What Is The Lionsberg Meta Project?

Hello! We are glad you asked.

This is a massive concept with many moving parts. We understand that it can be confusing.

Lionsberg is a mythical name for the better world we are working to bring into reality.

It is an idea of a different and better New World, which includes a Community and a System purpose-built to bring the Best Possible Future into reality.

In action, its function is that of a coordinated global community of goodwill working in parntership with One and All to meet needs, solve problems, and design and build the best possible world we can conceive of.

This happens in two interrelated areas:

  1. Inspiring a diverse global community to design and build itself (Relationship / Being)
  2. Working together to design and build the best possible future for all (Action / Doing)

These two poles of being and doing reciprocally and progressively help one another open up to ever greater possibility and potential. By acting together to meet needs, solve problems, and accomplish shared goals, we forge greater relationship. Greater relationship in turn forges the ability to do even greater things together.

The Meta Project is simply a word tool we use to point at the total set of all possible projects and activity required to:

  1. Solve the total set of grand challenges
  2. Accomplish the total set of global goals
  3. Forge the best possible future for All

The word Meta as it is used in the Lionsberg System is meant to point to the eternal, universal, ultimate, self-referential, highest order, most transcendent conception of an idea.

Therefore Meta Project is the highest universal overarching and uniting "project of projects", that by definition contains within itself and orders all other possible projects.

The idea of the Meta Project is critical because it provides a framework in which to stack up and align our individual projects, with the various projects we participate in, with the Meta Project that is big enough to unite All.

We are all, by the very fact that we are human actors, engaged in the total program of human activity. It is not a choice. In the Old World, we were divided and engaged in an unconscious and uncoordinated way. In the New World, we can voluntarily choose to engage in the program of human activity in the most conscious and competent Way we can.

The basic idea is to Act As If we were all working towards one Meta Goal that integrated and united all other Goals, and to figure out how to organize ourselves in order to succeed.

The Lionsberg Meta Project is a place where we can gather and coordinate to attempt to act out our program of human action more competently.

Both Lionsberg and the Meta Project flow from one Spirit and Mind, and speak to different levels of abstraction.