2.9 Throughput

All of these elements, and the many others We are still in the process of Realizing, work together to transform Us into a sort of conduit through which That Which Is Of Greatest Worth in-breaks into Reality.

As the New Inbreaks, it displaces the Old.

There is both a Quality and a Quantity to the Value that is Flowing through us.

If we view our lives like a System, it is the rate of Throughput of Our Goal.

If we view our lives like a Quest, it is something like the rate of Progress towards Our Goal.

The gifts that We are giving You are immensely powerful. They will progressively transform You into a far more powerful, capable, and dangerous Being.

It is absolutely critical, and of utmost importance, that You VERY CAREFULLY choose Your Aim, and ensure that it is becoming ever more Good, and that you are becoming ever more Good, as you grow in your capabilities and power.

Power accelerates the Rate at which we are Co-Creating Heaven or Hell.

Just like You never point a gun at something You are unwilling to shoot, NEVER point this System or Your Being at something You are not willing to see become Your lived Reality.

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