Above The Chaos, The Meta Project - Enacting the New Vision and Plan


In 2023, as humanity faced into the unprecedented uncertainty and risk of the Meta Crisis, something extraordinary happened. Suddenly, around the world, the citizens of Earth arose and united to confront and overcome the crisis, and forge from its ashes the better future they all desired. This short story tells how they did it.

For more information, see The Lionsberg Blueprint - Manifesto For Worksite Earth 2.0 and Beyond The Meta Crisis - A Blueprint for a Better Future, which lay out the New Vision and Plan.

The Meta Crisis

In Beyond The Meta Crisis - A Blueprint for a Better Future, we described the Meta Crisis that began unfolding at the start of the third millennium AD.

Failure of Existing Institutions To Address the Grand Challenges and Global Goals

As the Meta Crisis unfolded, humanity increasingly came to understand and articulate both its Grand Challenges and Global Goals.

In summit after summit, politicians and their puppet masters met, drafted statements, and then went back to business as usual. To make matters worse, it became clear that the existing power structures were consciously deceiving and dividing populations against themselves and one another.

Failure of Existing Institutions to Address the Grand Challenges and Global Goals

Denial, Anger and Fear

At first, the citizens of earth were in deep denial about how serious the situation had become.

As they began to be awakened from their slumber by more and more Evidence, they grew angry. In their anger, they began to shout and agitate for change within the existing systems. They complained. They protested. However the more they shouted, and the more light they shined into the existing systems, the more it became clear how corrupted, co-opted, and incapable the existing systems had become.

It was not merely that the existing systems and leaders were incapable of meeting the crisis; they were fundamentally unable to as a consequence of years of corrupting influence that distorted and diminished their ability to act in a coordinated and competent way for the long term good of the people and their planet.

Seeing the impasse, and perceiving the escalating risk to their families and their futures, the citizens of Earth grew fearful. They shook their heads and waved their arms in disbelief. "Why is no one doing anything???" they cried.

Taking Responsibility

Fortunately, some were doing something. Deep underground and invisible to most, a growing network had been laying foundations, forging strategies, and making plans for an unprecedented Citizen Led response to the Meta Crisis.

It all began to change when the Citizens of Earth realized that if the existing order were to collapse, and their children were found suffering, there would be no one to blame.

Memes began circulating, such as ""There Is No Them coming to save us", and "We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For".

These led a growing number of citizens to begin to see the Wisdom in treating Earth as a Zero Blame Environment. This forced them to begin to Act As If it were their responsibility to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis, and forge a Better Future from its ashes.

Heroes and Solutions

As they began to survey the territory of Earth, there realized that around the world there were already Heroes On The Front Lines of every battle.

Solutions to each of the Grand Challenges were at hand.

Yet in isolation, each of the heroes and solutions lacked the total resources, relationships, systems and infrastructure required to synergize their efforts and succeed.

Miracles were being performed, however the world needed miracles to begin happening far more rapidly, at far greater scale.

A Backbone and a Mind

The early seers saw that each of these heroes and solutions were like body parts that lay scattered around the world.

As the seers watched, they saw that the body parts had been prepared and were indeed destined to rise up into some kind of New Higher Order Functional Unity.

They recognized that if indeed the Citizens of Earth were destined to become one body, one united Force For Good, they would need a backbone to connect up and empower each of the unique parts, and a mind to enable them to perceive, think, and move together to Meet The Needs, Solve The Problems, and Accomplish The Goals that stood in their Way.

A Vision and a Goal

Additionally, they recognized that they would need an overarching and uniting Vision and Goal to guide their coordinated efforts.

A Navigation System

Further, they realized that they would need a System of Navigation that could perpetually Orient them to Where We Are, in order to Navigate wisely towards Where We Are Going.

In looking deeply into the roots of Governance, they discovered that he word “Govern” actually derives from the Latin meaning “To Steer”.

This caused them to begin rethinking governance, and begged the question:

How do we Individually And Collectively navigate our Vessel(s) towards The Goal?

Having fixed our Aim, how do we get FROM Where We Are TO Where We Are Going?

An Integrated Delivery System

They also realized that because the Total Nested Hierarchy of Issues and Total Nested Hierarchy of Goals had to be addressed in their totality, some form of Integrated Delivery System would be required to capture and prioritize the total set of shared goals and objectives.

