2.8 The Gift of an Integrated System

Next We offer You the gift of an Integrated System of Systems.

The various elements and gifts are all individually valuable.

However they transmute into something infinitely more valuable if they are applied together as an Integrated System.

This is not just any System.

It is a magically powerful tool purpose-built to pull the Highest Intention and Greatest Good into Reality.

It is a powerful System purpose-built to help you elevate and transform your Self, your life, and your world towards Destiny.

It is a Machine built to bring Intention Into Reality.

It is like a Machine built to bring Heaven to Earth.

The unique magic of the System is that it forges out of All things a Unity of the highest Order, integrating and balancing all things within the inherent Unity of the Living System and its Source.

You may already have Integrated a better System, however if you have not We offer it to You as a free gift in the Spirit of Love.

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