9.8 The Lower, Temporal, Secular Law, And The Higher, Eternal, Spiritual Law

Secular law can never compel someone to Love their enemy. You cannot punish someone for not loving their enemies to the point of self-sacrifice.

Yet the Ideal remains, and the Spirit always calls us up, ever higher towards the Perfect Standard of the Ideal.

Laws constitute the basic Rules Of The Game of society that people agree to play together. In the game of society, rules are needed:

1.    To Establish Rights and Responsibilities

2.    To differentiate what is “Good” from what is “Anti-Good” (Articulate Virtue | Value | Goodness | Moral Framework)

3.    To bind Chaos and co-create Proper Order.

4.    To restrain government and Power.

Over time, law and legal theory develops in two general directions:

1.    Into ever more Byzantine complexity to cover every specific case

2.    Into ever more abstract concepts to cover all general cases

There is a tremendous amount of distance between a simple articulation of 10 commandments, and the development of the entire body of law in a developed nation, which articulates not only that “Thou shall not kill”, but also the specific speed limits thou shall not exceed on thousands of individual streets in order to take reasonable care not to recklessly injure others, the specific fines and penalties for violating the standard by different degrees, the location you must go to to pay the fine, the time in which you have to do so, and your process for redress if you believe the penalty is unjust. This is the move from Simplicity towards Bureaucracy.

From the simplicity of generality, to the complexity of specificity, we then travel the immense distance to abstract back out to simplicity the generalized principles that we are learning into and trying to embody.

At end outer edges of abstraction, we again reach simplicity, but with the extraordinarily advanced simple articulation of the abstract that can only be rediscovered on the other side of complexity.

Thus we can articulate a Universal Law of Love that requires us to help, and not harm, others.

Then we have to figure out to whom the abstract Ideal applies.

And at the outer edge of that abstraction process, we come to understand that the universal law applies even to our enemies, who are also Loved by One.

Love: Which means to Help And Not Harm All others, even your enemies.

Yet we are not quite there yet… because if Love applies to All, and (others) are harming All, what is our relationship to Structures Of Injustice?

If I see a bully systematically preying on and exploiting the Vulnerable, do I need to intervene, and if necessary harm the bully, in order to stop the harm of the innocent?

It is morally justified, or even obligated, to be willing and capable of harming oppressors in order to save the oppressed from the hell of oppression?

So maybe a Meta Rule approaches (something like): “Embodying the Spirit of the One in every Moment, do the wise right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons, to accomplish the Meta Goal.”

Which is to say, that we are transforming ourselves into a Conduit or System whose Purpose is to Progressively Realize, or create Throughput of, the Highest Intention and Greatest Good, which reflects the totality of the Mind and Wisdom of the One.

Which is to say, that we are striving to Embody the Ideal.

Which is to say, that we are striving to Embody the Spirit / Essence of the One.

As we keep abstracting out and asking Why, we eventually reach the articulation that it is because All things arise from One, are sustained by One, return to One, and are ultimately are intended to be one.

If all things arise from One, return to One, and are intended to be one, then the Universal Law is actually a reflection of the Nature / Mind / Intention / Spirit / Logos of the One.

We should do what the One would do.

We should have the Mind of the One.

We should do what the Ideal would do.

We are now approaching the Meta Rule.

Do What One Would Do.

Be What One Would Be.

Embody the Spirit of the One.

Be Perfect, as One is Perfect.



There it is. The outer limits of abstraction before it dissolves into indescribable Ultimate Reality.

A single word. A single principle.

What would One do?

This is the highest eternal Law. It applies to all domains of Space, Time, and all dimensions of the Universe.

It is complete. Sufficient. Whole. Universal. Inescapable.

Soaring above the temporal, secular, lower laws currently articulated in whatever time or place one finds oneself thrown into, is the highest, transcendent, eternal, universal, spiritual Law that must be Enacted and Embodied.

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