9.9 The Law That All People Know On A Level Deeper Than Words

This unending exercise leads us “know” on a level deeper than words, that there is an Absolute and inarticulable  Standard of the Perfect Ideal, the perfect Way of Being, that we are progressively conforming our Selves to.

The Absolute and Perfect Ideal is One.

The same One that belongs at the absolute pinnacle of every Order.

When we are in the presence of the Ideal, we experience something like Awe.

Awe facilitates an act or State of Being that is something like Worship.

A state of being that is something like Worship facilitates our incredible ability to Imitate.

Our incredible ability to Imitate facilitates the pragmatic act of Conforming ourselves to the Absolute we are standing in Awe of.

However this is a process that cannot be completed by That Which Is Being Transformed alone.

The New is a Divine Partnership, a Synergy, a Co-Creation between the Individual, the Spirit guiding the transformation of the Individual, and its Source.

This, like any Golden Thread, leads back to the basic spiritual impulse, which is the eternal movement towards Oneness through Love.

This has been called Theosis.

Theosis speaks to the Process of Transformation or Metamorphosis through which the Old / False Self is continually laid down, and the New / True Self is continually resurrected into every greater unity and conformity to the One, in Divine Partnership with the One.

“Be therefore Imitators of God.”

“You were created in the Image of God.”

“Transform yourself into the Image of God.”

“I pray that they would be one, even as we are One.”

What does it mean to become one with the One?

We always return to the mystery of what it means to progressively Elevate And Transform our Selves into Higher Order Functional Unity with the Absolute, such that we become, individually and collectively, living Embodiments of Its Spirit, and therefore Co-Creators of the Life and Consciousness It is creating and sustaining.

Returning to Rules, Law, and Rule of Law, in the end we Realize that Embodying the Spirit of the One is the ultimate endeavor, and that it can only be impelled from within by the Spirit, and never compelled from without by the Law.

Just as we can teach elementary forms of mathematics or martial arts, we can teach children the basics of the Way of the One.

However the ultimate Art and Science of living in the Way of the One is far beyond forms or words.

To know the Way and the One, one must live it.

You cannot articulate all the situations, across every domain of space and time. And if you did, you would be so inundated and oppressed by the endless dogma that nearly everyone would be paralyzed and drown in the Chaos of too much stultifying Order. This is the trap of bureaucratic and dogmatic fundamentalist religion and ideology.

As a book, turned into books, turned into dozens of books, turned into libraries of books, turned into institutions, authorities, and certifications to manage and update the books, you would soon learn that you need to lay down all the books, close your eyes, be present, meditate, and immerse your Self and your Consciousness as deeply as you can into its Source, and then Be and Do what One would Be and Do.

And then to remain in that state of presence and unity with the One as you go out to confront the challenges and chaos of the world, and exist as a conduit of the One into the infinite array of complexity and change you find yourself in.

You must know the Way and the Law and the Spirit of the One on a level far deeper than words.

The Universal Law is is about The Spirit Of The Law, not The Letter Of The Law.

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