A Meta Project to Deliver the Meta Goal

Among the many metaphors, The Meta Project Framework was forged upon the Meta Idea that All human endeavor could be viewed as a single Program of Action to accomplish the Creator's Intent on Worksite Earth.

This overarching and uniting view would allow Earth to be considered as a single worksite, to be elevated and transformed FROM its current state of being, TOWARDS its best and highest possible state of being.

The called this best and highest possible state of being the Meta Goal of the Meta Project.

Conditions of Acceptance for a New Operating System

Having understood the urgent need to take responsibility and rise towards Higher Order Functional Unity in order to advance towards the Vision and Goal, it became apparent that a New Operating System and approach was required that could facilitate such an endeavor.

As a starting point, conditions of acceptance were articulated. While many different versions existed, most were approximately along the lines of what can be found in 6.5 Acceptance criteria for the New System and Approach.

The Search

As humanity searched for a system and approach powerful enough to facilitate this unprecedented endeavor, they weighed many technologies, systems, and approaches for fit against the Acceptance Criteria.

The Lionsberg System

Among the various solutions around the world, one was discovered that had been purpose-built to connect and empower humanity to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis, forge the Best Possible Future for All, and leave in its wake the infrastructure and solutions of the New Era.

The System was called Lionsberg. It was constructed in the form of a myth, an invitation, and a pragmatic purpose-built infrastructure. The Lionsberg System contained the DNA for a interoperable System of Systems that could be localized, adapted, and evolved over time.

Retaining The Best of the Old, While Gaining the New

The Lionsberg System was constructed to facilitate a phase shift in the Way humans existed and organized themselves upon the earth. Evolutionary rather than revolutionary, it invited humanity to voluntary rise into Higher Order Functional Unity in a parallel Citizen Led New System, without renouncing the existing (and useful) citizenships, memberships, and sovereignties forged at such great expense during the previous millennium.

This voluntary System allowed each individual and locality to retain the very best of their existing features and benefits, while also gaining powerful new capabilities and solutions beyond what they could access or achieve in isolation.

This New System and Approach afforded humanity the ability to act in a far more intelligent and competent manner, across a far greater range of situations, while ensuring the ongoing sovereignty, autonomy, and local self-determination of each individual and group.

Learning to Co-Operate the New System

Because the existing conditions on Worksite Earth included over 8 billion individual human beings, who ranged from newborn, helpless, and illiterate to enlightened, advanced, and spacefaring, it was recognized that each of 8+ billion humans beings would need to be met right where they were, wherever they were, so that they could learn to play their unique and important individual role in Co-Operating the New System.

For this purpose, the Lionsberg Academy was established to ensure that every individual who connected to the Lionsberg System had access to a world-class pre-school through advanced university education, for free, alongside the modules that taught them the specifics of how to grow into every greater responsibility and participation in co-operating the Lionsberg System.

Organizing and Structuring the Joint Venture / Public Private Partnership

It was determined that the Meta Project to solve the Grand Challenges, accomplish the Global Goals, and land humanity on a safe trajectory towards its Best Possible Future should be structured as a Citizen Led Joint Venture.

The Joint Venture would take the form of a uniting structure encompassing an array Citizen Led Public Private Partnerships, which would be capable of drawing on public, philanthropic, and investment resources to accomplish its goals and objectives.

After evaluating various options, it was discovered that the The Myth Of Lionsberg had anticipated such a need, and gone to great lengths to forge a Provisional Structure as a Starting Point. Being immediately available the purpose-built for the Meta Project, it was adopted.

This allowed the Citizens to move immediately towards resourcing the Critical Path.

The 7 Year Window

In January 2023, those who were paying attention felt the world shift. Something changed. Something was different. Was this the time they had been waiting for?

It was if the period of practice and preparation was over, and they were now in The Great Battle for the Future of life and society.

The Current Best Understanding of the watchers in 2023 was that they had entered The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity.

Resourcing the Critical Path, and Establishing Mission Control

The Critical Path objective was to gather abundant resources to equip and empower the distributed Team of Teams that would Co-Operate the Lionsberg System.

The Resources were necessary to establish the Mission Control center from which The Great Battle to confront and overcome the Meta Crisis and forge the New World would be waged.

