1.21 Organizing and Federating Sovereign Vessels

"In a few short hours, we will guide you out beyond the Boundary."

"As we mentioned earlier, the Way towards our Goal is marked by Milestones."

"As we begin to move towards the Milestones that mark the Way towards the Goal, we are going to encounter Challenges, Issues, Obstacles and Opportunities that will require us to work together in various configurations."

"You will very quickly discover that life outside The Boundary is very dangerous and impractical if you are alone."

"We will therefore have to become very skilled at Organizing and Federating."

"The purpose of Organizing and Federating is to forge, out of many individual elements, a Higher Order Functional Unity that is actually capable of meeting the needs and solving the problems inherent in each moment of our Quest."

"Because this activity is so critical, we are continuously improving a guide to aid us in this area, called Organizations The Lionsberg Way."

"Each time Individual Micro Vessels choose to organize and federate, they automatically create a new higher order Micro Vessel. Each one of these higher order Micro Vessels has certain functional capabilities."

"As we organize and federate, each of us will become captain or crew on many different vessels as we venture out together beyond the Boundary."

"Like every form of Life, these higher order Vessels are never permanent. Like all elements of the Living System, they are in a continuous state of transformation leading towards dissolution and the birth of something New."

"Every time something is organized and born, it is critical to remember, no matter how much we appreciate, love, or enjoy it, that it was born for a season. We celebrate both the green shoots of the leaves in the spring, their brilliant colors in the fall, and their grace in eventually floating down to the ground, to make way for the New that is coming after them."

"Each time individuals voluntarily come together to give birth to a New Micro Vessel, this higher order Micro Vessel, like the individuals who compose it, is Sovereign and Free, and must be navigated towards its Goal."

"Every family, every tribe, every organization, every association, every institution, every nation - all are Sovereign, self-governing Micro Vessels that possess the inalienable right to choose their own direction, destination, and Goal."

"This is the basic principle of Self Determination."

"Each Sovereign vessel must govern, or steer, itself in accordance with its Purpose, Principles, and Goals. And the Goals of each Sovereign vessel must be integrated and aligned with the Meta Goal."

"Among their many capabilities, higher order functional unities can themselves voluntarily Organize and Federate with other higher order unities to create yet even higher order functional capabilities."

"Individuals who have properly integrated themselves, can integrate with others, and groups of integrated individuals can integrated with other groups of integrated individuals. Individual Vessels can forge flotillas, and flotillas can forge fleets, and the total set of all fleets could potentially forge a Meta Fleet."

"What is the upper limit of this Fractal organizing pattern? How much functional unity, among how many Sovereigns, is it possible to achieve? How high could we go?"

"We do not know, but the Meta Quest we are embarking on is going to force us to search out and test the limits."

"As we begin to move together, always bear in mind the concept of Aligning Energy. Two Vessels cannot move together unless they are Aligned, or they will tear both their bond and One Another apart."

"Each Micro Vessel can be thought of as being on a Micro Quest towards a Micro Goal."

"If we are going to succeed on our Quest, we must align those Micro Quests and Micro Goals into some form of higher order functional unity."

"Never yoke together two Vessels that are not Aligned and heading in the same Direction, towards a shared Overarching and Uniting Goal."

"And yet here we are, yoked together in one Vessel Earth. This tells you something about how the One intends for us to be together. Through Organizing and Federating, we become ever more as we are Intended to be."

"The basic #principle to bear in Mind is that if we properly articulate and succeed in the Meta Goal, we automatically accomplish All the Micro Goals of All."

"This Meta Quest is going to require a vast fleet of unprecedented size to set sail together. That is the purpose of initiating the Meta Movement that you, by venturing out, are catalyzing."

"It is not ours to know whether and at what rate tens, thousands, millions, or billions of Sovereigns will hear the Voice, awaken, arise and join the epic voyage from the Old to the New. We do not know the timing, the waves, or the tipping points of the [Meta Movement] of all Creation towards its Goal."

"Yet we know that the moment that we, the Sovereign Individual, finally awaken, see and understand, it triggers an immediate and inescapable moral imperative to organize and move."

"If you come to believe that you and all those around you occupy a building that is on fire, or a Vessel that is headed towards destruction, every single moment is a moral decision in which you simply are, or are not, doing everything you possibly can to get everyone you possibly can to safety. And if you are not Organizing and Federating, you are not doing everything you possibly can."

"We have been talking too much... Go out and have another look at the stars, inventory your things, and we will resume shortly. Just a little more Time, and we will be on our Way."

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