Concurrently, the weight of the production and distribution equipment to produce that power rapidly decreased per each kilowatt or horsepower of energy produced and delivered.
  • As a consequence of this never-ceasing technological increase in overall efficiency, the actual overall cosmically predicated costs of energy generation have always and only decreased, and cost increases have been the consequence of those in top power-positions contriving through pricing to be able to pay ever greater dividends to shareholders and thus to increase the stockmarket value of their own shares, thus in turn to increase their power to control the amassed money of others as capital. Such capital power manipulation is intoxicating and seemingly unchallengeable.
  • “After World War II, the electric power industry’s three-quarters-of-a-century-accumulated wealth successfully combined its political power with that of the oil giants to “take over for nothing” the total atomic-energy program assets.
  • This included all of the know-how and production apparatus of the U.S. government’s military atomic-energy program, for which development the U.S. citizens had paid $150 billion.
  • “To initiate his wired and metered electric-energy-power monopoly in the “gay nineties”—1890—which three-fourths of a century later became an overwhelming socioeconomic power, the elder J. P. Morgan used the earlier formula of issuing bonds and preferred stocks on each of his enterprises as soon as they were paying dividends. He was thus provided with additional free capital to initiate other branches of the power-structure system: for example, in copper mining (for use in the generation and conduction of electric power), steel manufacture (for the high-line masts and structural housings of the electric equipment), etc.
  • He used his engineering firm of Stone-Webster to design and build his foreign-country power systems operated by Electric Bond and Share Company—EBASCO. His price-increasing by the power companies was automatically matched by increase in the stock-market sale of his companies’ shares. These share values increased with his own equities’ advance. Using these equities as capital, he opened his own banks.

Before World War I, No Debt or Taxes

  • “Throughout its first 127 pre-World War I years, the U.S. government often had no national debt.
  • World War I left the U.S.A. with a national indebtedness of $33 billion.
  • The U.S.A. banking system went truly bankrupt in 1929…
  • …but the New Deal’s 1933 Bank Moratorium postponed recognition of that fact.
  • Since then the moment of acknowledgment that the U.S. government itself is financially bankrupt has been postponed first by further- and further-ahead postponements of the payoff dates for U.S. notes and bonds and by successive votes of the U.S. Congress to increase the national debt limit.
  • By Money Accounting (in contradistinction to Real Wealth Accounting), the U.S.A. is now realistically bankrupt.
  • Since Nixon became president, the U.S.A. has been unable to pay even the interest on its national debt, let alone reduce the principal.
  • Before Nixon, Congress assumed tax underwriting of ever greater interest-bearing on ever more postponed and greater national debt limits.
  • For all the Nixon years and all the years of his successors the president has had annually to file a negative budget, meaning the U.S. cannot even pretend to be able to pay the interest on its indebtedness.

