Above The Chaos, Hello World

By Jordan Nicholas Sukut, 2022.06.25 (updated 2022.06.25)

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Hello World.

If you are new here and wondering what is going on, why, and whether or how you might want to engage, we created a page called Your Starting Point.

Like Worksite: Earth, this is all a Work In Progress, so please be patient and excuse our dust.

After decades building infrastructure and superstructure for humanity, we have realized that we need to recognize and help organize the Meta Project that encompasses all Life on Worksite: Earth at this unique moment in history.

We spent a few lifetimes thinking about the state of our world, this moment in history, what needed to be done, and what was required of us relative to it all.

We spent the last few years gathering together the wisest people we could find to co-create a solution audacious enough that It Might Work.

We brought together lifetimes of work and insight to create what we hope will be a comprehensive solution capable of uniting humanity to:

  1. Solve the Grand Challenges
  2. Accomplish the Global Goals
  3. Forge the Best Possible Future for All.

The solution is called Lionsberg, and it was purpose-built to accomplish the one Meta Goal that unites us All.

For the sake of all generations of life to come, we hope it works.

If we work on it together, it can.

Together, anything is possible.

With Love, In Community,

~ J

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