In the Lionsberg System, Realize contains two distinct meanings, which are meant to interact with and inform each other.

The first is realization in the spiritual and intellectual sense of the world, as in to become aware of or understand something.

The second is realization in the physical sense of the world, as in to bring into embodied form in a time and place.

Our Current Best Understanding is that these two poles forge a kind of "diad" that facilitates Reciprocal Opening.

There are some things that we first get a spiritual or intellectual inkling of, that gradually leads to image, that gradually leads to concept, that gradually leads to thought, that gradually leads to spoken words, that gradually leads to written words, that gradually leads to embodied action. Or something like that. It is an emergence from the depths of Spirit or consciousness that gradually makes its way into embodied form.

On the other pole are things that we act out and embody, with no articulated understanding of Why, that gradually find their way "up" into articulated / conscious / explicit understanding.

There are times when we can grasp something with the edges of our consciousness long before we could ever speak it or act it out...

And there are other times we find ourselves acting something out long before we could consciously conceive of Why we are doing it.

These two elements can also be conceptually related to the interaction and Reciprocal Opening that occurs as a result of properly balancing Being and Doing, and the Metaphysical and the Physical.

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