To facilitate this, they discovered that Lionsberg had already established the framework and architecture for two distinct types of resourcing: 1) Core Team and Infrastructure (Core Enterprise), and 2) Impact Funds.

The Lionsberg Core Team and Infrastructure Fund was focused on resourcing the Core Enterprise, which in turn connected and empowered the distributed Team of Teams.

The distributed Team of Teams was funded by the Lionsberg Impact Fund, which was structured as a Fund of Funds.

This funding structure afforded the opportunity to see a distributed network of funds as a single Meta Fund, while also differentiating out intelligence and optionality into component pieces the could be individually strengthened and advanced.

The Reciprocating Top Down and Bottom Up Funding Strategies

As in nearly all such "either-or" cases, it was discovered that the "either or" of top-down or bottom-up funding was a false dichotomy.

The joint venture therefore determined that it would pursue two strategies simultaneously.

The first would reach out to high net worth individuals, foundations, and other granting organizations to secure the secure $XX Millions of dollars required. Metaphorically, this capital would serve as the small starting engine to move the spaceship down the runway.

The second would reach out to everyday Citizens around the world, and encourage them to meaningfully contribute whatever they could out of their available flow of resources. Metaphorically, this capital, coming from (eventually) millions or billions of people, $1, $7, or $100 at a time, would result in hundreds of millions of billions of dollars of available resources each month.

Because the Lionsberg Structure was established as a series of legal commons that no one owned, all such resources would be transparently stewarded and allocated to advance the Critical Path towards The Goal, for the benefit of All.

The Tipping Point Strategy

Because they recognized that they were dealing with a fundamental transformation in the Way of being and behavior of the human species, the Force For Good recognized that the tip of the spear would need to advance along the Critical Path of a Shift In Consciousness. They hypothesized that this Shift In Consciousness would likely spread throughout the human species in a gradient, similar to basic adoption curves for any new technology. Or, as another metaphor, like a siphon from the Old to the New, through which each individual that passed through would "pull" the next adjacent individuals through, one percent at a time, while expanding the size of the conduit.

Although it was recognized that Consciousness was not limited by the perceived laws of nature, the Force For Good calculated a mathematical unfolding along a Fibonacci-like exponential sequence, with a ~62% rate of expansion per cycle, and a cycle time of unknown gestation / duration, predicted to be 3 to 12 weeks, with a mean hypothesis of 6 weeks.

On this basis, they calculated that every individual on earth could be invited by someone they knew and loved, at a time when they were ready, to tell their Story, and consider migrating towards New, within a 7 to 10 year period.

This mathematical analysis matched their approximate understanding of The 7 Year Window of Crisis and Opportunity, and demonstrated that the New Vision and Plan might actually work, if each milestone and phase could be advanced through properly.

Phase 0: Zero to One to a Few

Phase zero represented the movement FROM individuals in isolation, TO a few together forging a Center of Gravity for the New.

Phase I: A Few to 100 Million

Phase one represented the expansion from a few to the first hundred million.

100 Million represented approximately the first 1.25% of the population

Phase II: 100 Million to 400 Million

Phase two represented the expansion from 100 million to 400 million.

400 Million represented approximately the first 5% of the population, pulled into the New by the first 1%.

Phase III: 400 Million to 3 Billion

Phase three represented the expansion from 400 million to 3 billion.

3 Billion represented approximately the first 33% of the population (assuming Armageddon forestalled), pulled into the New by the first 5%.

Phase IV: 3 Billion to 8.X Billion

Phase four represented the expansion from 3 billion to 8 billion.

8 Billion represented the first ~95% of the population, pulled into the New by the 84%, which was pulled by the 67%, which was pulled by the 33%.

Phase V: 8.X Billion to X Billion

Phase V represented the last phase of the 7 to 10 year transition period.

This last period represented the last 5%, 3%, then 1% of holdouts, including those viciously opposed to the New Vision and Plan.

Gravitational Attraction + Invitation To Migrate Towards the New

The subsequent phases were articulated in The Lionsberg Blueprint - Manifesto For Worksite Earth 2.0, especially Chapter 32 - Phases of Implementation.

Broadcasting. Speaking. Writing. Inviting. Integrating. Transforming. Measuring. Story Telling. Broadcasting.

Hang tight! This is a Work In Progress...

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