Back to Money

  • See also - Most People Have No Idea What Is Coming for more detail on the coming Collapse.
  • Breton Woods system - after WWII
  • instead of using gold as the means of exchange between countries, the dollar would be used.
  • Countries agreed to fix their currencies to the US Dollar, and dollar fixed to gold at $35 / ounce
  • This created a system where all currencies were essentially backed by gold
  • When countries exchanged... usually gold was stored in the United States...
  • Under Lyndon J, Vietnam, spending - countries began to grow nervous, and exchange $ for gold, as they felt more $ being printed than gold to back it
    • Guns and Butter
    • Vietnam
    • Manned mission to moon
  • President Nixon called for suspension of gold convertibility system. Claimed it was temporary.
  • August 15, 1971 - the last fixed link to reality and restraint on government was broken, just as, for the first time in human history, US Citizens had funded the creation of enough technology and knowledge for All Humanity to make it..
  • Since 1971, US has never run a surplus
  • Nixon created system where all currencies were backed by nothing except government promises... fiat - currency circulating by force and confidence.
  • No nation now uses Money. We all use Currency.
  • Politicians say we don't need anything of real value.
  • Value measured only relative to each other.
  • Countries intentionally devalue currency to make themselves good trading partners
  • In the current debt-denominated system, we borrow all currency into existence
    • it is a classic ponzie scheme
    • the more money they loan us, the more money they have to loan us in the future, and if they ever stop, the whole thing collapses and we can't pay them back
  • With creation of all this Currency, it dilutes the value of all dollars that were out there before. This is what we call Inflation. It is created by The Giants and the Invisible Power Structures **intentionally.
  • In 90s, savings rate got down to zero
  • In last decade, ran out of money, forced to borrow beyond means
  • by printing so much currency and devaluing it so heavily... it creates Inflation, which is a massive hidden tax on the poor and working class.
  • It could even likely be called Fraud or Theft
  • The Purchasing power of average person is declining, and the governments are attempting to conceal it...
    • if Gov used same CPI as carter in 70s...
    • a lot of inflation adjusted responsiblites government has - if they keep inflation low according to own stats, paying out less
  • Countries can arbitrarily debase currencies, making industries more competitive, causing entire manufacturing to move overseas...
  • When you print money, nothing backing it, and debase it... you have all these problems and many more, because you put yourself inside of a ponzie scheme that will eventually Collapse.
  • People demonstrating against the economy, and demanding more state spending...
  • Until 2008 - borrowing more to try to maintain standard of living.
  • In 2012 - seeing deleveraging...
  • Banks giving out less credit... people taking on less debt...
  • Global economy is reliant on more and larger debt to keep functioning...
  • Have to keep expanding money supply, otherwise system will die...
  • In 2008 - government bailed out The Giants and the Invisible Power Structures that own them, and took on toxic debt on behalf of citizens... (likely another act of Fraud)
  • By buying way out of crises with fake printed money - thereby diluting crises - but only by pushing the inevitable Collapse of a fraudulent system down the road and making it worse...
  • What are consequences of money printing on such a large scale...
    • What happens when fear trade goes against the dollar
    • loss of confidence in USD
    • Hyper inflation
    • Retirees will have to get jobs...
    • properties will decay...
    • Fed will try to print more inflate...
    • The Spiral Downward will accelerate
  • With so many countries holding savings in US bonds...
  • And a historically proven 100% failure rate of fiat currencies...
  • It is only a matter of time.
  • Then world tried an experiment where all currencies became fiat at the same time.
  • Fed accounting for what they have and people owe them as one item - obviously illegal accounting ...
  • Now western central banks have sold gold... and non mainstream central banks... have been buying 100s of tons.
  • Actually the gold not moving...
  • … and there are multiple parties who think they have claim to each ounce of gold...
  • …same with derivative financial instruments…
  • …when the game is over, we will discover that we are each holding multiple competing claims to the same pieces of Reality, which was entirely caught up in a fraudulent game created by the Invisible Power Structures and The Giants that do their bidding.

The Largest Fraud and Ponzi Scheme in History

  • This amounts to the largest fraud and Ponzi scheme in US history, and every family on Earth has been swept up into it, because the reserve currency of the world is the US Dollar.
  • It is not the US Citizens who are guilty of this tortious fraud, even though it was committed in the name of the United States.
  • It is the Invisible Power Structures, which collusively co-operate supranationally.

