In the Lionsberg System, "Federating" refers to the process of bringing together individuals, organizations, and communities into Higher Order Functional Unity. This process is aimed at creating a higher order system that is capable of effectively addressing the needs and challenges faced as part of the Quest towards our shared Vision and Goals.

Federating plays a crucial role in the Lionsberg System, as it enables Participants to work together in a collaborative and adaptive manner, aligning their resources and efforts towards the shared Vision and Goals. By federating, Participants form a global Team of Teams, leveraging their collective skills, knowledge, and expertise to achieve the desired outcomes.

Through federating, the Lionsberg System is able to build a robust, scalable, and highly adaptable system that is capable of producing Throughput of the Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals implied in the uniting Meta Goal.

This helps to ensure that all Participants are working together towards a common purpose and that the system is continuously improving and adapting to changing needs and circumstances. By bringing together diverse perspectives and resources into a federated model, the Lionsberg System is able to achieve results that would not be possible through the efforts of individual Participants alone.