Provisional Community Agreement

As a quick placeholder / Work In Progress...

Basic Agreements

  1. We commit to Doing Our Best to work together towards our One highest overarching and uniting Meta Goal
  2. We commit to Doing Our Best to discern and do the Wise Right Thing for the Good of All
  3. We commit to Doing Our Best to Love, Help, Serve, and Not Harm One Another
  4. We commit to Doing Our Best to Help One Another continuously Elevate And Transform towards the fullness of our Potential
  5. We commit to Doing Our Best to Help One Another and All flourish in harmony
  6. We commit to Doing Our Best to make and secure at least one Commitment each week that advances the Whole towards The Goal
  7. We commit to Doing Our Best to regularly contribute back to the Community a portion of the Flow of time and resources available to us in Way that builds rather depletes the Community Commons, and reflects the Value and Potential of the Community to our Lives and our World.

Basic Values

We honor the Universal and Eternal Wisdom, Principles, and Values that help people, organizations, and societies flourish in harmony.

Our Current Best Understanding of the Wise Right Way of Being is that it is rooted in timeless articulated values such as Truth, Love, Justice, Stewardship, and Wisdom. From these, the Total Nested Hierarchy of Values can be derived.

Basic Terms

  1. Resources will initially be transparently stewarded through the Provisional Structure via the Lionsberg 501(c)(3) or one of its special purpose vehicles
  2. All ideas and thought generated in partnership is for the common the good and will be stewarded as part of the Commons. Until a successor agreement is developed, the Creative Commons license at the bottom of this web page will apply.
  3. All official meetings will be recorded, broadcasted and otherwise used as part of the Lionsberg Media Project to engage hearts, minds, and momentum around the world.
  4. If individuals wish to discuss non-public or proprietary information, individuals should set up separate forums for those discussions.
  5. All Teams / Groups we co-create will devote approximately 1/10th of their available Flow of time and resources to co-creating the shared infrastructure, resources, and services that lift up All.
  6. All shared infrastructure, resources, and services will be stewarded and continously improved as part of the multi-generational Commons.

Basic Structure and Development

  1. Recognizing that millions of individuals, organizations, and communities around the world were moving in the same general direction, yet lacking the coordination, resources, and infrastructure required to accomplish The Goal, we began inviting friends and allies to explore the idea of recognizing that we were all working on a Meta Project that was bigger than any one of us, whether we recognized it or not.
  2. We called the idea that there is One highest thing that unites us All other things the Meta Idea.
  3. We called the effort to Act As If if the Meta Idea were true the Meta Project, or the Meta Game.
  4. The Meta Project by definition involves the total set of all potential and actual human activity through the lens of Everything Is A Project.
  5. We are trying to get A Little Better Every Day at acting out the Meta Project with greater coordination and competence.
  6. We Realized that in order to be able to better See / Perceive / Act on the abstract notion of the Meta Project, we needed to Instantiate an embodied version of it in our time and place.
  7. This required the creation of a defensible New Identity that could be legally registered in order to provide the New Structure necessary to facilitate emergence.

To protect the emerging New Life, a Lionsberg identity and Provisional Structure was established.

The Provisional Structure established:
1. Lionsberg first as a mythical name pointing at the same Reality the Meta Idea / Meta Project / Meta Game points at. 2. Lionsberg second as a voluntary association of Sovereign and Autonomous Individuals working together towards the Meta Goal
3. Lionsberg third as a System / Way through which individuals, teams, organizations, and communities can volutanrily Organize and Federate to accomplish together what none of us can accomplish in isolation
4. Lionsberg as an Identity that could be used to register / instantiate / identify various forms of legal infrastructure necessary to interface with the existing systems and resource flows


All of the levels above happen before any legal structure, and exist purely on the basis of voluntary collaboration, social, cultural, process, and governance structure. This understanding is critical to protect the Sovereignty and Independence of the Idea and the Individuals collaborating. All structural elements are merely tools developed in service of The Goal.

  1. From time to time, in various domains, the Community will need to instantiate various form of legal infrastructure to interface with the existing systems, and accomplish its various goals.
  2. The initial legal infrastructure instantiated in the United States as a Starting Point is outlined in the Provisional Structure section.

Basic Process

The Lionsberg System is built to transform human action into a Goal Delivery System. We will be continously improving our ability to "pull plan" the Milestones leading to The Goal, then articulate and coordinate a Network of Commitments that iteratively and measurably brings The Goal into reality. For more technical background, see the Lionsberg Integrated Delivery Guide.

Basic Mindset

We Do Not Know whether this will work. We are therefore attempting to embody our Current Best Understanding in a series of short term 6 week Social Experiments, with the expectation that we will learn and Become A Little Better Every Day.

Aiming at the Highest Intention and Greatest Good, we will take incremental steps towards The Goal and Become A Little Better Every Day.


Success in the System is defined in terms of Progressive Realization of The Goal.

Community Schedule

The Community Schedule will help keep us all aligned and moving together towards The Goal.