Meta Idea

The Meta Idea of the Lionsberg System and the Meta Project is that All things flow from One thing that contains and orders All things within Itself.

This notion points at the same Ultimate Reality that words like One, God, and Absolute point to.

Rather than adopt any existing concretization of the Absolute, the Lionsberg System intentionally leaves this in the Abstract so that it stays transcendent of human ideology.


The pragmatic extension of this idea is that All things that flow from the One thing are intended to function in Higher Order Functional Unity and Harmony.


The Lionsberg System was incarnated as a Way to pragmatically Act As If the Meta Idea were True. It is an attempt to help people Operationalize the Universal and Eternal right here in our own Time and Place.

The Meta Idea logically leads to the notion of a Universal Law or a Meta Law of unconditional Love that compels us to help, serve, and not harm One Another.

This highest level of abstraction, or the most fundamental aspect of Reality, expressed in the Lionsberg System as the One, or the Meta Idea, can be brought down a level into the differentiated aspects, expressions, or ways to think about and participate in It, through ideas such as:

For more explanation, see the page on the word tool "Meta" that describes how the word is used in the Lionsberg System.