7.33 Superorganisms

Some forms of Life contain both a host and an assemblage of many other species living on or within it, which together form a single coherent ecological unit of life.

These forms of Life are called Superorganisms.

Human beings are one such Superorganism.

The human body is composed of trillions of “human” cells, plus an even greater number of inter-existent “non-human” microbes that co-inhabit the coherent human form.

These hundreds of other non-human Intelligent species of Life that live within and upon a human are essential to the proper functioning of a human.

Remember, these non-human microbes somehow possess far more Intelligence than we Realize.

The aggregate Intelligence present in a human Superorganism is not simply a product of the brain.

It is the product of the totality of a far Deeper and more permeating system of both ‘human’ and ‘non-human’ Intelligences made possible by the underlying field of Intelligence and the Source from which it flows.

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