9.10 Developing And Articulating Across Time

The development of a body of Law can be likened to the development of all basic human consciousness and frameworks.

It might be that the Left Hemisphere of the Mind Of Society deals with logic and maintains a simplified and stable articulated framework or map by which society is navigating through the world.

It might be the that Right Hemisphere of the Mind Of Society is more creative and exploratory in nature and updates the logic of the map based on the entire Gestalt of what it encounters in the Reality it is venturing out into.

In this way the logically Articulated Framework complexities and updates itself over time as a result of its own inadequacies, in response to the discovery of scenarios when the existing map of Reality fails to work in Reality, or where there are discrepancies and anomalies between the Map and Reality.

As in all frames of conscious development, in these update scenarios the Map should be updated in a way that retains all the best elements of the previous Map / Way, while becoming capable of performing more competently across a broader Span Of Reality / Array Of Scenarios.

Conscious Development is not a matter of discarding the Old in its entirety at each transformation and beginning anew from zero.

It is a matter of continual and conscious evolution or transformation to become ever more competent and effective in advancing towards The Goal.

In the mythological stories, each time the Phoenix rises from the ashes, it gets stronger and more competent because the Spirit guiding its subsequent transformations across Time is retained, purified, and improved, even as various temporal incarnations are laid down and "die".

As people and cultures meet, they can communicate, share maps, and create new and better frameworks by Abstracting Out and Synthesizing what is Most Good about each of the previous frameworks, and dispensing with the elments of the Old Stories and Old frameworks that we know understand are not True, or are No Longer Serving Us Well.

These articulated bodies of information are part of the collective inheritance of Metaphysical DNA passed from one generation to the next, which is the Information that animates and instructs the Energy of Society and inform it how to behave and manifest itself.

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