1.20 The Sovereign Vessels

"As we prepare to embark on our Quest, we need to orient you towards a few key realities."

"Remember, these word pictures are only analogies and maps. Under no circumstances confuse them with Reality."

"In the caves, you were alone in your own hijacked mind. Living in your own hijacked dreams. Mindlessly repeating the words."

"Reality is far different. When you stepped out of the Caves, you began to see. The stars. The trees. The animals. The Life. It was there along, above the surface, outside the walls of your prison."

"The Reality is that we are All here aboard a single Vessel that is zooming through an infinite abyss of space. Everything you have seen, everything you have known, is all one. We call this Vessel: Earth. Where it goes, we All go. As it goes, so we go. As we travel towards the New World we will expand our movement out beyond this planet, but for now, we are here. If it flourishes, we can flourish. If it dies, we All die."

"The harsh Reality is that you awakened because the Vessel is heading for destruction. Had you not awakened, the Vessel would have perished, and you along with it."

"You were awakened, and we are embarking on this Quest for this reason: to sieze the helm and land humanity and this planet on a safe trajectory towards its rightful Destiny."

"Vessel: Earth was conceived intelligently, and operates properly. Its nature is Good, its systems are regenerative, and as long as it is wisely stewarded, it will remain a suitale habitat for Consciousness to develop throughout the millennia. By the time the Vessel is eventually superheated and the land melts, humanity will have become interplanetary and will have developed alternative habitats in which Life and Consciousness can continue to Realize itself."

"It is the Vessel of Society that is the problem. It is the direction of the Vessel of Society that is forcing Vessel: Earth towards the rocks of Chaos."

"Yet as we will show you, the Vessel of Society can be steered, and as it is steered you will discover that it and Vessel: Earth are one, because Life and Consciousness are one, and flow from One."

"Consciousness leads, and everything else follows."

"We do not have time to explain Consciousness this evening, but for now understand that this Awareness, that is even deeper than Thought, is primary."

"When you were asleep and enchained in the Caves, you thought. You dreamed. Yet you were unaware that the thoughts you were thinking were not you."

"Now is the time to encounter that aspect of your Self that is before thought. That aspect of your Self that can observe what you think is you thinking, and even guide and direct those thoughts."

"This is a critical distinction, and as of tomorrow it will be a moment by moment issue of life and death for you. Death is not something to fear, but of course it is nice to avod the best we can, and it is of great benefit to those who come after you if you can stay alive to Prepare The Way. The primary reason that it is an issue of life and death relates to what you will experience as Fear and Desire. On one hand, a tremendous magnetic pull towards objects that you percieve may benefit or please you (Desire), and on the other, a tremendous aversion and magnetic repulsion from objects that you perceive may harm or displease you (Fear). These animal like impulses will grip you and drive you if you are not careful. Beyond the Boundary, every delight will beckon, and every threat will manifest. DO NOT BE SWAYED BY THEM"

"But how can I not be swayed by Fear and Desire you might ask..."

"It is simple, but it is not easy. The answer is Conscious Agency."

"Our Consciousness, the very fact that we are aware, and know that we are aware, is a form of Agency. We are Conscious Agents."

"As Conscious Agents, we possess both inalienable Sovereignty, and inalienable Free Will. Yet these faculties grow deeply atrophied in the Caves, where we are imprisoned, conditioned, and medicated to mindlessly repeat the words and think as we are told."

"However our Sovereignty and Agency can be recovered, once we awaken and consciously liberate our Minds."

"This Truth is the last best hope for Life and Society. It is why you are here."

"You were born into the slavery from which you are just now emerging. Held captive by structures and ideas that you were indoctrinated into from youth, so that you could never recognize them. A fish does not know that was born into water, and a captive does not know that it was born into a Cave."

"We are now outside the Caves, and preparing to venture ahead. Soon, we will head out towards the Boundary. Outside the Boundary you will encounter Reality as it actually is."

"The Reality we are venturing out into still encompasses the Caves from which the captives are emerging. The Caves do not encompass Reality."

"The Caves are a feature of the Vessel of Society, that is governing the direction of Vessel: Earth, that is itself contained within the universal Meta Vessel that contains within itself and orders all other vessels that could be conceived of."

"We are All here aboard one Vessel: Earth. Where it goes, we All go."

"We choose where it goes, and therefore where we go, by navigating the Vessel of Society."

"So how does one steer the Vessel of Society?"

"The direction of the Vessel of Society is dictated by the collective energy and navigation of each one of its component Micro Vessels."

"The Vessel of Society is composed of billions of such Micro Vessels. Each one of these Vessels must be Navigated and Aligned."

"What are the Micro Vessels?"

"You. You are the Micro Vessels. Along with every other conscious being who possesses Free Will and the ability to Choose."

"Those billions of grey souls asleep and chained up in the Caves - each one of them is a Micro Vessel."

"Virtually the entire Navigation system has been hijacked by the Authorities of the Caves. The Micro Vessels are asleep on auto-pilot, chained to the walls of the Caves. Their Minds and Words, programmed by the Authorities, are what is propelling the Vessel of Society towards its ruin."

"Our Plan is to awaken the captives to their Consciousness and Agency, so that they can consciously decide our trajectory."

"If enough of us choose to align our Conscious Agency towards the same Vision, Intention, and Goal, we can alter the trajectory of the entire Vessel of Society, and thus the trajectory of Vessel: Earth."

_"When steering a Vessel, you do not need to attempt to move the entire thing. You only need to move the rudder. And you do not even need to move the entire rudder. You only need to make tiny adjustments to the trim tabs on the rudder. Each individual is like one of these trim tabs on the rudder of the Vessel of Society."

"It is critical to remember that each of us is acting as a trim tab whether we choose to acknowledge it and Consciously Decide or not. If we remain bound, drugged, and asleep in our Cave, then we are unconsciously "set" or "programmed" to the default position dictated by the Authorities. We unconsciously vomit back up the words the Guards force feed us, and the field of babel sets the course."

"If you do not consciously steer yourself, you will be steered by others."

"If you do not consciously govern yourself, you will be governed by others."

"Governance is the act of navigating and steering."

"Self Governance is the act of navigating and steering your Self."

"As thrilling as it is to be Sovereign and Free, we will soon discover that the thrill of that independence will encounter another Good force. That opposing Good is the Reality that we were not created to be or to navigate in isolation. We were created to function in community and harmony with others."

"It is exhilarating to become Independent and Free, and as soon as we do we quickly discover that there are many things that need to be done, which we simply cannot do on our own."

"So how might Sovereigns voluntarily and rightly relate to One Another and the One that unites us All? How should we Organize and Federate our Selves in order to accomplish together the Good and Valiant things we could never achieve in isolation?"

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