Best Possible Future

Of all the potential Futures that we could pull into Reality, which one lies at the absolute top, as the Best Possible Future?

Like everything else at this Meta Level of abstraction, this takes us into the realm beyond concrete propositions and knowledge. It takes us into the realm of images, dreams, and imaginations.

We can be certain that what is possible is exceedingly and abundantly beyond all we could ask or imagine.

Let's explore the Configuration Space / Creative Field to see what might be possible.

If we can develop a conceptual intuition for it that is at least close to The Goal, and then Aim unwaveringly at it and begin progressing towards it, we can improve our Vision, our Aim, and our Reality over time as we get A Little Better Every Day.

If we fail to develop a Vision and Aim for it, we will perish wandering in the desert that lies between Where We Are and Where We Are Going.

This is an opening Vision that we can begin to improve together as discover how to Fill Up What Is Lacking, and Remove What Does Not Belong.

A Working Vision For The Best Possible Future

One of the first ways we can begin developing our Vision of the Best Possible Future for All is to remember what the prophets and sages have aleady imagined or been shown.

An even simpler Way is hold a single uniting and defining design criteria or theme in Mind: Love.

If we Love, we desire a future that is as close to Heaven on Earth as possible.

As we gaze out into the Best Possible Future... What do we see? What do we hear?

