4.2 Organizing the Force For Good

Individuals recognize that they cannot succeed alone, so they need to collaborate.

The core unit of collaboration is a Team or a Group.

Teams are generally most effective when they are composed of a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 12, possibly up to 16.

You are responsible for the future of Life and Society, so You Forge Or Join A Team according to the principles of Organizations The Lionsberg Way.

Because You are uniquely gifted in certain areas, You may participate in your unique Way in multiple small Groups or Teams.

Teams recognize that they cannot succeed alone, so they need to collaborate.

So teams begin to Organize and Federate into various forms Higher Order Functional Unity using Agreements.

We have begun work on The Lionsberg Handbook that lays out an opening Vision, Intention, and Process for how the universal Force For Good can Self Organize in order to accomplish together what none of Us can accomplish alone.

The Lionsberg Handbook represents a Process that is designed to be Acted Out in concert with the Structure and the Community.

For the purpose of Today, all You need to know is that it has been thought through and Co-Created in minimum viable form, along with the infrastructure and technology to Operationalize and Embody it. It will be there waiting for You when You are ready for it. And if You happen to be one of those who is uniquely capable of improving it, then We have provided You with a starting point that We can work together to elevate and improve over time.

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