We Are All Billionaires - Our Collective Inheritance

  • The good news is that speaking from the standpoint of Spirit, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Technology, we now have 8 to 10 billion billionaires on board Worksite Earth who are entirely unaware of their good fortune.
  • All the knowledge, all the wealth, all the capabilities of The Giants do not actually belong to the Invisible Power Structures dominating and exploiting them to tighten their grip on Worksite Earth.
  • They are Our Collective Inheritance, and in partnership with God and One Another, we are going to do whatever is required to reclaim them before the existing Order collapses into the Chaos and Tyranny the Invisible Power Structures long for.
  • Unbeknownst to humanity, their Collective Inheritance is being held in probate by general ignorance, fear, selfishness, and a myriad of paralyzing political, professional, licensing, zoning, building laws and the like, as bureaucratically maintained by the incumbent visible and invisible Power Structures.
  • Dismaying as all this paralysis may be, a house or Order divided against itself cannot stand and will eventually Collapse, eventually and inevitably leading to such a state of Meta Crisis that comprehensive dissemination of the foregoing truths will be accomplished through:
      1. The world-around-integrated electronic media broadcasting,
      1. An Individual to Individual Invitational and Educational Whisper Campaign, and
      1. The computerized switchover FROM the inherently-inadequate-life-support accounting scarcity based assumption of yesterday TO the adequate for-everyone-and-everything, Time-Energy Accounting comprehensively employed by the multi-billion-galaxied, eternally regenerative Universe itself.

Time Energy Accounting

  • The world-around-integrated, computer facilitated, cosmically compatible Accounting Switchover will make it popularly comprehensible that we do indeed have ten billion billionaires on our planet, thereby publicizing that fact and thereby inducing the systematic release of our Collective Inheritance to all Earthian humans.
  • All this Accounting Switchover must also be accomplished within the 10 Year Grand Strategy.
  • Only the computer can cope with the astronomical complexity of integrating the unpredicted potentials of the millions of invisible technology gains in physical capabilities already accomplished.
  • Only world-considerate computer accounting will be able to produce the figures that will persuade all humanity  to divert High Science Technology FROM Weaponry TO Livingry.
  • Computer accounting and computing capability will clearly manifest that we indeed now have ten billion real-wealth billionaires. (All Humanity).
  • Human-Computer capability will distribute… credit cards to all humanity… whose constant living, travel, and development use will continually integrate all the production starts and holds on world-wide coordinated supplying of the needs of a world-around dynamically dwelling humanity, via the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System.
  • The Decentralized Human-Computer capacity will allocate and optimize all physical substances to their uniquely best functional uses, calculated relative to Throughput of The Goal.
  • The computer Time Energy Accounting Switchover is not only possible  but mandatory and must be accomplished before the fear and ignorance of the billions of humans involved in the power structure’s bureaucracies panic and push the atomic-bomb and weaponized Artificial Intelligence release buttons as World War III escalates.
  • What makes us say “panic” of the major political, religious, economic, and social bureaucracies?
  • Bureaucracies will panic because all the great systems of Big Politics, Big Religion, Big Ideology, and Big Business would find their activities devastated by the universal physical and metaphysical success of All Humanity and All Creation as One Body.

Money vs. Wealth

  • Those who make money with money deliberately keep  it scarce, and denominated in debt.
  • Money is not Wealth.
  • Wealth is the accomplished spiritual, scientific, and technological ability to protect, nurture, support, provision and accommodate all growful needs of life and consciousness.
  • Money is only an expediency-adopted means of interexchanging disparately sized, nonequatable items of real wealth.

The Language of Science and Technology

    • There are two more prime obstacles to all humanity’s  realization of its option to “make it.”
      • One is the fact that  humanity does not understand the language of Science.
        • Therefore it does not know that all that science has ever  found out is that the physical Universe consists entirely of  the most exquisitely inter-reciprocating Technology.
        • Ninety-nine percent of humanity thinks technology is a  “new” phenomenon.
        • The world populace identifies technology with
          • (1) weapons and
          • (2) machines that compete with them for jobs.
        • Most people therefore think they  are against technology, not knowing that the technology  they don’t understand is their only means of exercising  their option to “make it” on this planet and in this life.
        • Fortunately the Mathematical Coordinate System that has been and as yet is employed by science is not the coordinate system employed by the physical Universe.
        • …fortunately,  we have discovered nature’s coordinate system, which is  elegantly simple and popularly comprehensible.
        • Synergetics (or similar) will make it possible for all humanity to comprehend that physical Universe is technology and that the  technology does make possible all humanity’s option to  endure successfully.

