Above The Chaos, How To Design And Build A Better World, Part I

by Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.08.27 (updated 2022.08.27)

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Hello Friends and Allies,

We have work to do.

It is time to design and build a Better World.

While we are at it, we might as well try to make it the Best Possible World.

It is a project big enough that it encompasses us All, without exception. We call it the Meta Project.

It might seem impossible, but it is not. All it requires is enough of us Acting As If it were possible.

This is a simple guide on how to design and build a better world.

Step 1: Establish a Foundation

If this seems overwhelming, don't worry - we have already done all this work and it is yours if you find it to be sound and of good use.

Part 1: Discern the Overarching and Uniting Spirit / Essence / Intention / Goal

Every great design is united by one highest overarching and uniting Spirit / Essence / Intention / Goal. If it is crisp enough, it can be summed up in a word. What One Word can serve as the uniting design principle of the New World?

We studied the sacred traditions and prophesies, searched our hearts, and arrived at Love.

From this, we derived the notion of a single highest overarching and uniting Goal that would reflect the end state once the Logic of Love had been taken to its logical conclusion. We called this the Meta Goal, and articulated it as the total integrated wellbeing, development, and Right Relationship of All generations of Life and Consciousness.

Part 2: Design and Build a Container for the Energy and Resources Required

Designing and building a better world will require that we coordinate the Flow of billions of dollars of resources, and billions of hours of human Time and Potential. This cannot happen in the abstract. We must be able to take in resources and metabolize them into energy that produces Throughput of The Goal.

We brought together lifetimes of work to co-create a Provisional Structure as a starting point.

Part 3: Create a Mythical Name, and Descriptive Names

Setting up structures, bank accounts, and relating to the world requires a Name.

We chose a combination of a mythical / imaginative name for the Meta Idea and called it Lionsberg. We then coupled Lionsberg with descriptive names for the various things it would need to accomplish, such as the Lionsberg | Meta Project and Lionsberg | Meta Game.

Part 4: Design and Build a System / Machine that Produces Throughput of the Goal into Reality

When any significant Work needs to be accomplished, it makes sense to build a System or Machine to accomplish it.

In this case, where a Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals must be delivered to accomplish the Meta Goal, an Integrated Delivery System is required.

We brought together lifetimes of work to co-create a provisional Lionsberg Integrated Delivery System as part of the Lionsberg System.

Part 5: Create a Philosophy, Ethic, and Structure of Values to Integrate and Guide the System towards the Goal

Integrating diverse elements into Higher Order Functional Unity requires a uniting Philosophy, Ethic, and Structure of Values.

See Core Values, Values, Provisional Code, Value, Meta, One.

Step 2: Forge a Starting Point

Because we are attempting the total transformation of a complex adaptive System, the specific entry point is not as important as beginning.

All that is required is a few people who are truly committed.

As soon as possible, gain clarity on the characteristics of the System, its acupuncture points, their relative sequence, and the approximate Critical Path / Critical Chain relative to Throughput of The Goal.

Step 3: Inspire a Global Community to Design and Build Itself

This step unfolds along a Tipping Point strategy rooted in the transformation of paradigm and consciousness.

To accomplish this in the time required (say within 7 years, 90% complete by 2030), the engagement pattern will need to unfurl along a Fibonacci / Golden Sequence of ~62% expansion per cycle. This can be augmented and identifying and onboarding existing fields / nodes of Trust.

As the New Community unfurls itself, ensure that each System of the Body / each Tile of Mosaic is covered and developing properly to that the Whole is in balance and equilibrium.

It is likely that this unfurling will happen on the basis of Story, and in particular the merging and synthesis of individual and local stories with the Meta Story.

As the Community grows, pay attention to "Acting Out" / Embodying the Best Possible Future that is trying to emerge, by focusing on the Four Pillars:

  1. Governance
  2. Economy
  3. Society
  4. Spirituality

Step 4: Work Together to Design and Build a Better World

Part 1: Intention

Ensure that the entire Community is centered in on the Meta Intention. Paint visual imagery such as the Best Possible Future. Ensure that everyone understands the Intention and Scope of the Meta Project.

Part 2: Analysis

Analyze the Existing Forces and Conditions bearing upon the domain to be transformed, in this case Earth in its entirety, in the context of its relationship to the universe.

Part 3: Engagement

Engage the Wise Right People and resources, at the Wise Right Time, for the Wise Right Reason, to accomplish The Goal.

Part 4: Planning

Part 5: Action

Act out the Plan with courage, perseverance, and agility, continuously working to better map planning and action to the Reality you are transforming.

Part 6: Continuous Elevation

Continuously elevate and improve the Quality of your Intention, Analysis, Engagement, Planning, and Action. A Little Better Every Day.

Step 5: Tell Stories to Fuel the Movement of All Things Towards The Goal

Collect stories in stride and broadcast them to the world to inspire hope, restore agency, and fuel the movement of All things towards The Goal.

We have brought together lifetimes of work to accomplish steps 1 and 2, and we are now in the process of learning how to act out steps 3, 4, and 5.

We are farther along than any of us could have reasonably expected to be at this point in time, and new miracles continue to show up.

Who knows? It might work.

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