4.0 Total Integrated Wellbeing and Development

The true Way is a life-long journey of progressively discovering and Realizing your best and highest Potential, by helping All others do the same.

To discover and achieve our potential, we must achieve our potential with our whole being. If we leave any part behind, it affects the others. We therefore need to look at at least 3 parts of our being, as well as how that composite being interacts with the fields that permeate it.

The Spiritual Element

The true Way is integrated and led by Spirit. The Metaphysical leads, and the Physical follows.

The Intellectual Element

The Way elevates, encompasses, and integrates the Mind with the body and Spirit.

The Physical Element

The Way elevates and integrates our whole physical being. Our physical being is a complex nested system of systems permeated and sustained by both higher order systems it is a part of, and lower order systems that are a part of it.