1.19 Word Pictures, Parables, and Analogies

"As we speak, you will notice that we use many word pictures, parables and analogies. This is because that we understand that after lifetimes imprisoned in the Caves, we do not have a shared language, and cannot assume that we have understaing."

"After we were extracted from the Caves, we discovered that it took many years, and hearing things dozens of times, before even concepts that now seem simple began to make sense."

"It is hard to imagine the damage done from a lifetime in a Cave."

"So please bear with the examples. Bear with the analogies. Bear with circumambulation. If you feel that you have already grasped something, please be patient and see if there is anything else for you to learn or discover as we Circumambulate around the Idea, draw maps, and paint pictures to illustrate what we are seeing."

"Our first lesson outside the Boundary will be on perception. Until you understand how to Perceive, do not assume that those around you are seeing or understanding things as you are. We have not yet aligned our stories. We have not yet aligned our goals. We have not yet aligned our values. So you can assume that whatever you or we say, those around you are hearing and perceiving it differently."

"Just because people have eyes, it does not mean that they see."

"Just because people have ears, it does not mean that they hear."

"Be patient. Listen to the stories. Teach the stories. And whatever you do, do not assume that you accurately Perceive all that the stories contain. Their meaning will unfold over a lifetime."

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