Divide and Conquer by Existing Power Structures

  • The other prime obstacle to realization of The Great Option is the fact that the world’s power structures have always “divided to conquer” and have always “kept divided to keep conquered.”
  • As a consequence the power structure has so divided humanity—not  only into special function categories but into religious and  language and color categories—that individual humans are now helplessly inarticulate in the face of the present crisis.
  • Categorized into warring factions, and understanding their political representation to be  completely corrupted, therefore they feel almost utterly helpless.
  • For this reason, it is not possible to Avoid Failure and Achieve Success without Transcending The Lines That Have Divided Us In The Past, and Reuniting As One Family.


The Energy Transformation

  • Over the coming generation, The Transformation will carry us:
    • FROM: Spending our cosmic-energy savings (fossil fuels) and cosmic-capital plant and equipment (atomic energy)
    • TO: Living entirely within our cosmic-energy income, consisting of gravity and star distributed solar power, water power, tidal power, wave power, wind power, vegetation produced alcohols, methane gas, volcanism, etc.
    • With a transitional plan consisting, potentially, of an interlinked and interoperable network of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors and Waste To Energy Plasma technologies that provide virtually free, abundant, clean energy to every family on the planet.
    • The Transitional Plan is implemented that ensure that historic wasteful and harmful technologies are scaled down, and regenerative New technologies scaled up, in an intelligent, phased, and responsible manner that does not destabilize existing Supply Chains.
  • The concerns around Fossil Fuels and Carbon should be mitigated by the understanding that humanity presently wastes 90 to 95 of every 100 units of Energy it generates, in an economy where the vast majority of Activity creates Waste rather than Value.
  • The Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System will progressively expose and eliminate this Waste enabling the spontaneous and decentralized Co-Creation of a completely regenerative economy, fueled by regenerative energy sources, within a single generation.

Energy Interlinking and Interoperability

  • The electrical power and light generating industry is dominated by privately owned “public utilities”, whose largest customers are the Industries.

  • Each utility has plotted the peak and valley patterns for each second of each day of all the years since the “public” utilities  entered the business.

  • The utilities have many stand-by  generators, most of which are in operation for only a  small fraction of the time.

  • In the 1930s… we discovered that the integration of the electrical-generating networks of neighboring localities, whose peaks and valleys inherently differ to some degree…

  • …results In the excess of any of the network’s member utilities at any one moment being frequently used by other grid members’ peaks.

  • The practical limit on the distance of electrical power  delivery from the time of World War I until after World War II was 350 miles.

  • However, 350 miles could not span  the distances between any two of the continent’s four national time zones.

  • In the 1960s, as a consequence of  the new technologies of the space age, ultrahigh-voltage, superconductivity, and other technical developments occurred that made 1500-mile delivery of electricity possible, practical, and economical.

  • Since the 1960s, there have been additional technological improvement in material science, engineering techniques, and infrastructure design.

  • Today, it is difficult to set a practical limit on the limits of electrical transmission, with the threshold for impracticality continually expanding towards thousands of miles.

  • This reach provided the  ability to span continental time zones, whose peaks and  valleys obviously differed greatly from one another, and  this meant greater profits to be derived from across timezone-integrated electrical-energy networks.

  • This means, that for the first time in history, it is possible, and therefore perhaps a moral necessity, to integrate the world’s electrical energy networks into an interoperable Network Of Networks.

  • We must be able to continually integrate the energy demands of progressive night-into-day and day-into-night hemispheres of our revolving planet.

  • With all the world’s electric energy needs being supplied by a twenty-four-hour-around, omni-integrated network, all of yesterday’s, onehalf-the-time-unemployed, standby generators will be usable all the time, thus swiftly doubling the operating capacity of the world’s electrical energy grid.