  • We see a world in which All things are being entirely regenerated and made New
  • We see a world that is perfect, and yet it continues to get better every day as we all strive in harmony to make it so
  • We see Restoration and Justice for the exploited, oppressed, and dispossessed
  • We see the spoils extracted from the weak returned and divided up among them, creating a New Era of abundance
  • We see a Great Forgiveness and Jubilee
  • We see pure living waters flowing throughout the earth
  • We see liberation from every corrupt and oppressive authority on earth
  • We see a New Governance that is Just and Good
  • We see the Highest Will and Intention of the One being done On Earth As it Is In Heaven
  • We see All dwelling in peace, security, and abundance, liberated from the fear of violence, warfare, and oppression
  • We see renewal, restoration, and regeneration
  • We see A Great Remembrance of the ancient ceremonies, feasts, and traditions
  • We see a world in Harmony under the Authority of the Universal Law of Love
  • We see mediation, justice, and peace between the tribes and nations that were formerly at war
  • We see our weapons transformed into tools that cultivate flourishing and abundant life
  • We see a permanent enduring peace in which we no longer train our children to war against and destroy one another
  • We see a great return of those who have been displaced to their ancient and rightful habitations
  • We see a great return of land to those from whom it was taken
  • We see a New Dawn that dispels the gloom and anguish, and shines Light into every dark place
  • We see freedom and release from every yoke of burden
  • We see every rod of oppression shattered
  • We see a New Order that is Good and entirely centered on Right Relationship between One and All. It is an Order of Peace. An Order of Justice. An Order of Righteousness. An Order of Wisdom. An Order of Understanding. An Order of Counsel and Strength. An Order of Knowledge. An Order of Humility. An Order which lifts up the weak and the poor. And Order which honors and upholds and decides with Justice in service of the humble and the meek. An Order which liberates the oppressed.
  • We see the universal Wisdom, Knowledge, Logos, and Law of the One covering the earth like floodwaters
  • We see the lion lying down beside the lamb, and grazing on grass and straw
  • We see freedom from harm and destruction
  • We see every person on earth resting securely in the shade their vines and their fruit trees, liberated from fear or want
  • We see absolute liberation from every form of slavery, oppression, and exploitation
  • We see the humble and the meek inheriting the wealth and the riches of the nations
  • We see All Creation gathering up its collective inheritance of Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding
  • We see streams of living water flowing through the places that were formerly forsaken deserts, and grasses, flowers, and trees bursting forth from the wilderness bringing food, water, and abundance to All
  • We see All Creation rejoicing and signing as its deepest hopes and longings are fulfilled
  • We see weak limbs being strengthened
  • We see feeble hands made strong
  • We see blind eyes that can now see
  • We see deaf ears that can now hear
  • We see the lost found
  • We see the downtrodden raised up
  • We see shacks and slums transformed into flourishing communities of Life
  • We see every person on earth housed in an environment and dwelling place suitable for their consciousness to fully enlighten and flourish
  • We see liberation from fear
  • We see liberation from hopelessness
  • We see liberation from envy and jealousy
  • We see liberation from hatred
  • We see the weak made strong
  • We see those in danger saved
  • We see those who could not walk now leaping and dancing
  • We see those who could not speak now singing Joyful songs
  • We see abundance where there once was lack
  • We see water where there once was thirst
  • We see enlightenment where there once was ignorance
  • We see safety where there once was danger
  • We see hope where there once was hopelessness
  • We see freedom where there once was captivity
  • We see Light where there once was Darkness
  • We see Community where there once was loneliness
  • We see Meaning where there once was a void
  • We see Humility where there once was Arrogance
  • We see One at Peace where there once were Many at War
  • We see Meaningful Work where there once was Idleness
  • We see children playing and learning where once they were forced to labor to survive
  • We see Restoration where there once was Extraction
  • We see Rain where there once was Drought
  • We see Pools of Water where there once was parched ground
  • We see Grass where there once were Thorns
  • We see Purity where there once was Toxicity
  • We see Fruit where there once was Briars
  • We see Rich Stew where there once was thin porridge
  • We see Fullness where there once was withering
  • We see Open Space where we once were Fenced In
  • We see Women Walking where once they feared to tread
  • We see Planting and Cultivating where once there was Destruction
  • We see Partnership where there once was War
  • We see Wellness where there once was Disease
  • We see Wholeness where there once was Injury
  • We see Ability where there once was Disability
  • We see Care where there once was Neglect
  • We see Family where there once was an Orphan and Widow
  • We see Belonging where there once was an Outcast
  • We see Community where there once was a Refugee
  • We see Drink where there once was Thirst
  • We see Tools of LIfe where there once were Tools of Death
  • We see Fairness where there once was Injustice
  • We see Joy where there once was Sorrow
  • We see Gladness where there once was Mourning
  • We see Laughter where there once was Tears
  • We see Cultivation where there once was Extraction
  • We see Protection where there once was Exploitation
  • We see Love where there once was Fear
  • We see Togetherness where there once was Separation
  • We see Forgiveness where there once was Hatred
  • We see Healing where there once was a Wound
  • We see Food where there once was Famine
  • We see Delight where there once was Depression
  • We see Blessing where there once was a Curse
  • We see Sighs of Relief where there once were Sighs of Despair
  • We hear Symphony where there once was Cacophony
  • We hear Harmony where there once was Chaos
  • We hear Angels where there once were Demons
  • We hear Wisdom where there once was Foolishness
  • We hear Truth where there once were Lies
  • We hear the Logic of Heaven where there once was the Logic of Hell
  • We hear Knowledge where there once was deceit
  • We hear Encouragement where there once was Discouragement
  • We hear the Universal Law where there once was Injustice
  • We hear Wise Guidance where once we walked alone
  • We hear Birds where once we heard Machines
  • We hear Streams of Water where once we heard Engines
  • We hear Honor where there once was Dishonor
  • We hear Listening where there once was a Voice
  • We hear Silence where there once was Disturbance
  • We hear Nature where there once was an Industry
  • We smell the Perfume of Nature where there once was a Stench
  • We feel the Peace that surpasses all Understanding, where there once was Anxiety
  • We know in our Minds what we once knew in our Bodies
  • We know in our Hearts what we once knew in our Minds
  • We see each of the billions of us walking together in the Way that causes the New World to in-break and become our present Reality.
  • We see an entirely renewed society and world, that continues to Become A Little Better Every Day

What are some of the evils that you would like to see abolished in the New World?

What are some of the Goods that you long to see burst forth?

Let's build our Vision together and align, as we labor together to Co-Create the New World.

So given Where We Are, how do we get to Where We Are Going? How can we possibly cross the chasm that lies between the Old World and the New World?

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