In the context of the Lionsberg System, "Co-Creators" are individuals or groups who actively participate in the creation of the New World by working together, sharing ideas, resources, and skills in pursuit of our shared Vision and Values. Co-Creators are united by their commitment to the principles and values outlined in the Lionsberg Manifesto and the New Vision and Plan, and their dedication to transforming society for the better.

Co-Creators recognize that no single individual, organization, or nation can tackle the complex and interconnected challenges facing humanity on their own. They understand that collaboration, cooperation, and collective action are essential to achieving the transformative change necessary to Cross The Chasm and co-create the Land Of Promise.

As Co-Creators, individuals and groups contribute their unique talents, perspectives, and experiences to the larger collective effort, working together to build a thriving, regenerative, and just society that benefits all living beings. By embracing the spirit of co-creation, we can harness the power of our collective intelligence, creativity, and resilience to overcome obstacles and shape a better future for all.

The Creator is inviting us to become Co-Creators of a Better World.

For a directory, see Lionsberg Co-Creators.

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