  • When the 1500-mile-reach capability was technically established twenty years ago, it was  immediately evident… that we could carry the American electrical network grid across the Bering Straits from the Alaska grid to reach the extreme northeastern Russian grid, where the U.S.S.R. had completed a program of  installing dams and hydroelectric-power-generating stations on all their northerly flowing rivers all the way into eastern Kamchatka.

  • About 1500 miles could interconnect the Russians’ Asiatic continent electric integrated power grid with the Alaskan grid of the industrial North American  electric energy grid.

  • The experts of Canada and Russia have reviewed and found it feasible and desirable.

  • This world electric grid, with its omni-integrated advantage, will deliver its electric  energy anywhere, to anyone, at any one time, at one common rate, establishing global Energy Justice and helping eliminate Poverty in many forms.

Beyond Corruptible Currencies - The Time Energy Value System

  • The integration of the world electric grid, and the delivery of energy to All at One Common Rate may make possible a world-around uniform costing and pricing system for all goods and services based realistically on the time-energy metabolic accounting system of Universe.
  • In this cosmically uniform, common energy-value system for all humanity, costing will be expressed in kilowatthours, watt-hours, and watt-seconds of work being performed throughout the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System.
  • Kilowatthours will likely become the prime criteria of costing the production of the complex of metabolic involvements per each function or item needed or desired by humanity.
  • These uniform energy valuations will replace all the world’s wildly intervarying, opinion-gambled-upon, top-power-system-manipulatable monetary systems.
  • The time-energy world accounting system will do  away with all the inequities now occurring in regard to the arbitrarily maneuverable international shipping of goods  and the top economic power structure’s banker-invented, international balance-of-trade accountings.
  • It will eliminate all the tricky banking and securities-markets exploitations of all the around-the-world-time-zone activities differences in operation today, all unbeknownst to the at-all-times (billions of) humans who are sleeping.

Living Systems Data, and Regenerative Insurance and Finance

  • Similarly, the Human-Computer capabilities now make possible a Living Systems Data paradigm, where we can continually measure the health and the flourishing of the Living System, and the impact of the Human System in any bioregion or locality upon it, and vice versa.
  • [Human System Living System Interface]].
  • Case Study - Precision Measurement, Living Systems Data, and Regenerative Insurance
  • The knowledge, in advance, of how proposed human activities impact the regenerative capacity of the local ecosystem and the Earth for current and Future Generations will bring into existence an entirely new paradigm of regenerative insurance and finance, where costs cannot be externalized, and resources cannot Flow unless proposed activities are Regenerative in nature.

Beyond Nation States

  • The world energy network grid, coupled with Living Systems Data and the Integrated Delivery System…
  • …will expose that we now have 150 supreme admirals, all trying  to command our one Vessel Earth to go in different directions, with the result that the ship is going around in circles—getting nowhere and risking being torn to shreds.
  • The 150 corrupt national bureaucracies and the Invisible Power Structures behind them are presently acting as 150 blood clots in blocking the Flow of recirculating materials, metals, knowledge, and other traffic essential to the Progressive Realization of The Goal.
  • It is exceedingly likely that we will swiftly transcend these nationalities into an Omni-Integrated Human System that protects the sovereignty and autonomy of each locality, while enabling Flow across dividing lines and affording the significant new capabilities required to grapple with the crises and opportunities at hand.

