4.3 Recap

We started by reminding You that there is more within You than You could possible know, longing to emerge.

We reminded You that Today is the basic unit of Time through which we Realize that Potential.

We reminded You that there is Way through which We can Realize that Potential together.

We reminded You that You are uniquely important to the Whole, and that that is a hole in the universal symphony that only You can fulfill.

We reminded You of Patterns and Probabilities of Life, and the concept of an infinite series of transformations, each applied to the product of the previous transformation.

We reminded You that Today is only a elementary substitute for Now, and that the higher we transform, the closer we get to Wise Right action and being in each moment.

We reminded You right being requires a Practice that causes each day to be great.

We reminded You that the Practice must be Integrated and aligned with a Philosophy and a Way of Being.

We reminded You that the Philosophy, Practice, and Way of Being should be Integrated with a Community and Infrastructure, so the Whole functions as an Integrated System.

We reminded You that the System should function as an Integrated Delivery System that produces Throughput of its Goal or Aim.

We reminded You that We should be very careful what we Aim such a powerful system at, and that we should only Aim it at the Highest Intention and Greatest Good for All.

We reminded You that You exist within a Narrative Framework that fundamentally structures Your Perception of Reality.

We reminded You of the importance of drawing Your Story up out of the depths of Your being, and bringing it out into articulated form in the Light.

We reminded You that Your Story is unique, and only exists in Your Mind.

We reminded You that because Your Story only exists in Your Mind, You have the Authority and Power to elevate and transform it to be as enlightening, encouraging, and ennobling as it possibly can be.

We reminded You that Your Story does not exist in isolation, but exists in the context of a Meta Story that also involves Our Story and the Your Story of God.

We reminded You that there must be One Highest and Deepest thing that Integrates and Unites All elements of All stories.

We encouraged You to elevate Your Aim towards the Highest and Greatest thing You could possibly conceive of.

We reminded You that You were not created to function in isolation, but as a uniquely important part of a coordinated Whole that is greater than Us All.

We reminded You that You are a Conscious Agent in the universal and Eternal Force For Good.

We encouraged You to Forge Or Join A Team, and to Federate Your Team with other Teams, so that together We can All function as a Team of Teams that is actually capable of meeting this moment in history.

And We told You that We Loved You, because God Loves You, and We invited You into Community with All who are already in Community with Us.

Together, anything is possible.

And everything that is possible begins Today.

Over time, everything will make more sense.

Today, it is time to begin elevating and transforming Your Self and Your World towards its Best and Highest Potential.

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