Beyond “Jobs”

  • Each question will be programmed into the computer asking which way society will experience the lowest-cost optimum living: by giving all humans handsome fellowships, with an income adequate for a high standard of living, or by having them go on earning their livings by doing “jobs”.
  • The computer will show that ~70 percent of all jobs  in America and probably an equivalently high percentage of the jobs in other Western private-enterprise countries are preoccupied with work that is not producing any true Value, Wealth, or Life Support — inspectors of inspectors, reunderwriters of insurance reinsurers, Obnoxico promoters, spies and counterspies, lobbyists, standing armies, weaponry makers, etc.
  • The computer will verify both of the important findings of the brilliant Denver, Colorado, oil geologist, François de Chardenèdes… that, with all that cosmic-energy processing… and processing time (paid for at the rates you and I pay for household electrical energy), it costs nature well over a million dollars to produce each gallon of petroleum.
  • We will discover all the no-life-support-wealth-producing people going to their “jobs” in their cars or buses, spending trillions of dollars’ worth of petroleum daily to get to  their no-wealth-producing jobs.
  • It doesn’t take a computer to tell you that it will save both Universe and humanity trillions of dollars a day to liberate them from their Debt and pay them handsomely to and stay at home and unleash their Creative Consciousness in others Value-Producing ways.
  • The greatest privilege in human affairs will be to be allowed to join any one of the core real wealth-production or maintenance teams.

Beyond Opinions and Dogmatic Ideologies

  • Time and again in their short history computers have  demonstrated their ability to reverse historically assumed-to-be-unalterable positions of both sides of the opposed political / economic power structure’s directorates or committees.
  • Computers can remember accurately and can  cope with and integrate the vast amounts of all known,  relevant information on complex problems, uncopeable with prior to the computer.
  • What we had prior to the computer were respected Opinions and only-selfishness-conditioned reflexes on how to cope.
  • Though an opinion might be wrong, there was no practical and convincing way to prove it.
  • Unchallenged, the opinions became respected precedent, then exceptionless concepts, and sometimes even civil and academically accepted social law.
  • Computers will be used more and more to produce the opinion-obsoleting answers to progressive crises-provoked questions about which way world society as a  whole will enduringly profit and flourish the most.
  • Computers will correct misinformed and disadvantaged conditioned reflexes, not only of the few officials who have heretofore  blocked comprehensive techno-economic and political evolutionary advancement, but also of the vast majorities of humanity.

Beyond ”School”

  • Comprehensively and incisively programmed with all  the relevant data regarding education, it will be evidenced  that the physical and social costs will be far less for individual, at-home-initiated, research-and-development-interned self-teaching than having individual students going to schools, being bused, being brainwashed, and so on.
  • The computer will make it clear that by far the most effective educational system for human beings—all the way  from birth through early childhood and on through lifelong learning and development — is that to be  derived from project based learning aided by the mobile phone, computer, home television, and supporting books, the pages of which are also to be called forth on world-cable-and-satellite-interlinked video “library” screens and translatable and publishable in any language.
  • The computer will also  make it very clear that, freed of the necessity to ”earn a living” by “working a job”, all humanity will want to exercise its fundamental  drive first to comprehend “what it is all about” and second to demonstrate competence in respect to the Grand Challenges, Issues, and Opportunities at hand.
  • The New Era will be composed of liberated individuals, self-organizing into small Groups and Teams, engaging in meaningful Quests that Solve Problems, eliminate Waste, create Value, and make their locality and world a better place.
  • This ethos of project-and-value-based-learning-and-collaboration will be propagated back into the earliest childhood development, with pre-school through professional through old-age learning integrated into a comprehensive Way of continuously improving our lives and our world.

Beyond Homelessness and Communitylessness

  • Now is the time for the comprehensive AEC profession to reorient itself from the  six-months-per-one-residence work schedule to the millions-per-day, air-deliverable, sewer-and-water-mains-emancipated, energy-harvesting, dwelling-machine production world with its unpurchasable, air-deliverable dwelling machines only rentable from (service industry)…
  • …able to accommodate at unprecedentedly high standards of living all humanity in their own bioregional and cultural contexts.
  • Now is also the time  for the AEC profession to reorient itself from the  years-to-build, human-need-exploiting cities to the all-in-one-day-air-deliverable-or-removable, human-needserving, singly-domed-over cities.
  • We have to satisfactorily rehouse… billions of humans… within a single generation.
  • Reference also Above The Chaos, 80 Percent of Homes, Schools, and Workplaces are Fostering Chronic Illness
  • This aspect of the Meta Project alone ensures that there is Meaningful Work available for every human being who wants to positively participate in the transformation of their lives and their world.

The Role of Humanity and the Final Exam

  • Humanity is opening a whole New Era of eternally functioning in local support of the integrity of eternally regenerative Universe.
  • To know now what we could never have known before — that we now have an option for all humanity to  “make it” successfully on this planet in this lifetime — is not to be optimistic...
  • It is only a validation of hope, a hope that had no operationally foreseeable validity before the last decades that mark the transition into the New Millennium.
  • Whether it is to be Utopia or Oblivion, Heaven or Hell, will be a touch-and-go relay race right up to the final moment as we Pass The Flame and Progress through the 10 Year Grand Strategy.
  • Humanity is in “final exam” as to  whether or not it qualifies for continuance in Universe…
  • Human minds have a unique cosmic function not identifiable with any other phenomenon—the capability to act as local Universe information harvesters and local Universe problem-solvers in support of the integrity of eternally regenerative Universe.
  • We humans are here in Universe to exercise the Universe-functioning of Mind.
  • Only Mind can apprehend, abide by, and be led by Truth.
  • The Creator is inviting us to apprehend the Logos of the Universe, and become Co-Creators of the Best Possible Future for All.
  • The political and economic systems and the political  and economic leaders of humanity are not in final examination; it is the integrity of each individual human that is in final examination.
  • On personal integrity hangs humanity’s fate.
  • You can deceive others, you can deceive your brain-self, but you can’t deceive your mind-self—for mind deals  only in the discovery of Truth and the interrelationship of all the truths. The cosmic laws and Logos with which mind deals are incorruptible.

Preparing and Navigating Towards Truth

  • If you…(prepare carefully)… you will be able to throw your weight into the balancing of humanity’s fate.
  • While you could be “the  straw that breaks the camel’s back,” compressively you  can also be the “straw”—straw of intellect, initiative, unselfishness, comprehensive integrity, competence, and  love—whose ephemerally effective tension saves us.
  • The invisibly tensive straws that can save us are those  of individual human integrities—in daring to steer the individual’s course only by truth, strange as the realized truth  may often seem—wherever and whenever the truths are  evidenced to the individual—wherever they may lead, unfamiliar as the way may be.
  • …humans have learned scientifically that the exact truth can never be attained or told. We can reduce the degree of Residual Error, but we have learned physically… that exactitude is prohibited…
  • We can sense that only God is the perfect—the exact  Truth.
  • We can come ever nearer to God by progressively eliminating Residual Error.
  • The nearest each of us can  come to God is by loving the Truth.
  • If we don’t program  the computer truthfully with all the truth and nothing but the truth, we won’t get the answers that allow us to  “make it.”
  • In speaking of Truth we are not talking about the position to take that seems to put you in the most favorable light. We are not talking about political correctness, or bending our speech to the dictates of dogmatic religion or ideology.
  • We are talking about the Progressive Realization of the Light and Logos ItSelf that enables the Progressive Enlightenment of the Universe.

Self-Discipline and What To Do

  • Light Your Candle, and Pass The Flame.
  • Each year I receive and answer many hundreds of unsolicited letters from youth anxious to know what the little individual can do.
  • The things to do are:
    • the things that need doing:
    • that you see need to be done
    • that no one else seems to see need to be done.
  • Then you will conceive your own way of doing that which needs to  be done—that no one else has told you to do or  how to do it.
  • This will bring out the real you…
  • Try making experiments of anything you conceive and are intensely interested in.
  • Don’t be disappointed if something doesn’t work.
  • That is what you want to know—the Truth about everything—and then the Truth about combinations of things.
  • Whenever you come to a word with which you are not familiar, find it in the dictionary and write a sentence which uses that new word. Words are tools - Word Tools — and once you have learned how to use a  tool you will never forget it.
  • If your vocabulary is comprehensive, you can comprehend both the most subtle and most comprehensive patterns of experience.

Misc. Notes from Critical Path

  • I sought to discover what, if anything, can be effectively accomplished by a penniless, unknown individual—operating only on behalf of all humanity—in attempting to produce sustainingly favorable physical and metaphysical advancement of the integrity of all human life on our planet, which omnihuman advantaging task, attemptable by the individual, is inherently impossible of accomplishment by any nation, private enterprise, religion, or other multipeopled, bias-fostering combination thereof.
  • A poet is somebody who feels, and who expresses his feelings through words. This may sound easy. It isn’t.

Speculative Prehistory of Humanity

  • Understanding Who We Are, Where We Are, and How We Got Here is crucial for establishing the Context within which and from which the Grand Strategy emerges.
  • Universe is inherently complex and eternally regenerative. It can have no “beginning” or “ending.”
  • A system divides all of the Universe into (a) all of the Universe outside the system, (b) all of the Universe inside the system, and (c) the little bit of remaining Universe which comprises the system that separates the macrocosm from the microcosm.
  • Humans are systems
  • Humans are hydraulically designed technologies, consisting primarily of water.
  • Dependence upon water has driven the human patterns of prehistory
  • …we discover that, by scientific evidence, there is neither race nor class differentiation of humans. All humans are of the same family. All physiognomic and other physiological differentiations in human appearance are the exclusive consequences of multi-generations of unplanned inbreeding of those types that survived most successfully under unique environmental conditions, within which local geographies, tribes or nations dwelt for protracted periods.
  • The Leakey family’s proofs of the presence of humans on our planet for (millions of years take us back through two ice ages and two inter-ice-age intervals…
  • Speculative hypothesis that humanity originated in the Austronesian islands and came out into the (Asian) mainland in separate stages, each occurring after one of the ice ages.
  • The Bronze Age likely began in Southeast Asia
  • The last human exodus from the islands of Austronesia… occurred after the last ice age, about 30,000 years ago.
  • Dymaxion World Map… showing… one hundred dots, each preresenting 1% of humanity as of 1980 AD… each… dot… carefully located in the demographic center of (the grouping).
  • Only about 8% of Earth’s total surface… contains 54% of humanity.

Humans in Universe

  • Establishes the role of human beings as local Universe information-gathers and problem-solvers operating in service of One and All.
  • Mind possibly may serve as the essential, anti-entropic (syntropic) function for eternally conserving the omni-interaccommodative, nonsimultaneous, and only partially overlapping, omniintertransforming, self-regenerating scenario—which We speak of as Universe.
  • Mind, operative aboard our planet Earth and probably elsewhere in Universe in a myriad of effective circumstances, can and may perform the paramount function of conserving the scenario “Universe.” If so, it will have to be accomplished by apprehending, comprehending, and teleologically employing the metaphysical, weightless, omni-intercooperative generalized principles of Universe in strategically effective degree and within a critical time limit.
  • This can be accomplished in progressively more effective ways—for instance, by Earthians competently “fielding” all those physical energy increments entropically broadcast by the stars, which happen to impinge kinetically upon our Earth as it orbits the Sun. Employing the appropriate biological and physiological principles, these receipts must be collected, sorted, analyzed, synergetically comprehended, and symmetrically combined into complex but orderly, macro-and-micro-cohering aggregates.
  • Systems always divide all Universe outside the system from all of the Universe inside the system. All systems are finite subdividers of macro- and micro-Universe.

Self-Disciplines of Buckminster Fuller

  • Reaffirms the understanding that the New must be rooted in a New Practice and Way of Being. A New Normal.

The Geoscope

  • Outlines the design and functioning of a critical digital and physical educational and decision making tool to be included in The Prototype.

World Game

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